Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Walkthrough Part 1 (X360, Wii) New York

hey boy and we’re live with Larry Daley of Daley
devices inventor of the glow-in-the-dark flashlight welcome Thank You Sheila
my pleasure I find your show very enlightening you used to be a night
guard at the Museum right what was that like
great question Sheila it was actually interesting you must have some mixed
feelings about the renovation then uh not really
I thought a lot of great art and culture came out of that period not the
Renaissance the renovation what renovation the museum’s replacing the
old wax exhibits and dioramas with state-of-the-art Holograms holograms you
need like Holograms like in three dimensional objects built out of light
that replace statues okay you know I gotta go I’m sorry I gotta you go to
commercial coming up next dr. candy is here to
report on new debt disapproved fillings made of fudge Natural History Museum’s
upon and Bubba economists today and my name’s Andy
publisher for this week Andy Bubba whatever let’s go on TV Holograms we’re such charm in that you
can’t touch them can play catch with them whoa Oh can’t ride them can’t play
games of them all not real know what I mean sure
hello some vital in the shift to a digital culture wow you are so much
smarter than Bubba yeah well yeah you see him on natural ice 3 gotta go come
on come on oh man killing me here with the childproof
locks okay no.1 here we go McPhee a Rexy unlike the massive
sandstone there we go got more than everybody beautiful night here
at the Museum a climate-controlled 69 degrees and zero traffic coming up next
your favorite scene jazz cool smooth jazz music changes coming
blah blah blah please after your usual juvenile antics Bubba juvenile antics me
birthdays I should find a map of this place climate controlled 69 degrees and
zero traffic coming up next more smooth cardio funk jazz hits oh yeah
if these notes said to clear out my locker better not forget my stuff hey this penny thing looks kind of a bit
we could pop a penny in here and see what happens there we go Anubis is the 10 and the afterlife is particularly
important as ago ah there we go Wow almost forgot I need to
clear out my locker I should do that right now oh yeah
please note said to clear out my locker magic time hey boy good to see I can’t
play yet okay come on now don’t make the sad eyes
you want something boy that’s boy here I come Santa make room in the toy
shop shut I’ve seen sex help me a lamb better
new cities have fallen with more grace Thank You Octavius good to see is sure
wait a minute what’s wrong you have long been silent we feared the worst sorry
I’ve been busy you didn’t even guys I came as soon as I
heard about you Imperial archives yes spam your archives dang it how many
times I gotta tell you you guys just ain’t sensitive like me oh yeah
Gigantor Ockman law says to pay him a visit okay
after XE you I’ll be back that’s what you said the last time
vodka news Gigantor Rexie wants to keep playing I guess hey see you later boys I’m supposed to
talk with ahkmenrah hmm I guess ahkmenrah has something
important to tell me a married son of Daley the night grows
short the common speak with me Larry guardian of Brooklyn has returned good
to see you my friend thanks you too you know I shall miss everyone
you’re not going no I shall stay here that’s fortunate my evil brother come on
Roz at the Smithsonian it would be catastrophic if he acquired the tablet
you have an evil brother oh yes don’t you does an evil cousin count he’s
not so much evil as he is mean and hurtful which I guess is kind of evil
komlin rah he’s very evil he kept trying to steal the tablet and raise an army of
the Dead thought it would impress mother really yes when I became the tablets
Guardian he was furious oh well ancient history literally hmm you are
the Guardian now I see you brought your ritual tools of office my what ritual
tools of office those flashlights and keychain there how you direct the
tablet’s power become a shine your torch on the tablet I shall instruct you I
never get tired of regarding the tablet fascinating isn’t it Wow pretty shiny what’s the glowy part
ah the Eye of Horus in it he’s empowered
torch to illuminate secrets hidden to mortal eyes was such as clues and
collectible items look it has changed the hieroglyphs to symbols that fit your
modern understanding huh whoo yes the most convenient feature let’s continue
the tablet confers many other powers each in get grants and unique ability
let me give you an overview it’s gonna take home I promise to be brief the Eye
of Horus reveals that which is hidden from the naked eye the Cobra indeed lets
you wield your keychain with the dexterity of a serpent the gear ingot
allows one to empower motorized objects the hammer and chisel ingot allows one
to restore broken objects to their original state a repair power basically
exactly of course classic repair symbols hey honey
broke our wedding China hand me the hammer chisel the translation does have
a few scarabs left I suppose if I may continue
the Lightning ingot allows one to use the power of the storm to protect
oneself okay that’s kind of vague buddy it lets you summon bolts of lightning
whoa cool the paint brushing it allows one to enchant works of art of painting
the statues and so on the shield image allows one to raise a protective shield
the animal ingot allows one to tame and befriend wild animals does it work on
aggressive little monkeys the faroe ingot is the final piece it grants the
tablet its complete power however it’s real purpose was hidden from my brother
and myself hmm sort of like a family mystery
yes though it’s possible my brother learned more after my death for now use
your flashlight empowered by the eye of poorest to find the treasures hidden in
this very room excellent now let’s have a little exercise exercise weight alone
powered by the Cobra spell your keychain can open doors grab objects let you
swing across obstacles and help you climb to high places it also does you
spot such opportunities in the first place now throw your keychain to the
display case and ascend to the top you’re kidding to go on you’ll see I should grab it – very good Larry son of Daley now swing
to the next display case whoa yes it is exciting are your keychain can also pull
down objects use it to topple that vase hmm might need that I am most impressed by your dexterity
the bear mine you possess these powers only when close
to the tablet and it’s ingots once you leave this room you return to normal
okay no tablet no powers no ingot no special power got it
I had no idea the tablet could do all this stuff good thing it’s staying here
huh precisely heal quick on the uptake Marik Brooklyn Community College baby deal
with it oh geez gotta go see you later thanks for
sharing all that cool tablet inget mystic you know stuff of course
farewell Larry almost time to go better wrap up I ought to say something to my friends
before I go well Guys looks like this is divine yep
we’re hitting the trail may the gods be with you Larry I’m gonna miss you guys
I ain’t gonna crowd take manly are they wheeze what about to be packed salute
you vikon deers Gigantor vaya con Dios Jeff I guess you’re right Rexy Holograms
bite unfounded piece of junk hey teddy Laurens chinna when one door closes and
other opens that’s was that was such a wonderfully useless pep talk thank you
think positive land here keepsake to remember us by Lewis and Clark’s compass
Wow thanks not at all now I must say my own goodbyes before sunrise you’ll be
fine Lawrence I have faith in you until next time thanks Teddy and I’ll try to
be more positive all right what jet how are you even dialing what
are you talking about Jed I gotta get to Washington

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  1. Hello! :3
    I just wanted to say that I’m new to your channel( started watch your Digimon next order walkthrough like 3 days ago ) and I was wondering if you’re a fan of fire emblem series? And if you’re going play the new game : Fire emblem – Three houses?

  2. One thing I love about your channel is that you have such a big variety of games so there's something for everyone and that's awesome.

  3. I didn't knew that they would do a LINCENED game based on that movie. In My opinion, I really DIDN'T like that movie, it's concept and it's ENTIRE franchise and series

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