NEW RULES?! Hyper Battlefield Everything EXPLAINED!

Hello, this is Iri and it’s time for – the
return of the Dawn Front event, which also goes by the names Daybreak War, or Hyper Battlefield
for this round, many choices to pick from. There ARE new rules this round, so we’ll
be both giving an updated intro to this event for new players who have no idea what’s
going on and explaining all the new rules to both new and veteran players. Please note thought that I’m just a player
so if there’s anything you don’t like about this event, please leave your valuable
feedback on the official Facebook page instead so that they can get the spotlight they deserve. Alright, first, a rundown of exactly what
you’ll need to do on each day. Subtitles are available if you need them. Day 1: (starts Aug 25 – 26 5am server time):
You’ll see this icon, and then all these buttons, but no worries, there’s technically
nothing you need to do at this time, except poke around and decide on which NPCs such
as these that you’d like to join. Because if it’s your first time playing
this event, the overall concept is that there is a war going on and then we have NPCs on
a Light side and a Dark side who are going to need your support battling each other,
and we get to exchange for suits as a reward. It doesn’t matter who wins though, except
for bragging rights, since the diamond spending for suits is actually only about 20 – 60 diamonds
different between the winning and the losing side. Hold off on the suit exchange for now since
we don’t have the currencies needed yet, unless this is your second playing the event,
then you can use your leftover currencies from the previous round to exchange for suit
parts and resources. Day 2 – 3: (beginning Aug 26 5am server time): THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY – ACTUALLY PICK YOUR COMMANDER, AKA “ENLIST” NOW. Very easy , just like this. And then immediate head to Go Style, to set
up your battle outfits! If you don’t do anything else this whole
event, do this enlist and set up outfits step, because everything else depends on this,
and don’t forget your skills! There are also three styling themes, so make sure that you have set up an outfit for each one of them using these “Next” and “Previous” buttons. Now here’s where the new rules kick in. If you had participated in the previous round
last year, you can now betray your previous commander, BUT you have to do it before you
pick a new one this time. So once you have picked anyone new this round,
you cannot change again. There achievement rewards for betraying, however,
any progress you have made last time in terms of ranks will be wiped. Your titles will be kept, so you’ll still
your cool titles, but your progress towards the next cool title / rank, will again, be
wiped. If you’re wondering where are Chloris and
the Dark Raven Doctor that you picked last time, fear not, they’re just taking a short
break from the fighting and will be back in the future rounds. They’re too attractive and too valuable
after all. If you’re a new player, just don’t worry
about “betraying” since you’ll only be able to do it when this event returns once
more in the future. BUT, AGAIN, WHATEVER YOU DO, VETERAN OR NEW, please,
please make sure to set up your outfits. You won’t be able to / highly unlikely to win any battle if you don’t, and that means you’ll have to spend more diamonds getting suit pieces. And now rejoice, because the hard part’s
over! Come Day 4, if you had set up your outfits
on the previous days, you can just chill, because the system will automatically put
you in battle against other players once every (TWO!) hours Now you *do* want to log on to the game once
to assist another team of NPCs on your side, whether it’s Light or Dark, and this will
increase your rewards by 50%. And at last, after 9pm server time on Day 4:
We’ll have gotten all our rewards, aka, currencies to exchange for stuff! So this is perfect opportunities to go over all
these currencies, they’re confusing but I shall try my best to make it easy for you. So here on the top right, you’ll see not
just one, but *three* currencies, and the way I personally remember how these work is
that, I look at the first one with the ribbon and internalize that it’s used to exchange
for *suit parts*. The second one, the pointy one without the
ribbon, is to exchange for resources, right here through this “Feat Exchange” button,
you got gold, stam, coins, even association coins and that dazzle stone! So if you’re having issues with Dreamweavers
that swallow all your dazzle stones, here is another source for them. You can also use these pointy but no ribbon
currency to exchange for the one with the ribbon and use that then exchange for suit parts too if you’d like. And the third one, the one with the red star
/ aka “Merit”, is a new currency added this round. So remember how we talked about rank with your NPCs earlier? In the previous rounds, your ranks automatically
increased with battle for the commander you’re currently enlisted with. But now you are able to increase the rank
of any of the commanders that you have fought with on the side you’re currently on, so
say that you’re on the Light side, you can use this new currency to increase your ranks
with anyone that you’ve already fought with on the Light side. If you haven’t fought for anyone yet though,
you can’t really use this currency, it’s designed for later rounds anyway , so I wouldn’t
sweat about it too much if you can’t use it just yet. But how do we get all of these currencies
in the first place? So the one with the ribbon that’s for suit
parts, you can get that by going to My Faction on the main menu, and then Donate Resources. Each 20 diamonds you donate will get you one
currency for the suit parts, and 6 for increasing ranks. You can also again exchange for them using
the pointy-but-no-ribbon currency over here. And you’ll get the pointy-but-no-ribbon
currency automatically delivered to you once the battles end. And for the red star / ranking currency, you’ll
also get that once the battles are over. Now the suits that we exchange for. One thing to know is that these two suits,
which are new for this round, have a 10% discount. You can also still exchange for these two
other suits from the previous round, but they’re at a full price now. I have made a suit breakdown for these two
older suits in my last video about this event so feel free to head over there (link on the top right corner!) if that’s something
you’re interested in. And now the suit breakdowns for *this* round. For the red suit, it’s energetic and a unique
mixture of Ruin and Cloud styles. Though personally I mostly use the sword and
the hair, and the pose for….my weird funny entries. For the cost, if you just want this whole
suit, it’d be anywhere from 260 to 500 diamonds, depending on the battle results. But even if you lose all battles and have
to pay 500 diamonds a suit, that’s still way cheaper than the prices we have nowadays
so there’s that one good thing. The second suit has more mechanical elements
to it and also a shorter hair, robot dogs, and a face mask. If you just want her, again the price will
be anywhere from 260 to 500 diamonds, depending on your win rate. And if you want both her and the other suit,
it’s 1,640 – 1,880 diamonds for both, so that’s 1640 to 1880 diamonds for both suits. I do know that was a ton of things we just
talked about. I tried my best to present how this event
works along with the new rules in a way that was logical to me but I do know that everyone
has different ways of taking in information, so if a text guide is something that you think
would reinforce your understanding my friends, the Squirtle Squad sheets
team and the great artist fluffies @createdbyjz made this beautiful text guide! There are also more numbers there that I can’t
really go over one by one in the video the interest of time. Please head over to their Discord server to
show your appreciation for their creation if you do reference it. I’ll also be putting several pro-tips and
frequently asked questions in the pinned comment. Once again, thank you so much for watching. If you found the video in any way helpful
or interesting and can take a second to like and subscribe, I would be really happy. I am, once more though, just a player so if
you have feedback about this event or about the state of things on the English server
in general, they’ll be much better noted by the developers themselves on the game’s
official Facebook page. Either way though, I really appreciate your
time and attention and wish you the most fun in the days ahead!

