[NEW HERO] Ashe Origin Story | Overwatch (EU)

Everybody needs a family. Because it’s not fair
facing the world alone. I don’t care how tough you think you are. They should always be there for support. No matter what. In the best of times… they will arm you
with the tools to succeed. And in the worst of times, they will understand when things… don’t really go the way you planned. Now, some people are lucky enough to be born into the perfect family. Others… Well, they go out
and make one on their own. And once you’ve done that, anything is possible
if everyone pulls their own weight. So, if you want to be part of my family, I do have one little rule. It’s my way, or… Well, who am I kidding. It’s my way.

100 thoughts on “[NEW HERO] Ashe Origin Story | Overwatch (EU)

  1. So is this it for Overwatch Blizzcon 2018? A new hero? Or is there more big announcements for Overwatch later on at blizzcon?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So BOB went from the Butler of a rich family; to a high rank member of a dangerous criminal western-styled gang. Dudes living the dream, am I right?

  3. Meh, I don't like this character. You know what we didn't need? Another american, and basically just a gender-swap Mccree at that. Reminds me of Nisha from Borderlands. Her abilities seem cool though, sad to see them wasted on such a boring character.

  4. So..spoiled rich kid which grew up without any regard for law and got herself locked up, resulting in her contempt of regular society?

  5. Ashe seems like an amazing hero and the animated short was incredible but it feels like the reveals were a bit … lacklustre, don't get me wrong the reveals were amazing but I feel as if the reveals are repetitive we always get a hero and cinematic and sometimes a map I was really hoping for some sort of new expansion or maybe something different but the reveals were amazing and I'm not being ungrateful to anyone who thinks so, good job blizzard you did well.

  6. i'm in love with this character… as soon as i saw her in the animated short i was thinking, i do hope she's gonna be a playable character

  7. I bought Overwatch orginially to play McCree, and now you give us Ashe, i gotta come back to the game. When is she playable though.

  8. can we have a new male character yet… considering there's been 1 since launch… (hammond is a hamster he doesn't count)

  9. Blizzard employee :"lets make female ranged focused hero with white hair called ashe. Nobody has ever done that before"
    Riot employee : "huh. i just got the strangest feeling"

    Or in other word

    Blizzard :"bro can i copy your homework?"
    Riot : "Yea, just change it a little so it won't look too obvious"

  10. I just like Blizzard cause they have Australian based servers. F*ck Activision. Blizzard, why do you advertise their crap games in the Battle.net client!?

  11. i played her in PTR, she just loves to rub in the fact thats shes rich and dangerous, saying "watch out for the 1%" and stuff like that

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