New PTFO Skins Coming to Battlefield 1! Kirkpatrick, Pegahmagabo, and Yells Camos

If you’re wondering why I sound a bit different,
I’m on the road for Gamescom in Cologne, Germany – and very excited to show you guys
some of the new stuff coming for Battlefield 1, but today we’re looking at some new skins
on the Battlefield 1 CTE. You might remember the Hutier weapon skin
for the MP-18 that was available again earlier this year as part of Battlefest 2017. It’s a pretty cool skin with the letters
“PTFO” etched on the stock. Well, it seems DICE is going to add a few
more of these skins to Battlefield 1. On the Community Test Environment for PC,
three more PTFO skins have spring up for the Cei-Rigotti, the Lewis Gun, and the SMLE. The skin names are pretty tongue in cheek
and directly reference historical figures who exemplified a focus on the class objectives. The skin for the Cei-Rigotti is called the
Kirkpatrick – likely a reference to Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick, the famed Australian
stretcher bearer who was killed on the beaches of Gallipoli in 1915. He was well known for using donkeys to transport
the wounded. As the Cei-Rigotti is a medic weapon, the
name seems appropriate, given Simpson’s selfless actions. The new PTFO skins generally mirror the Hutier
skin in appearance, but the Kirkpatrick has a small skeleton on the side which is a rather
unique touch. The skin for the Lewis Gun is called The Yells
– undoubtedly named after Sergeant Charles Reginald Yells, an Australian who served with
distinction alongside T.E. Lawrence in the Middle East. In addition to training Lawrence of Arabia’s
men in the use of the Lewis Gun, Yells played a major role in the Raid on a Turkish railway
station at Mudawara in 1917 – accounting for 30 to 40 Turkish soldiers with his Lewis
Gun, and earning him the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Lastly, the “Pegahmagabow” skins for the
SMLE is named after Francis Pegahmagabow, the most successful sniper of WWI. Pegahmagabow was a First Nations soldier serving
with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and is credited with killing 378 German soldiers,
though the figure only includes his confirmed kills. Although the Pegahmagabow skin is for the
SMLE, he actually used the Ross Rifle, which has yet to be added to Battlefield 1. The Great War channel has an excellent video
on Pegahmagabow, which I’ll link in the video description. All three of the new skins are named after
British colonial soldiers. I love when DICE sneaks little historical
references into Battlefield 1, and if you’re interested in learning more about the names
of more Battlefield 1 skins, check out the “Skin Deep” series here on the channel. Aside from what they look like, there isn’t
much else we know about the new PTFO skins. While they were available in the CTE, there’s
no word on when we’ll be able to unlock them in Vanilla Battlefield 1, or how. In the past, the Hutier skin was awarded for
completing a community mission. It’s likely DICE has something similar in
mind for the new skins. I’ll make sure to keep you up to date regarding
Battlefield 1 news, so if you enjoyed this video, leave a like and subscribe! If you want to help me out, sharing on social
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forward to bringing you new videos on exciting Battlefield 1 content. To take your Battlefield 1 game to the next
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50 thoughts on “New PTFO Skins Coming to Battlefield 1! Kirkpatrick, Pegahmagabo, and Yells Camos

  1. a PTFO skin on a sniper rifle is about as useless as tits on a bull. I'd also wish they'd focus on fixing their shitty map design and flag placement as opposed to arbitrary stuff like this.

  2. Hopefully Gamescom will bring some 'Revolutionary' changes to Battlefield in the new progression system. Maybe these will be the result of getting a certain amount of kills with each weapon? Who knows, besides DICE of course.

  3. Tons of respect for promoting The Great War channel, Flak. Spread the word about this amazing channel as far as possible.

  4. These weapon skins are so worthless and lame compared to soldier skins and customization for weapon attachments. They're a waste of content and are BARELY visible in an intense combat situation. They're not even worth paying for either.

  5. I gotta say, I love how informative your videos are. If I get to see those skins I likely would have no idea where they came from had you not made this video series. Thanks, Flakfire!

  6. Would be really awesome, that we can maybe change some Skins for the soldiers. But wish more some ribbons or medals on the uniform, that represents PTFO or something semilar. Would be special, if that things you only get from missions, like the Adarti Knife from summer missions or something semilar.

    Also cant wait for the surprising from DICE, when you done all 3 missions 😀

  7. Hoping everyone can take a look at my idea on Battlefield Forums I need this shared and commented on my idea for the next #Battlefield game

  8. if the PTFO skin for the SMLE is a community assignment skin, I'm gonna hope it's gonna be: Kill 378 German soldiers with the SMLE

  9. Its really awesome.
    I remember one year earlier I asked you a question " are you going at gamescom event?"
    You replied " not really"
    But now EA recognize you for your loyalty to battlefield community.

  10. Everyone is hyped about skins and character customization, and I'm just waiting for the siege of Tsingtao to be announced.

  11. That's it? Some skins and zero for soldier's appearances? We need more weapons…Rossi rifle, Mannlichers, Carcano, American Enfield pattern 1917, Winchester (US), maybe Colt SAA (Rough Riders edition) perhaps?? I can go on and on. All we got is few rifles and ton of the variations of the same. This scope, that scope, this sight, that sight.  All those skins are remainding me of COD more and more. Serious lack of content weapons wise, really…?

  12. The fact that 2 of the skins are named after australian war heros makes me super happy, being an australian myself. Ill definately be using these skins if i ever find myself using the cei rigotti or the lewis gun.

  13. Serious question , flak do we get all 6 maps in September or are we still gonna get lupkow pass officially later this month? Im not talking about CTE i mean officilly get the map

  14. I dont care too much bout that stuff , they realy need to fix the jumping over walls issue always have to press X like 3 times jusy to climb or issues gettinf thru a broken walls or getting stuck all the time on walls n little crap

  15. what I would like to see in bf, is teamwork and squad play. And it's so easy to achieve, but there would be lot of crying from "I am Rambo" players aka bullet sponges FTW, if DICE would implement changes to force people to cooperate on field.

  16. muchas gracais por el contenido cedido a -Taison TV – para que nosotros los de habla española podamos ver el buen MOSIN NAGANT M91 en el BF1

  17. Today's retail patch added a dog tag for a September edition of Battlefest, and it happens to feature a Lewis Gun crew, so I'd bet on at least that skin being available next month.

  18. Pegahmagabow like the rest of Canadian snipers in ww1 used the Ross not the enfield, ffs just add the Ross, and not a shitty weapon skin.

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