NEW FILM: Karbala – Hussain’s Everlasting Stand (1080p HD & Surround Sound)

Something terrible has happened. We are not even yet fifty years after the death of Prophet Muhammed and we are about to see the Prophet’s own grandson being massacred by a group of people and their leaders who were calling themselves Muslim. A kind of madness has entered into the picture and that madness is about power. To have and to hold on to power. It is about this Ummayad Dynasty. People with arrogant attitudes are now ruling. People of injustice, tyranny and
corruption. It is now the turn of Muhammad’s grandson Hussain to rise to remove all these forms of injustice. He recognizes that he has to stand in
order to enjoin the good and forbid the evil. Hussain’s ethos was about establishing freedom. He was faced with tyranny and
injustice and he had a choice to make. Here was Hussain with only 72 followers
facing an army of 30,000. He could have walked away with his life intact and his
family but he decided to make a stand. A selfless stand. A normal person would
want to back down. But Hussain maintained his ground. Mu’awiya appointed Yazid as the Caliph
after him contrary to the terms of agreement with
Hassan ibn Ali (Hussain’s older brother) of the truce and the conditions that he had had agreed upon with Hassan ibn Ali. When he (Mu’awiyah) appointed Yazid as the Caliph, he
admonished Yazid. He said I have retrieved the oath of allegiance from all save four people. Of them were Hussain ibn Ali At the death of his father he
immediately dispatched a letter to the governor of Medina who was also his first cousin Waleed Ibn Otbah (Ibn Abu Sufyan) The letter read, ‘As soon as you get this
letter summon Hussain and extract the oath of allegiance otherwise put him to
death.’ Ibn Abbas comes to Hussain He Says, ‘O Hussain stay in Makkah or return to Medina.’ Imam Hussain says, ‘O Ibn Abbas these people will seek me, search me out and put me to death in Makkah and Medinah. And I do not wish the sanctity of Medina in
Makkah to be violated by the spilling of my blood.’ He said, ‘O Hussain, then do know
that the same fate awaits you on your route to Kufa.’ Hussain states, ‘I know this very
well.’ Finding Makkah unsafe he prepares to
leave When Hussain was enroute to Kufa
somebody cried, ‘Allah Akbar!’ Imam Hussain said, ‘Indeed Allah is great but what makes you utter the Takbeer at this point.’ ‘I see the date palms of Kufa,’ he uttered. There were people with Hussain who knew the route well. They said, ‘we are
at a great distance from Kufa.’ When they looked closely they found an army drowned in armour coming towards them. Hussain said, ‘It is an army, it is approaching us. We will camp here.’ It was an army of a thousand led by General Hurr. Imam Hussain engages with Hurr, ‘O Hurr allow us to rest here.’ Hurr refuses. He says ‘Hurr allow us to return to Medina.’ Hurr refuses. ‘Hurr allow us to go on a different path.’ Hurr refuses Hussain is forced to take a path at the banks of the Euphrates. He arrives at a point where his steed
refuses to move. He turns to Zuhair and he says, ‘Zuhair what is this land?’ He states, ‘It is known as ‘Taff’ the banks of Euphrates.’ He says, ‘Does it have another name?’ ‘It is known as Nainawa.’ ‘Does it have another name?’ He says, ‘It is known as Karb and
Bala.’ Which means tribulations and sorrows. He descends from his steed. He takes his spear and embeds it firmly within the sands and calls out, ‘Wallahi by Allah This is the place where our animal shall
rest. Where our tents shall be pitched. Where we shall be killed. Where our women
shall be taken as captive. Where our children shall be orphaned. It is here we shall be buried from here we shall be raised.’ upon arrival in karbala American side
ordered that towards the river is completely blocked off and the campsite
of the Seine would not receive any water from the 7th onwards the campsite of
Hussein had no water supply and therefore the thirst was prevalent
amongst the adults and the children remembering the heat of the desert it is the night of Ashura the family and
the Companions of Hussein Abdali spent the night in worship recitation of the
Quran as well as prays for cinnamon early summoned his companions and his
family he says take the cloak of darkness of this night as a cover and
flee For Your Lives for I relieve you of the constraints of the oath of
allegiance free yourselves and go for bio death I shall not be saved Jose do
you doubt our loyalty and commitment to you Hussain smiles and says no profit or
wali has been given companions like the ones I have been given Huseyin salamullah ray spent the most
part of the morning of Ashura trying to clarify the minds of his opponents he
was saying you know who I am this is the book of God this is what the prophet has
said about me this is my claim you know that is wrong you know I am right the only response the game came back was
either paid the allegiance to the Caliph or we put you to death when the Friends of Hussein had lost
their lives when only the hajimete survived it was decided that they would
go into single combat it was a tradition of war Hussein came to Akbar they said
