Night at the Museum 2 All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (X360, Wii)

and we’re live with Larry Daley of Daley
devices inventor of the glow-in-the-dark flashlight welcome Thank You Sheila
my pleasure I find your show very enlightening you used to be a night
guard at the Museum right what was that like
great question Sheila it was actually interesting you must have some mixed
feelings about the renovation then uh not really
I thought a lot of great art and culture came out of that period not the
Renaissance the renovation what renovation the museum’s replacing
the old wax exhibits and dioramas with state-of-the-art Holograms holograms to
be like Holograms like in 3-dimensional objects built out of light that replace
statues okay you know I gotta go I’m sorry can you go to commercial coming up
next dr. candy is here to report on new dentists approve fillings made of fudge
Natural History Museum’s Stefan and Bubba you got a mr. Tate my name’s Andy
publisher for this week Andy Bubba whatever let’s go Holograms was it
charming that you can’t touch him can’t play catch with them all that’s like get
rydym can’t play games of them all they’re not real know what I mean sure
hello some vital in a shift to a digital culture wow you are so much smarter than
Bubba yeah well yeah you see him on natural ice three gotta go come on come
on oh man killing me here with the childhood Lux okay here we go more than everybody tonight here in the
museum a climate-controlled 69 degrees and zero traffic coming up next your
favorite scene jazz music is coming but blood please after your usual juvenile antics juvenile antics me
birthdays magic time hey boy good to see I can’t play yet okay come on now don’t
make the sad eyes here I come Santa make room in the toy shop shut I’ve seen sack
top male lamb better new cities have fallen with more grace
Thank You Octavius good to see you sure wait a minute what’s wrong you have long
been silent we feared the worst sorry I’ve been busy
you didn’t even rat guys I came as soon as I heard about you Imperial archives
yes spam your archives dang it how many
times I gotta tell you you guys just ain’t sensitive like me oh yeah
Gigantor Ockman losses to pay him a visit okay after exit you I’ll be back
that’s what you say at the last dime Larry guardian of Brooklyn has returned
good to see you my friend thanks you too you know I shall miss
everyone you’re not going no I shall stay here
that’s fortunate my evil brother come on Roz at the Smithsonian it would be
catastrophic if he acquired the tablet you have an evil brother oh yes
don’t you does an evil cousin count he’s not so much evil as he is mean and
hurtful which I guess is kind of evil common raw is very evil he kept trying
to steal the tablet and raise an army of the Dead thought it would impress mother
really yes when I became the tablets Guardian he was furious oh well
ancient history literally hmm you are the Guardian now I see you brought your
ritual tools of office by what ritual tools of office those flashlights and
keychain there how you direct the tablet’s power become a shine your torch
on the tablet I shall instruct you oh geez gotta go see you later thanks
for sharing all that cool tablet and get miss stick you know stuff of course
farewell Larry well Guys looks like this is divine yep we’re hitting the trail
may the gods be with you Larry I’m gonna miss you guys I ain’t gonna
cry take manly are they wheeze what about to be packed salute you vikon
deers Gigantor Iacon tears chair Baggins confounded piece of junk hey teddy
Lawrence Chinna when one door closes and other opens its was that was such a
wonderfully useless pep talk thank you think positive land here
keep safe to remember us by Lewis and Clark’s compass thanks not at all now I
must say my own goodbyes before sunrise you’ll be fine Lawrence I have faith in
you until next time thanks Teddy and I’ll try to be more positive all right what jet how are you even what are you
talking about Jed I gotta get to Washington losing time here you go to daily devices
start torch sweet I hear this baby puts out 250 lumens on 5 D cells yeah plus
they add in a cool remote snap-on function check this out sorry man I totally meant to do that
spots everywhere dizzy it’s just temporary blindness is I’m sure your
corneas are fine why don’t you go in the break room and go night-night good idea just rubber squid don’t want this sucker
running loose at magic time there stain there we go thanks Dexter no oh no no no
no no no I I’ll take that thank you so nice of you
to fetch it for me at last I can summon the army of the
underworld with it I shall conquer all and who are you anyway Larry Daley Daley
devices I uh I know your brother back in New York
ah then you must be Larry guardian of Brooklyn
I can common raw anointed lord of the two lands son of the son our God upon
the earth you may bow down before me any time come on kiss the sandals thank you
but I just washed my lips looks like you could use a little petty defiance you
