Observer Nintendo Switch Review

Observer is the combination of the cyberpunk
aesthetic meet psychological horror in what I can only describe as a trippy first person
perspective narative. While I personally didn’t think it was all
that scary, it did succeed in creating an abstract and memorable adventure now available
on the go with the Nintendo Switch. The year is 2084 and you play as Dan Lazarski,
a member of the new wave of neural detectives called observers. This is a cyberpunk future where technology
is advanced but a heavy depression is casted over the world with the end of the dystopian
war. The after effects are seen throughout the
city as people turn to drugs, advanced implants and virtual reality to escape the abyss the
world has become. As an observer, you have the power and the
government license, to hack the minds and fears of citizens in order to solve your investigations
for the corporate polish authority. As it would suggest,humanity’s morals have
been thrown out the window and it’s woven throughout the entire story. Citizens are divided into different classes
and those left in the lower tier live like prisoners in compact isolated apartments. Ultimately Observer does a great job at telling
a mystery adventure story with the ever slight hint of horror. While there are some very trippy jump scares
at times, I wouldn’t categorize this game as a horror game, in the same way I wouldn’t
describe Hellblade as a horror game either, just a psychological one. With that said, it’s a good psychological
game that has you investigating the fears of suspects as you piece together the whereabouts
of your estranged son. Despite being in the first person perspective,
you’re not shooting anything in this game, this more akin to something like Firewatch
and What remains of eden finch. A narrative driven story with hints and clues
told through the environment and what an environment it is. I’ve always been a big fan of the cyberpunk
theme. I mean who isn’t a sucker for cool looking
neon signs in the middle of a dark and rainy night. Anyway, as you explore the rundown cyberpunk
environment, you use your electromagnetic vision and biovision to scan and look for
clues at different crime scenes. Both of these tools are part of your cybernetic
implants that let you can the environment for technology based hints and bio clues like
blood and other organic matter. Analyzing the different objects at crime scenes
reveals new hints towards your next objective as you piece together the sequences of events
that occured prior to your arrival. Aside from your investigation, you’ll come
environmental puzzles through these mental deep dives into the suspects you hack. These moments are some of the creepiest parts
of the game where those sensitive to flashing lights and fast moving imagery may want to
stay away. Those that can handle it though, you’re
in for these isolated uncomfortable scenarios that sent chills down my spine. Hacking into the fears of those alive and
even more taboo, those dead is already a horrifying premise that only gets worse the deeper you
dive into them. I would have loved to see more puzzles integrated
into these gameplay moments because what’s here is fantastic but there isn’t a lot
of it as the entire story can be beaten in 6-7 hours. Luckily there are a handful of decisions for
you to make in the dialogue scenarios throughout the story. These add up to multiple ending adding a bit
if replay value for those seeking more beyond your first playthrough. This isn’t observer’s first time being released,
it was released a little over a year ago on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Even back on those console platforms, the
game struggled to run certain sequences so I was quite interesting to see how the Nintendo
Switch would run the game. Well as expected, this is a pretty tough game
for the Nintendo Switch to run properly. Resolutions across both dock and portable
mode appear soft with things looking fuzzier than other intensive ports like Bethesda’s
Doom. Things look incredibly muddy and it only gets
worse the closer you get to the darker lit parts of the game. The resolution isn’t so much of a grand issue
though, I can still make out environment and puzzle elements. Instead it’s the frame rate issues that become
a bigger hassle. These spawn up during more intensive scenes
or when the game tries to load a new environment. In a game that purposely makes these glitched
out scenes so frequently, it’s hard to tell what’s part of the game and what’s my switch
struggling. It can get quite impactful for Nintendo’s
handheld but that may not be a big enough issue for some considering this is solely
a single player game without any competitive factors. For me, it got a bit jarring with the combination
of glitch effects. Observer is filled with the perfect amount
if iirie atmospheric ambient noise that makes exploring these isolated apartments feel all
the more creepy. The most impressive part of the audio is the
absolutely stellar performance work by the voice actors throughout the game. Daniels character most of all sands out as
having this sense of charm yet feeling like a withered old cop. I couldn’t help but feel like a badass as
I investigated my son’s whereabouts. Even down to the dialogue choices, I didn’t
want Daniel to say anything I wouldn’t and I think that speaks a lot to how compelling
he was to me. As a game alone regardless of platforms, Observer
is another great addition to the story driven first person genre. The almost grudge like cyberpunk theme is
awesome in a world that isn’t necessarily scaring but rather stunning like that of 1984. I wish there was more gameplay to it but being
a roughly $12 game on steam right now, it’s a great way to spend a weekend. As a $30 switch port, it’s bringing a lower
tier version of the experience only now on the go with worse performance. I think if this had been competitively priced
like the pc version I’d be able to recommend it more. It’s on par price wise with the Xbox and
PS4 version but with more performance issues. I give Observer on PC, Xbox One and PS4 an
8.5/10 but give it a 6.5/10 on Nintendo Switch. Thank you all for watching my review. If you enjoyed it then be sure to hit that
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13 thoughts on “Observer Nintendo Switch Review

  1. You mentioned walking sims. I assumed this was more puzzle solving/detective work. Is it really that hands off?

    On another note they really really need to lower the price of these ports that are not only old games but don’t run as well.

  2. How does the switch performance impact gameplay, is it just dipping framerates (like you get in the marketplace in Warframe) or something else?

  3. This is a pretty demanding game so im not surprised at the fps or resolution but i am surprised at how good it actually looks! On pc its glorious and it seems to hold up on switch

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