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  1. Vary off topic but you have a lot of fox items and I want to make up my kitchen in fox things. I have been looking online but can not seem to find many none cartoonish fox themed items for my kitchen. Was wondering if you ever ran across any thing such as gas oven covers, hand towels, cutting boards, those large oven magnets, wall tiles, window drapes extra….

  2. I missed the music so much, I looked up Spanish Flea on YouTube and turned it on as background music. It's actually very fitting for Dodger. 🙂

  3. The e-sports school better produce at least 10-20 superstar female gamers, otherwise it's basically sexism for the sake of sexism.

  4. What about the dummy that got kicked off a pro Overwatch team because of his spewing racist remark over and over on his team's coms?

  5. "I'm not gonna pop a baby in the drawer…" Doogs this really cheesed my onions and I just don't know what to do about it :L

  6. Every time I watch a Dodger's video, in the end I wish I was not subscribed yet so I can subscribe again 🙂

  7. I really like the twitch affiliate program as a super small streamer it is something to look forward to as a stepping stone to becoming a partner and it can only benefit everyone

  8. Hey Dodger, just a heads up in terms of editing for the audio: The audio was clipped pretty badly at a few points. Just kind of lowers the production value. Have your editor keep an eye on that in the future. <3

  9. The conference is actually a presentation of a new programming language that he is creating and the game is sort of a test bed for the language. Honestly more excited for the language than the game, but a great game would be a bonus.

  10. I totally understand what you mean by saying that Starcraft makes you feel all fuzzy and heartwarming and nostalgic!

    As someone who grew up in a South Korean internet cafe (my parents owned it), I was always surrounded by people playing Counter Strike and Starcraft and all those goodies, so even if I wasn't ever really allowed to play those games myself just hearing about them makes me feel like a kid again ><

  11. As someone who's been streaming regularly for fun for the past year, the Twitch Affiliate Program is exciting, the main issue is once GameWisp has finished getting their emotes polished, more emotes will be available through that than through Twitch. But maybe the more universal one emote will be preferred by some. The bits will be the biggest plus, since viewers can earn those watching ads and then send those to affiliates.

  12. Nier Automata only gets better and better story wise as you go on. Its great!
    Also you can ,after getting an ending, load that save file and it will continue from where you last saved with the letter marked on it, so you can get most of the ending by playing from start to the end.

    But yes P5 is amazing. Glad i managed to finish Nier before starting it.

  13. I think the twitch changes will be good! Maybe I'll stand a chance to get noticed when I stream… or maybe I'll still stream by my lonesome, it's okay. /sob/ haha

  14. I'm suffering from the same Persona struggle. Between classes and work, I'm only 38 hours in, and I don't wanna start Nier until after, but i WANT to.

  15. I think it's a shame that while 'meta' games like Nier and Undertale are so popular these days, barely anyone gives credit to Pathologic, which basically started the whole thing literally over a decade before any of those.

  16. Jon Blow's new game will also use a custom game engine written in a programming language he's developing. As a software engineer, I sort of admire him. His games as well as his software engineering skills are top notch

  17. Isn't the jury still out on why woman don't do as well as men in esports? I'm not saying anything, I just don't know.

  18. Or make a lets play on youtube of "blow blocks" and you can actually earn money instead of paying for a crap site.. Just sayin…

  19. what ever happened to Husky? I used to watch him a lot and he just fell off the face of the earth right before the zerg expansion…

  20. "Some people say the witness is horribly pretentious, others say it is a work of mad genius." I question why anyone thinks those two are mutually exclusive.

  21. LOLOL: baby in the drawer! that's it, that was a perfect way to end this Friday afternoon! Thank you for sharing your weirdness (in the most sincerest way possible via YouTube comments). Truly, thank you! I always enjoy your Newz shows ^__^

  22. in gaming news today,…. the title of this video is so misleading that only 30 seconds of this 17 minute plus video relate to it. Awesome

  23. I am so hyped right now, I go to Stephens and it's so cool to see it getting some recognition like this. This was such a cool surprise while catching up with what I've missed from my YT subscriptions in the past month or so.

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