are in over your head I’m afraid let me introduce my generals joining me are
these great leaders from your history Al Capone boss of bosses Ivan the Terrible
saw at the rushes and Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France welcome gentlemen
really super to be working with you wait for it didn’t I warn you monkey a
storm is coming the die is cast before daybreak the keep
for the underworld opens in my reign some people would try to stop the spell
who me yes you since you are not as stupid as you look
about you shan’t succeed or watch what we do with these hide them from prying
eyes go as for you and let us fit you for a pan of the cement sandals as
Capone might say sure don’t worry about the other thing what other thing
oh forget it I misspoke kill me what haha thing okay the thing the thing you
dragged it out of me the queue of rhubarb
yeah the small small puzzle box device Abdoun take me to light no betrayed
breath mints by Jupiter I was drowning in lint TVs
what are you doing here I bring the might of Rome to help you yeah where’s
your army one Roman sword is worth a thousand Egyptian Spears uh-huh
well they’re kind of big Egyptians pal it matters not Larry I have experienced
Rome conquered Egypt you know yes that counts excellent let us loose the raging
hounds of Mars and let’s just track down the ingots and stop common wrong now
where’s the fire mr. wait a minute aren’t you Amelia Earhart and you are
yeah I’m down shall we try that again mister down it’s Larry
pleased to meet you mr. Daley call me Amelia do you fly only when I play fetch
from the dinosaur hey listen no offense Amelia but I got a
one dad guys are chasing those stuffed shirts with the bean shooters do tell
all right look an evil Pharaoh cast a spell to conquer
the world to stop him I have to find a bunch of golden doodads and put them
back in the magic tablet I have right here sounds like an adventure I’m in
what I said I’m in I’ll help but no buts what’s the plan um basically look for
Bob’s of gold and put them in the tablet Roger let’s ankle skipper Oh
little space monkey hungry let’s give hey I’m even a thank you bring him to me
I am NOT we I am of average height for France in the eighteen hundreds
now go bunny subtle so dangerous yeah Kindred’s forget about me mr. Daley ah
well I’ll have you know I’m the equal of any man oh look once I must tell these
weapons at the same time to trade sector together so catch that monkey let’s
split up and take it on the hill in tow definitely as soon as you explain what
you just said run okay okay what now let’s see Larry
ouch stuck me Larry let me free your frozen treasure oh sure okay
the die is cast for rhyme come on guy monkey wants ice cream first buddy
that’s so hard well I’ll be maybe we can fly out of
this juke joint what my old auto driver set an altitude record with her and 31
mmm no we’re looking now mr. Daly be nice hmm Wow looks like this fights
first stop is the touchy town why don’t you try being noisy
don’t you start come on girl pretty please in Rome we never had this problem
carriers this is where I tell you to get off what weren’t you taking damage
I can’t land here I don’t believe I’m doing this happy Valentine’s Day
not now what I get it hey you’re they I oh sorry I see you’re um hmm what are
you talking to me oh sorry I was a whoa what happened in here
this place is Oh well big guy maybe you can help me stop those guys from tearing
up the rest of the museum ah yeah not so terrible now huh I’m not Ivan the
Terrible anymore I’m Ivan they feelin pretty good that’s
that’s obvious love you man yeah try your paintbrush sorcery on the tapestry
good idea how’s my hair
is there enough butter in it so crocodile gotcha Tom do you know who
this is where’s the tributes there’s supposed to be a tribute people on their
knees peacock spices jars of gold who are you the floor sweeper Octavius scion
of Rome at your service milady larry daley guardian of the tablet of
ahkmenrah and you are lea Patra queen of Queens that olds tablet again boring but
I know it’s special secret it’s a secret what is it nope first bring me tribute a
diamond yeah fit for a queen I see one here somewhere all right great idea
first a wheel now this ooh nice okay the secret is the Pharaoh Inga is the key to
the tablets power before you put the ingot into the tablet to lift the tablet
over and hop in the gold thingy from the back that’s how you reverse the spell ah
come again Philippa flippin tablet you got sand in your ears or something huh
I was expecting something a little more you know mystical not my problem you can
go away now buzz off dismissed bye-bye man it smells worse and month-old
long-johns in here is that a rat hey Jed I shall avenge you friend Jedediah I
swear you fellas our supper Solarize what took so long
yeah I found myself entered in the dinosaur Rodya another dinosaur don’t
you ever learn move over Octavius a man needs a elbow
room your elbows to yourself by the coil I claim seniority in this year pocket I
was here first guys chill there’s more important things to handle hello mr.
