New Yorkers Tour 9/11 Memorial Museum, Shelley

It’s something
that I’ve been wanting to do, I just haven’t made it
a priority, unfortunately. It’s very well done. I was very surprised. I never felt compelled
to come and visit, but I think there’s a lot more
to it than just the surface of what we think happened
and what we see happen on TV and we hear. I think seeing the artifacts,
seeing and hearing the stories, it kind of gives you
a whole new meaning of kind of what happened
that day and kind of a new appreciation
for it. Even all that happened, there’s
so much we should be thankful of and so much good that still
was able to transpire that day out of everything. So I think when
you walk through, you don’t leave feeling sad and your whole day is kind of
gone and you’re lost in thought, but you feel uplifted
in a lot of ways.

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