Oh child you shall be the first from me to give your life
go and seek permission and bid farewell to your mother to your aunt to your
sisters Hameed even the Muslim sense that I saw at Bora send upon the back of
his teeth Hussein raised his two fingers towards the heavens and he said oh Allah
I now send to them a youth that most resembles your prophet in his features
in his speech in his mannerism after came into the battlefield he said I am a
boy the son of Hussein people unleash your swords against me and see how the
youth of Hashimi defends his honor whenever was fighting Hussein’s heart is
filled with anguish he someone lay lies at Oh Leila pray for your son and my son
to return to us acabar appeared he said Oh father the terrorists killed me to no
end Oh child go in the way of God receive
your grandfather go Peugeot’s into the battlefield engages with the enemies the
enemies break the rule surround him they surrounded Akbar and forth with him
all together there is one Robin to allow success with companion by God
I’ve seen like such a wound upon this youth that shall rid his father of his
life the spear breaks and upward descends to
the ground they surrounded him and they started hacking him upon you he looked said uh come on he says oh
acaba how in student these people are in breaking the sanctity of the
messenger of god Allah take revenge from these people or
cover my life has no meaning after you Hussain calls to the sons of Hashem help
me I am unable to carry this son of mine Sakina approaches him she said Oh father
where is my brother which I do not ask of your brother and Hussein sentiment is
depicted in these words o star of dawn how short was your life
such is the duration of the life of the stars that they were that dawn a bus enters within the tents what does
he find that little children are dying at birth they are crying out the water
and they are rubbing the water skins upon their bellies in order for the full
length of the water spin to relieve them of their thirst
the bus takes a water scream and says all children fear not I shall bring back
some water for you a bus comes out of the tents and says all say allow me to
fetch some water for these thirsty dying children who say looks at a bus knowing
that he will not see his apostle gate Ali bin Abi Talib in Angela moraga gives
an eloquent khutba let the standard bearer be the best amongst you the
strongest the bravest the one with most resolve for when the standard falls so
does the morale of the army so long as the standard stands the army
stack look stature of this man he was like a
lofty mountain and his heart was like a momentous wave he was a champion
swordsman a fearless warrior and he fearlessly advanced into the ranks of
the enemy amidst the showering arrows and the
striking sward of Spears a bus mix anchors within the Euphrates it proves
the water skill comes out of the Altima the enemy is known they cannot face this
a bus there are trees around some of them hide behind the trees there’s a bus
comes out of the his right arm is cut and instead of the
pain that he feels he cries out by Allah even if you were to cut my right arm I
shall never cease to defend my deeds in my mouth his left arm is struck and he cries out
more soul do not fear the Kafar and take the glad tidings of the Japan it is said
that when a bus took birth hadeep de batalla carried him in his hands and
began to weep and kiss his arms they say Oh Ollie why do you weep at the birth of
a child rejoice he said by Allah he will have them cut in the love of facility
the historians narrate that shimmer did not smile but when he heard funny that he broke into a smile he said now
Hussein will not save himself now Hussein will die or will submit
witness yet I would say reach is a bus it’s next to a bus he says so my brother
Hussein tries to lift up by the bus said oh brother what is it that you’re trying
to do Oh God I must take you back to the 10th
season Jose I beseech you for Allah to not take me back had promised Josefina
water I failed her and if zeyneb sees me in this day her morale will break above
gave a cry and most his life hüseyin cries out now my back is broken
now my means have been severed Sakina cries out Oh father
do you have any news of my uncle Abbas he lies slain on the banks of the
Euphrates Oh child Oh Hussain said his mother I can no
longer sustain and I want your child to remain with me you shall be gone I will
look upon him and he will be your reverence for me colors
Oscar under his about a census deed and walks towards the enemy Hussein lifts
his abar and exposes this baby and raises him upon his hands and he
says all people what crime has this child committed against look at how he
dies off for dry if you hear that I shall drink your water then come and
place a drop of water into his mouth yourself as he says this the people in
the army of Yazeed began to turn their faces and begin to weep fearing a
rebellion horrible sad looks at war mala several of the speech of the same
horrible ax cut him off it cut the child’s neck from ear to the
ear Hussein loses his senses and ability to reason as the warm blood oozes from