Davis we got to stop it but how you need help
big help helium can you flyest but Lincoln
Memorial with pleasure ace my plane can get us
there on the double are you thinking what I I’ll get her prepped you get
those hangar doors open all right you sure this will work
nothing show mr. Daley except that we’re in for a wild ride
yeah maybe wild and ride aren’t the best words to use in an airplane would be too late
cumin raw has a lot of thugs down there I’m not giving up take us down there
Roger actually it’s Larry huh there’s some dangerous emergency flying humor no crazy old coots gonna get fried come
on you gotta get to Lincoln I copy that wait wait what happened to Roger how
about okay or I hear you yes you were dropped on your head as a child weren’t
you mr. Daley what’s wrong he won’t start maybe he
needs something extra so I’m getting a crazy idea that’s the only kind you seem
to have okay hey can I join you been I got to charge the tablet certain I can’t
guarantee you’ll get it all right great enlightening miss if I do say so here
God’s a wonderful conductor try this may I have the honor I think we all know
what’s coming next thank you Ben fourscore and more years
of being a pigeon roost makes a man our dream hey Larry Daley this is Amelia
Earhart yes you’re right sir pigeons are nasty right now there’s a whole army of
them marching on Washington we need your help to stop them ever got during the
war oh no son here upon my shoulder Amelia I need a big favor you’ve got it
mr. Daley go round up my friends okay meet me back here in Long Raja Thank You Larry most therapeutic that’s
it you’re going not cool mr. Lincoln not cool some everyone has his own battle to
fight and misses yours I think you have things under control
good luck good luck with the pigeon sir but I still wield the Pharaoh English
the true power of a tablet prepare to taste that bitter dust after feet bear
over this a hundred times my friend I’m not kissing your stinky sandals my feet
fool defeat hello as in the opposite of victory and you are so going to eat it
every last crumb come on smiley called a giant swirly
down on me so be it a sweaty half Jew looks like I got anger
you beat me not fair I demand a do-over two out of three
no go Pharaoh oh good I know something you don’t
what this little gem I got from Cleopatra not man I should be holding a trapeze
power before me instead I mean something into a giant sword of
darkness listen Mary it’s not too late for you to submit yeah that’s how I roll
Guardian style victory ciao everybody’s aboard next stop New York
City great you uh you want a map or anything yo Gigantor ain’t no time for
moo-cow eyes let’s get this tin can in there what do you mean you don’t serve
sarsaparilla what kind of operation is this museums just west of Central Park to be
a land there Amelia better than any man mr. Daly just say with but feel free to
do it when when we would would win remember everybody stay with your buddy
okay and krahgg remember doggies are preparing not spirit right we talked
about that thanks again Amelia you’re welcome
Larry almost dawn you better fly yes indeed see you around mr. Daley Roger she know where she’s going sure speak
for a guy knows he’s getting a GPS for
Christmas you’ve done monkey dancing there’s a welcome back shindig going on
be right there just something grabbed my mic oh no I
thought we were past this I know another monkey who is much cooler
than you and my rocket yeah keep running just keep running incredibly medicated this place really – out there dang it that was burn it a lot of work went into all this
gotta hand it to you nice work hey I know you love you man me you guys
are the best that was beautiful whoo that’s over
yes that’s a way

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