Night At The Museum 3 – Ending Scene (Robin Williams)

It’s time for your next adventure. I have no idea what I’m gonna do tomorrow. How exciting….

52 thoughts on “Night At The Museum 3 – Ending Scene (Robin Williams)

  1. This was a perfect scene for Robin to say farewell to everyone. Thanks Robin for the laughs, we miss you. RIP Robin

  2. I have no Idea what im going to do tomorrow…."How exciting" I'm always remembering this quote everydayMakes me appreciate life & days to come even more.

  3. 'Smile my boy. My sunrise'. – Gets me every time. I will never forget that line, and I will never forget that wonderful man. RIP Mr Williams.

  4. I still miss Robin Williams. We all grew up watching him, I was first introduced to him when I first watched Mrs. Doubtfire when I was about 6.

  5. I am going to be making a theory video sometime today about robin Williams and his death. I don’t know if it was just me but this film really heavily focused on robin. To the beginning to the end. And this finale goodbye was like him saying goodbye. I feel like robin asked for some rewrites to make his character go out with a bang. I feel like he was trying to say goodbye to everyone and that tomorrow is a new day….and that he doesn’t want to live in this one. To remember him but move on to the next day. I think robin Williams planned his suicide the entire time.

  6. I still find my self crying over the fact he's actually gone……..I hope he's maybe actually just stuck in a board game or with the lost boys in never never land or even walking around disguised  as wee old sweet Scottish lady who's the Granda you wished you always had……..sob…FUCK HERE IT COMES.

  7. I personally think that from how he delivered what sounded like final, dying words, Robin knew he wasn't gonna live much longer

  8. Shame that his last role was in this disgraceful film and with that fat horrible woman Rebel Wilson.

  9. Rest easy Robin. You will always be a legend. You left such an impact, An impact and a loss. That is still felt now 4 years later. This was a great role to bow out on. 💔

  10. This scene is emotional enough, but what makes it even more of a tearjerker is that Robin Williams passed away.

  11. "I have no idea what I'm gonna do tomorrow…"

    "How exciting!"
    "Smile my boy! It's sunrise."

    Such poignancy. That's the kind of attitude we should all have about life in general. The Chinese character for "crisis" means "danger", but it also means "opportunity".

  12. I've been suffering from depression and every time I think about Robin Williams passing, I feel even worse. But hearing and seeing him speak, gives me the strength to live on. His last line in Hook and especially this scene, hit me hard. He is my inspiration not only as a comedian, but also to keep living life.

    Thank you, Robin Williams. Your life has given me and many others the strength to smile at sunrise.

  13. I'm on my next adventure. I'm raising a beautiful baby girl. I smile every morning that I get to see her.

  14. Robin Williams was my favourite actor. He made me laugh and cry like no other actor has been able to. Now that he´s gone, it´s really hard to watch any of his movies. His death got the whole planet depressed. I know he was an actor, and that few people really got to know him well, but that´s the great thing about actors: they keep you company in lots of moments in your life. I grew up with Robin Williams, and to find out he was dead and he would no longer be able to make me laugh or cry again just destroyed me. RIP Mr. Williams.

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