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  1. 【HD and Subtitles Available!】
    【Shameless Self Promo xD】
    【Frequently Asked Questions and TIPS】 (Will add on as they come up too!)

    0.0) Battle outfits attributes! Use to set up your battle outfits!
    That being said, if the website by Sweet Cupcake updates, please check there for your customized outfits instead!

    0) Sooooo what is betrayal again?
    Betrayal / Rebel happens when you switch from an NPC of one side to one from the other side ✨ e.g. when you go from a Light character to a Dark one! If you are just going from one Light character to another (e.g Kimi to Louie), that would not be considered as betrayal.

    0.5) Should I betrayal right now?
    I wouldn't unless you have maxed out with your current commander in ranks (which I believe no one has since it typically takes 3-5 rounds to hit that, without spending an absurd amount of diamonds). This is because ranking up with the same commander gives you diamond rewards too, multiple times! So it ends up being more than the rewards for betrayal ~ Betrayal is introduce in the video as it is an option this round that wasn't available before ~

    1) If you played with Chloris or Gray Raven last time, do you have to betray them to play this time?
    Only if you want to pick someone from the opposite side! For example, if you picked Chloris (Light) last time, but choose Shade (Dark) this time, that would be betrayal, BUT if you picked Chloris (Light) last time and Kimi (also Light) this time, that would not be betrayal, because you'd still be on the Light side!

    2) When will this event return?
    On the Chinese server, this event did return once every 2 months up to round 6 or so, but since we have so many hell events, plus hell returns and other events going on, it looks like the return period will be much longer, going up to one year, unless of course, everyone requests another round on the official Facebook, then we may see it again sooner.

    3) If you're a new player, will you be able to use the ranking currency on your own NPC / commander?
    Yes! Since you'll have fought with your current NPC, you'll be able to increase your rank with them specifically using the new ranking currency. However, you won't be able to increase the ranks for other currencies that you haven't fought for.

    4) Is there a limit to how many times you can betray your commander?
    Yes, so far, there is a limit of 3 times, at least as of now. And once more, you can only betray at the start of a new round, if you had already selected someone this round, you can’t betray them this round.

    5) Is the background image a hint of any sort?
    No no 🤗 I just really like the image itself and was short on time finding other suitable ones 😆❤️

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