Hey guys, it’s Emily! For today’s video I
am doing the “Not a Booktube Newbie” tag. This tag was originally created by
Clever Fox. I will link to her channel. The reason I wanted to do this is
because it is officially, to the day, my one-year booktube anniversary,my
booktube-versary. I got like a little nervous that I got my date wrong, but I
just confirmed it is officially August 25th! That is the day that I posted my first
Booktube video. So I thought, you know, I’m not a newbie anymore. Been doing this for
a year! So I thought it would be fun to post this tag on the official
anniversary date. Let’s get started. The first question I have already answered, and
that is how old is your channel? It’s a year old. Number two is what are your
favorite videos to make? My favorite videos to make are review videos, but I
only really make them if I feel super inspired by a book and very passionate
about it. So I don’t make them as much as I would like. I’m trying to do at least
one a month–we’ll see if that works. Number three is what is a piece of
advice that you would give someone who maybe wants to join Booktube. And my
advice would be to just do it. Just do it! I know for me, I was really uncomfortable
talking to a camera when I first started, and because of that I put it off and put
it off and put it off for ages. But then I finally was just like, “I’m just gonna do
it!” And then I did it and I was like, “Wow, alright… This is not that great of a
video.” But I posted it anyway because eventually you do hit your stride. It
takes a hot second. Just like get it done. Get started. Be okay with, you know, maybe
stumbling a little bit along the way. Because it’s all a learning process, and
the community is so lovely and welcoming that even if six months from when you
post that first video you’re like, “Wow, I was so awkward in that.” Which is how I
feel when I occasionally re-watch my old videos. It’s just such a
welcoming community that it’s worth that little learning curve. Number four is
since joining have you noticed any unforeseen challenges? Yes, although I did
kind of anticipate this being an issue for me. I film using natural light coming
in from my window over here, so obviously I have to film during daylight hours.
I’ve tried filming at night with just like my apartment’s lighting, and it’s…
It’s bad. It looks really, really bad. so I have to film using natural light, which
means I am restricted to filming during daylight hours. And because I have such a
long commute, so long, I oftentimes get home
from work post daylight hours, which means I really have to film on the weekends,
which means that I have to be good at time management, part one, which I am not
that great at. And I kind of have to work around living with three other roommates,
because on a weekend when everyone’s like hanging out at home having fun I
don’t want to stick my head out of my room and be like, “You need to be quiet
because I’m filming a video!!” I don’t really want to do that.
So anytime people are like out and about I’ll throw this up, shoot something, and
then I generally have a bunch of videos filmed at any given time so that, you
know, if I’m like, “Crap! I don’t have time to film this weekend!” Or there’s a ton of
people over this weekend because we have friends visiting and it’s just noisy. Then
I don’t have to stress about it. So pre- filming is the best savior because of
those challenges that I have encountered. Number five is what is a favorite book
or series that you have read because of Booktube? This one is a book that I’ve
read recently! And I wrote it off, but I’ve seen several people mention it as
one of their favorite fantasy series and what I am talking about is Furies of
Calderon which is book one in Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series. I wrote
this off because I thought the concept was like not for me, which is that it’s
vaguely inspired by the idea of a lost roman legion combined with pokemon, and I
was like, don’t get me go on like love me some Pokemon. I played that on my
Gmeboy back in the day, like near and dear to my heart. I just was like, “I don’t
think I want this in a high fantasy series.” I was very, very wrong, and I’m
glad that people on Booktube talked about it so much with such glowing
reviews because I loved it! I’m so excited to continue reading the series.
And another book that I read because of Booktube was Persepolis by Marjan
Satrapi. I have wanted to read this because it’s considered such a great
graphic novel, but you know you just kind of like put stuff off? You’re like,”Yeah
I’m gonna read it later. I will get to it, eventually.” I picked it up for DiverseAThon,
which is a wonderful read-a-thon. It’s such a good read-a-thon. It’s just read
diverse books. It’s so great! I just loved it. That was a great kick in the butt to
finally pick it up, and it’s one of my favorite books. It’s so so brilliant! I
definitely recommend checking that out. Number six: what is your favorite overall
aspect of Booktube? Hands down the community. I feel like this is a thing
that is reiterated over and over and over, both in this tag–so many people
say for this question that the community is their favorite
thing–but also just in random videos. People are always talking about the
community. It’s so, so wonderful. I just love it! Speaking of community, I bit the bullet and purchased a plane ticket to Orlando
because I’m going to BookNet Fest! I’m so, so excited. I’m gonna be staying
with my friend Madelyn. She runs the blog Novel Ink. I am I’m just so pumped. I’m so
so excited! I’m so, so so excited to get to meet some Booktube friends in person,
so if any of you guys are going please let me know because I would love to see
you! So let me know if you guys are going and hopefully we can meet up! Number seven is
spread the Booktube love! Who is a Booktube newbie that you really like? And
for this I’m going with Kristin’s Library.
I think her channel is under six months old, so I’m considering you as a newbie,
Kristen. I really like her channel. She seems so sweet and she reads a lot of
the same kind of genre that I do, so you should go check her out. I will link to
her channel in the cards and down below. And number eight is who do you tag, but I
feel like this is a really old tag so I’m just–if you want to do it you should
do it. It’s great little tag. Thanks so much for watching! If you liked this video
give it a thumbs up, hit subscribe to see more of my face. You can find me on
Twitter at possiblylit and on Instagram at possiblyliterate, and I
will see you next time! Or possibly in person at BookNet Fest let me know
if you’re going. I’m so excited!!!

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