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After his boutiques in Delhi, Bombay, Hong Kong, New York, Macao, and London, it’s now in Paris that the splendours and mysteries of Indian fine jewellery are unveiled by Nirav Modi. It’s a mythical address, that makes the heart of Place Vendôme beat, that Indian jeweller Nirav Modi chose to present his fine jewellery collection: the Ritz, a legendary palace and icon of luxury if there ever was one. In the freshly renovated halls of this emblematic Parisian luxury hotel sought after by stars, reasures made of precious stones and the shine of diamonds are laid out in the showcases to the great delight of the press and connoisseurs. The history of Nirav Modi fine jewellery begins with a pair of earrings that the diamond dealer, raised in the gemstone trade of Anvers, created for a friend. Things suddenly fell into place and he decided to launch his own jewellery line, blending secular diamond craftsmanship from India, his native country, the tradition of European fine jewellery, and his own expertise on the subject. Exceptional pieces, set with the most beautiful gems of the collection, that one could expect to see on the covers of Sotheby’s and Christie’s catalogues and which made a majestic entrance into the 2016 Antique Biennale, in the company of only 3 other jewellers. Nirav Modi is above all jewellery worn as a second skin, with softness, that drips down necklines and hugs wrists or fingers for unequaled comfort. Feminine and poetic creations that highlight exceptional diamonds with a minimum amount of metal, like the Sakura necklace and matching earrings, with blossoming diamond flowers that seem to float, thanks to the magic of the knife technique. Pieces whose finesse is appreciated as much on the front as at the back which reveals the meticulousness of the mesh as only the workshops of Nirav Modi can create; As on the Luminance Necklace. The setting of these jewels highlights lightness, to allow the maximum of light to shine through and thus the brilliance. Here, the metal of the structure is erased to better highlight the stones. Gems that one would believe are sewn, as their setting is invisible, creating a connection between haute couture and fine jewellery… In search for more brilliance, what sets this jeweller apart is his inventiveness and his unique sense of technique. Faithful to his secular expertise of Indian sizing considering India has the largest number and the best stone cutters in the world, Nirav Modi has for example, created four unique diamond cuts: the Endless Cut, the Jasmine Cut, the Ainra Cute, and the Mughal Cut. It’s a surprising ring that we now present you: the Electric Green Ring In addition to the almost florescent green colour of the centre stone, due to its reflection index a bright green Kornerupine which illustrates the love of Nirav Modi for the rare stones all the originality of the ring is in its assembly: the stones are exposed as if upside down to give another view of the art of stone cutting, while offering astonishing graphics. Nirav Modi, a diamond dealer and art collector that gives birth to his creations from a simple drawing on a piece of paper and who loves that his models are transformable, makes in his ultra-modern workshop that employs more than 400 artisans in Bombay and whose parent company counts 2,200 people in the world some 6,000 pieces per year, including 300 fine jewellery pieces. As for the Soleil Ring, it expresses the warmth and the brilliance of the rising sun through its exceptional 20.87 carat pear shaped GIA certified diamond; this uniqueness is only natural for such a reputed diamond dealer. Because Nirav Modi only has one objective: the beauty of the object. Among the feature pieces of this collection, a link bracelet, the Nirav Modi Embrace, which is already a classic and once again demonstrates the inventiveness of Nirav Modi with his ingenious mechanism permitting the link to stretch with finesse to all wrists. If their conception seems simple, know that it’s almost two hundred hours of work to assemble the minimum 90 articulating pieces that make it! This iconic piece was born while watching his granddaughter play with an elastic around her wrist and so he had the idea to make a jewellery version. Sumptuous, here is an even rarer piece: the Mogok Ruby necklace. The Mogul is a source of the most beautiful rubies in the world, rubies with a deep pigeon’s blood red, with the characteristic touch of blue Here, 27 Mogok untreated rubies, all perfectly matched, are assembled. An incredible feat. Mughal cut diamonds surround the Mogok rubies. The Mughal cut, as we explained earlier is a creation of the jeweller. It minimises the use of metal to a point that even the culets of the stones are visible. The contours of each petal are sublimed by the Jasmine cut calibrated diamonds between the Mughal diamonds, and thus create the effect of a smooth and brilliant surface. The necklace is completed by an ensemble of diamonds weighing 128.56 carats and a 3.51 carat pear cut diamond. A breathtaking necklace that we can also discover at the Biennale of Paris, the prestigious biennale of Parisian antique dealers, until Nirav Modi sets up definitively in Place Vendôme, his next challenge.

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