the severed neck of a cigar falls into the PARP of you say the
warmth of us cigars innocent blood brings Hussein back to reality he calls
out O Lord he cups the blood and applies it upon his beard and he says o child or
child like this shall we be raised in front of your grandfather in my father but it was time for him to go to the
battlefield and fight courageously he gathers the family members starts to bid
farewell to them one by one and you look and there was one daughter of his
Sukeena I was sitting in the corner of the tent
she looked up and said oh my father is it true that I will be an orphan he said
oh my dear daughter bear this and be patient for God the Almighty will reward
you and will take you out of this difficult position she said o my father
if is this the case then place your hands on my head just the way the
orphans are treated I’m saying that lolly has now built his
farewell to his family members and goes towards the battlefield then he looks towards his steed and
Spurs his steed and says or steed take your master to his final battle equal not all godless enemies of Allah
do you know how you have violated the sanctity of the Messenger of Allah do
you know what man you have filled but numerable assad thought that this
was not working he began saying to them exactly must those people get routed
retain like walker everyone he extracts the arrows from his body
stands and engages the enemy says by Allah you will never again fight one
like me about the love white stem to a great extent of Abdullah trembled as he supplicated
he said all or endurance upon your decree acceptance of your final command
Oh Lord you are my only Lord the one I rely on
every affair no one other than you is worthy of worship we are told stones are
being thrown at him arrows are fired at him the enemies surround him
and fuck at him whenever Fela falls to the ground they
all retreat not knowing his feet above my still breathing there’s the final moments of ABAB de la
roche as the army closes in one of our de la above de la slips begin to move in
the praise of Allah subhana WA Ta’ala the enemy is called out by Allah we have
not seen a man so deprived so helpless so hungry so thirsty so wounded about to
die but his face radiates as a marvel of space radiance with serenity and
eulogizing a la shimmer advances towards above in love Bobby love barely finding
solace such a shimmer grabs the hair of imam hussain from the back and flings
him upon his back in another hadith debris release an army
said your community will kill this son of yours in the prophet salallahu alaihe
wasalam replied they will kill him while believing in me and he said yes and then
Jibril bought for its oil and said from such in such a place our leader of the
aloha and he said i entered upon the prophet sallallaahu allah it was sudden
him one day in his eyes were pouring forth tears I said Messenger of God has
someone angered and upset you what is the matter that your eyes weep he
sallallahu alayhi wa sallam her pride rather jibraíeel stood with me before me
and informed me that hussain would be killed by the banks of the Euphrates
when he stands at that place there is individuals who dare to even think of
harming a hair of the grandson of the prophet sallallaahu on it was said them
a young boy who upon his birth the Prophet made the akika for him he called
the Athan in his ears he did the technique he put his blessed saliva into
the mouth of his grandson he gave him his name then you’ve turned their direction
towards the tent of the daughters of Muhammad Ali and Fatima holders are
given set the tents alight and take the women of Hussein as captive to a label
like porches were brought to the pen it is said that the wails of women were
taken there is a poor prepare for captivity and returned to Sakina was not separating from the body
of her party upon insistence she would not leave shimmer unleashed his whipped
and cracked it upon the back of the unfiled she trembled and Randi and for millions across the world today
his saying stands as the exemplary individual and the role model in seeking
to establish freedom dignity honor and the right for self-expression we can
learn from Hussein we could learn from Hussein and the fact that we have to
maintain our determination with whatever goals that we set
he becomes a role model of saying we will stand on principles of truth and
justice we will resist oppression we will not give in to the point of death
if that’s what God has ordained for us whether were religious or not whether
were Christians or Muslims or anything else where do we stand on the question
of truth of justice how important is it to us and to what lengths are we
prepared to go to defend these principles and so today the name of imam
hussain continues to be held up as a flag of human equality and dignity and
those people who are standing up for these causes remember the name of
democracy don’t believe that the message of an
imam husain is limited to a race or nation or a religion even remembering keeping alive commemorating
those events gives us something upon which we can reflect in our own human
lives today you

