NMMS Youth Panel Exhibition

This is a really fantastic initiative,
part of the Year of Young People, putting on an exhibition at the National Mining
Museum, recognising the heritage and the culture of mining, celebrating the
contribution of young people to mining communities, but also keeping that
heritage alive for future generations. It is to the credit of all the young
people involved here that they’ve put together an exhibition that really
recognises and values the immense contribution to Scotland of mining down
the decades. The purpose of the exhibition was to focus on youth culture
in mining communities – from training and education, after that the nationalisation in
1947, ending with the 1984-85 miner strikes. So one aspect I’ve learned so
much about a mining industry and mining cultures and all about that, which has been really really valuable because I think otherwise this kind of
knowledge will get lost. It’s important to remember what’s happened and it’s
also a big aspects of the past and the industrial revolution as well. It’s
important for future generations to remember what it was like and what
happened in the past and keep that alive as well because it’s part of our industrial history.

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