No Jumper’s Adam22 RESPONDS to Sexual Assault Allegations

No Jumper’s Adam Grandmaison responds to
sexual assault allegations in a new video. You’re watching What’s Trending. I’m Kacey Spivey. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for moresocial media news daily and ring the bell to stay up to date with our videos. Adam22, who is the creator and host of pop
culture and hip hop podcast, No Jumper has been accused of sexual assault as his deal
with Atlantic records come a close. Model Lauren Duck told the Daily Beast she
had visited LA to do an interview on his podcast. She had planned on staying with Adam and his
girlfriend, then described the rest of the night. She said: “He gave me drugs notorious for making people
black out, had sex with me and then recorded it without my consent.” Adam, however, denied the allegations in a
video on his youtube channel. Both Adam and his girlfriend Lena Nersesian
described their version of the night. “We all went out and partied and there’s a vlog of the entire night that shows just how consensual us all going out and parting was. And uh we all had a pretty good time to be honest and then we went back to the house and then we all proceeded to have drunk, cokedup sex for many hour.” Both Adam and his girlfriend claim that all of the events of the night were consensual. “The reporting being done here is so dishonest and so absurd. She, I remember we were going to do the interview and Adam had asked me if I want to be a cohost on the podcast. And at this point, it was probably one of the first times I was cohosting with you. So I was kinda nervous and I remember her and her friend were doing coke and drinking before the podcast. And they offered me cocaine and I said that I didn’t want to becuase I was really nervous about the podcast already. They claim that everyone was friendly
and all activities were consensual throughout the night. And that Adam had documented it in a vlog. Lauren told the Daily Beast: “And then we’re
at this after party and he offers me a Xanax. So I take it, on my own, but I was extremely
drunk. So I don’t remember much that happened afterwards.” “I mean she is an alcoholic, coke head. She saw me taking half a xan to go to bed and she was like ‘Oh can I get one? And I gave her the other half so that she could fall asleep at 6 in the morning. Because she had been snorting coke and drinking all night along with us.” The Daily Beast did note that Adam did admit to to assaulting a woman in the past. He said: “I had
a brief incident with a good friend of mine about 8 years ago where I was stuck in a car
with her after the bar for like 30 minutes. She was screaming hysterically at me (she
was upset about me cheating on her friend) and I did lunge at her at one point but it
got broken up immediately.” There have also been previous allegations
of sexual assault… Reported by Pitchfork, where 2 women accused
him of having sex with them without consent. The article references a 2009 blog post Adam
wrote himself titled “The Time a Girl Accused Me of Rape,” where he concluded. “For most men, being falsely accused of
rape is a horrible experience that can ruin their reputation, cost them thousands in legal
fees and may land them in jail, but for me I would have to say that it was overall a
very positive experience. Viva la fake rape.” Adam says that he believes that his success with podcasting has made him a target for unfair allegations. In the video, he also explains that his time
at Atlantic Records was already scheduled to end at the year mark, and while these allegations
did make things complicated…his leaving is not directly related to them. What do you think about this situation? Let us know in the comments section. And for more of What’s Trending, head to

26 thoughts on “No Jumper’s Adam22 RESPONDS to Sexual Assault Allegations

  1. Oh my. She shouldn't have taken the Xanax. That's her fault. Wowwwwww. That's like suing a car company cause u drove drunk and crashed

  2. Adams response was so bad tho. I don't agree that either side is right. They act like children & make their drama public instead of dealing with it the legal way.

  3. I mean all we were doing was drinking cocaine marijuana Xanax PCP acid every other drug you can think of and then she needed a pill to go to sleep so I was trying to do was help her Adam I think we're going to hear about you overdosing one morning

  4. He’s a rapist. I am ashamed how “unbiasedly” biased this was towards his story. You missed so many key parts to the video. Doesn’t help you.

  5. The whole worlds knows how straight Adam and Lena is…
    the poor x3Ls pornstar rappin, the (race.. intro) clout chase.. 🦄♥️

  6. Dude I did those things when I was 20…you 40. What happened? Sounds like you were a major wanker up until some "fame" got you…You're 40, time to grow the fuck up instead of taking crappy drugs and fucking teenage California STD riddled thots.

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