Normandy D-Day Battlefield Beaches

(upbeat music) – Good morning, I am
here in Paris right now, but I’m gonna get on this
bus and take a beautiful ride through the countryside that
will take me to Normandy. You’ve all heard of Normandy. It’s where the Allied Forces
fought against Nazi occupied France, World War II. It’s gonna be really
interesting, let’s go! (patriotic music) Okay, I’ve just gotten off
the bus and I’m here at the Memorial de Caen and this
place is dedicated to all sorts of artifacts
pertaining to World War II and it’s time to learn some
new information, let’s go. The exhibits in this museum
are absolutely sobering and the destruction caused by
humanity is hard to comprehend but it’s good insight into
what happened here in Normandy. Off to our next stop, let’s go. (soft music) It blows my mind to think
that there were 150,000 Allied Forces out there
storming these beaches, attacking all the Germans
that were waiting right here. I am in a busted up old bunker
and this is where all the Germans holed up with
their giant canons pointed at the ocean waiting
for the Allied Forces. So this is not a naturally
occurring hole in the ground, you can probably guess what it is. This is a mortar hole from
airplanes dropping bombs, and they’re still here. But at least they’re filled
with beautiful flowers. – You know, seeing the
beaches that I’ve read about in history, it gives it whole new meaning, seeing it in person. And fighting for our country,
it gives me a glowing pride for home. – Not until you come here
do you realize the scale of the loss of troops that were here. And as I walk around, it
really make me proud to be an American, knowing what
my brothers and sisters fought for, for Europe and for the world. (patriotic music)

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