Nostalgia Komrade: Night at the Museum 2 (2009) Kranberries

Welcome to Nostalgia Komrade. Today we are looking at Night at the Museum
Part Two. That’s actually a good movie, with lots of
funny lines mainly from the pharaoh and the pilot girl. I understand
that’s a mockery and one should not take seriously most of
the kranberries, but there’s one that sticks out. Well, lost in translation indeed.
The Russian grozny is an adjective from threat or menace. So the correct
translation would be Ivan the Threatening, or Ivan the Menace,
or even Ivan The Offender, but definitely not Ivan the Great and Terrible.
So the canonical translation is incorrect. Apart from that, the film is great. Go see
it if you haven’t. This completes this review. See you next time.

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