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  1. I’m a Christian but I’m touch by this brave/selfless hero I’m may become a Muslim just for his sake and I mean it 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Thank you for this video, but I have to inform you that the subtitles need a lot of fixing, so many wrong words and some of them are inappropriate buddy I hope u can check them out and fix them 😀

  3. “My admiration for the noble sacrifice of Imam Hussain as a martyr abides, because he accepted death and the torture of thirst for himself, his sons and for his whole family but did not submit to unjust authorities.”
    “The best lesson which we get from the tragedy of Karbala is that Hussain and his followers were the rigid believers of God. They illustrated that numerical superiority does not count when it comes to truth and falsehood.”
    “As the Hijri New Year begins, let us pray that it will be a year full of peace, happiness and abundance of new friends. May Allah bless you throughout the new year.”

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    اللهم العن قتلة الحسين عليه السلام،
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    اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد كما تحب وترضى
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    🌺 اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد 🌺

  7. May I ask you what happened to the grieving father of Ali Asghar,(Husain AS) before he brought the corpse to Umm-E-Rabab, according to the hadith of his son, Ali Zain-Al-Aabideen. Why was THAT forgotten, please endeavor to help me UNDERSTAND.

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  11. How can anyone call themselves a Sunni. How embarrassing to understand the story of Hussain and still have respect for the killers of the ahlul bayt. Come back to Islam, leave the terrorists Abu bakr, Aisha, Umar, Muawiya, and yazeed behind.

  12. The sacrifice of Imam Hussain R. A was to make Allah satisfied with his services we should learn from him and devote ourselves to Allah rather than fighting who is sunni or Shia because in Allah's eyes there is only one group who will call himself Muslim. Rest does not matter in Allah's eyes

  13. I swear to god most of you remember hussein more then They remember Allah. Isn’t this the same that happend to the christians?

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  16. Hasan and Husain Radiallahu’anhu are loved by Sunnis and Shias because they are the grandsons of our Prophet , who would deny that ? Claiming as if only the Shiasare the ones who loves Hussain Ra is playing a joke on themselves.. The differences between Sunnis and Shias is the Sunnis moved on from that horrible calamity in Karbala which was a test from Allah to the muslims and believing that everyone involved will be answering to Allah on the day of judgment ! while the Shias never moved on and made that Karbala massacre as the determination of their faith and everything about their religion was based around that calamity.. Sunnis never sided the brutality of the actions of Yazeed and his men , and never loved Yazeed , but what had happened could not be reversed so we must move on and keep the Deen of Allah SWT as best as possible by following and preserving the Qur’an and Hadits and sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad SAW.. not by dividing the ummah and make another sect .. Na’udzubillah

  17. Khushi se ser ko kataye koi tu mein Jano.
    Khud Apne Ghar ko lutaye koi tu mein Jano.
    Bashr jahan mein Khuda bane, Nabi bhi bane.
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  18. Hussain is the name of humanity were all religionscadmire and respect bcz if his great sacrifise and Yazeed is the 2nd name of Iblees

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    Verily Hussain is the Shining Light of Guidance and Ark of Salvation.

  21. I'm from Iraq
    Around 20 millions visitors
    went to Imam hussein in karballa
    This number is huge
    I'm shiee but I want to say that Imam Huseein is for all people

  22. Hussien revolution against unjustice nd tyranny.. hussien flag of freedom in world… hussien give his blood so his sons .brothers. family to keeb flag of freedom nd justice speard in world… and yazid killed even child of hussien abdullah.. so young about 6 months allah revenge from yazid in other world .. till now some people not know why hussien killd why people love hussien

  23. السلام على الحسين بن علي
    السلام على المذبوح
    السلام على العطشان
    لبيك يا حسين ✊
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  24. Imaam muawiya did not appoint his son
    He imaam muawiya died and yazeed kept it a secret then when told everyone days later that his father appointed him

  25. I am a Hindu and imam hussains story resembles the story of Sabhaji Maharaja
    Both fought against attrocities

    Please go and check it out about Sabhaji Maharaja

  26. لو قطعنا الوتين والودج،
    فإنه يوم لا يمكن لنا إدراك مصابه ولا يتخيل عظمته، ولا يمكن إعطاء حقه.
    بنات رسول الله(صلى الله عليه وآله) يسبون على الجمال العراة؛
    بناة رسول الله(صلى الله عليه وآله) يضربون بسياط شمر ويزيد.
    أي مصيبة هذه، والله إنها مصيبة ما أعظمها وأعظم رزيتها في الإسلام.
    سيد شباب أهل الجنة، وواحد من خمسة تحت الكساء أذهب الله عنهم الرجس، وريحانة رسول الله( صلى الله عليه وآله ).

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    أبو بكر وعمر هما من قتلا الإمام الحسين عليه السلام.
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