New lego Scooby Doo Mummy Museum Mystery 75900 Stop-Motion Speed Build Parody Family Fun 75900

it’s great to see you again today
we have scooby-doo lego movie museum mystery Oh
keep watching to see the mystery and the awesome speed build
let’s get started New lego Scooby Doo Mummy Museum Mystery 75900 Stop-Motion Speed Build Parody Family Fun 75900 scooby-doo Lego this is the mummy
mystery museum with a hundred and ten pieces wahoo looks awesome see what’s on
the back and there’s the mummy Museum it comes to Scooby Shaggy and the mummy Wow
cool let’s see what’s inside awesome but zeroes in there okay got an instruction guide one thing
I don’t like about some of these Lego sets they just cramp the instruction
guide they hold it there bandits come down to this
we’ve got some stickers another bag here Lego parts this looks like a staff shaggy that was a surprise
all guys let’s go ahead and put this together and have some fun Wow guys this mummy museum mystery set
from scooby-doo well actually from Lego the scooby-doo set is awesome let’s take
a closer look at it it looks so cool okay here we got the three figures that
come with it you’ve got Shaggy he’s got like a museum
atlas as a mommy don’t show jewels question mark and then you’ve got Scooby
and you’ve got the mummy let’s take a look at
I know we’re jumping ahead of ourselves but I wanted to take a look at the
backside of these guys and Shaggy will have a scared expression on the back of
his head so here’s the back and that’s who the villain really is
okay then let’s take a look at the set itself it’s a smaller set but it is
really cool here you’ve got the two lights that shine on like the mummy this
is this would be his coffin but they call it like a sarcophagus
this sarcophagus it’s got like relief that’s like an image of who’s buried
inside it then it opens up and this is where the mummy hides inside there and
then you’ve got like the hieroglyphics on the side here and then if you open
this up it’s a secret opening and that’s where the jewels are that’s what’s shown
on Shaggy’s map so you got three jewels they come with a set they look really
cool too and let’s go ahead and take a look at the back uh-oh back it’s a
little boring except for the hamburger like shaggy is scooby or jump up and
grab this hamburger when they grab the hamburger opens up and The Mummy is
revealed Wow guys this is a big mystery Wow look the
gang’s all here here’s Fred with the Mystery Machine with Daphne and Velma
and here comes Scooby and Shaggy on their motorcycle wow look Scooby’s got
the map for the mystery it’s showing a mummy some jewels and a question mark
wow they were hired to find out why there’s a roaming mummy in the museum
you don’t know why they have the map but they have to find out why the mummy is
here whoa King this sure is a mystery for
mystery Inc boy this looks like a spooky one I think me Daphne and Velma are
gonna go this way and shaggy you and Scooby are gonna go
that way what we’ve got it goin blown again we don’t like scary places wow I’m
so spooky we do it for a Scooby Snack nope
five Scooby Snacks okay five Scooby Snacks okay here they are okay girls
we’re gonna go this way we’re gonna go check out the back of the museum Wow you could just map I’m scared scoop
what’s here well wonderful well let’s go check it
out girlfriend coughing coughing oh wow
let’s check out the back of this thing Scoob look it’s a burger Wow cool shaggy goes to the front to check it out
Scoob jumps ups and grabs the burger he’s looking over here so I go to mommy say was here mommy it was chasing you in
this museum I don’t see anything it wasn’t mommy all right boy he was
scary he was looking for a daddy well
you seen a mummy we’re gonna have to trap him to see who it is
shaggy Scooby you guys are gonna be the decoys well you don’t have a choice we
can’t look the girls do it it’s gonna be your job the plan is you’re gonna let it
chase you Daphne’s gonna start Staffie shots with her camera I was just reading
a very bright flash and when he’s blinded I’m gonna sneak up and grab him
and we’re gonna tie them up and see who it is Scoob it’s just us again
I wonder where the mummy is Oh mommy you say there’s a mommy behind
me so mommy go Daphne go can’t see you can’t see oh
wow Fred took him down now he’s tied up
let’s see who this mummy really is look it’s the museum curator what was he
doing let’s take a look look at this map Shaggy has ah Wow look at that let’s
look for clues hmm I think there’s a secret button here somewhere
Wow look it opened up it’s full of jewels so that’s what the mummy was
trying to hide Wow gang another mystery solved for mystery Inc
good job you meddling kids I would have got away with it if it wasn’t for you I
would be rich and sitting on some beach in Hawaii well that’s another mystery
solved for mystery Inc it goes to show you there’s no real monsters Lego said
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