Oasis Exhibition in Japan

A Genuine Rock Star An Oasis in My Heart Textbook of My Life Takes Me Back to When I was 14 Symbol of the British [CHASING THE SUN Super Deluxe Box Set] [Tickets, Itineraries, Passes] [Noel Gallagher’s Guitars] [Multi-Track Tape Indexes] [Rare Photographs] [Color Proofs of Famous Artwork] [Band’s Private Collection] [Footage from First Japan Tour] [Reproduction Booth of DEFINETELY MAYBE Cover Art] Gives Me Inspiration Happiness Cheers Me Up Hope Rock’n Roll Influence from My Ex-Love Changed My Life Rock ‘n’ Roll Star Brings Back My Memories The Only Thing We Have in Common Springtime of My Life My Anchor Live Forever Home King of Rock Brilliant Brought Me Together with My Husband My Life Itself Made Me Fall in Love with UK Mom’s Favorite Band Everything, I guess Eternal Revival of My Youth The Best Show Ever at BUDOKAN Saved Me Through Toughest Times Fate Between Me and My Best Friends Guiding Light of Life Best Rock Band, Hatched from The 90’s Father’s Favorite, Became My Favorite Best Band in the Universe Introduced Me to the Whole World of Music What is Oasis to You?

95 thoughts on “Oasis Exhibition in Japan

  1. At least we can count on Japan to create Mecha Liam and Mecha Noel 70 years from now. They should have the money for it.

  2. ファッキン最高です。今までもこれからもずっとファッキン大好きです。

  3. Name of this song please? Not a big fan of Oasis but I know someone really special to me that love this guys.

  4. Liam loves us all!    But for fuck sake don't let him know we know!     x   …."Everything, I guess".         :')

  5. Oasis was the fire at the end of the tunnel. When I got lost, without a plan or an appetite to understand, I followed the light of the burning fire.
    When they split up, the flame engulfed me. But the Sparks remain. Long live OASIS.

  6. This is so sweet!! Oasis to me is a legendary band. The band that left a huge footprint in Brit rock and roll era. I love how they enacted Definitely Maybe album cover – I wish I could be a part of this too :')

  7. Noel Gallaghers new Album, 2nd w/ High Flying Birds is is among the greatest songwriting/guitar work I've heard in 20 yrs.
    Each time I listen to it I find something even more tantalizing than before. True genius. It seems Noel has a built in hits factory. His genius is endless.

  8. I not only watched the video I forgot that don't look back in anger is an absolute masterpiece. One of the best songs of all time. Oasis Fans Luve Forever, those Japanese are legends the way they love Oasis just love it!!!

  9. Say what you want about Pearl Harbor, the Japanese have great taste in music.
    I hope they have an exhibition like this in Hong Kong.

  10. i fell in love with oasis as soon as i 1st seen them on mtv in usa, chicago, ill -"live forever" and every album after that! then i seen them live at the chicago theatre and the blew me away with how loud and every song was perfect sounding and i loved liam ever since and still do!! noel was excellent on guitar and singing too! it was that something i was looking for in music ,still is ever since i mean perfect!! i wish soo bad they would get back together and create their next amazing album! you know? hey guys please do that i mean why not?? everyone loves you guys! please ? i could be happy again and so will you , just try it for us. we all love all of you guys!!!

  11. This made me teary eyed! I fell in love with Oasis in 1994. They were, still are, and will always be my favorite band. Oasis is LIFE!

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