Olympic OA96 Pistol: A Loophole in the Assault Weapons Ban

100 thoughts on “Olympic OA96 Pistol: A Loophole in the Assault Weapons Ban

  1. Any time you have to have a loophole to enjoy the rights written in the United States Constitution, we have too much government.

  2. So it was a hack job. Don't think id trust that. But a newer better built version would definitely peek interests.

  3. Olympic does not have a reputation as building quality firearms, but you have to give it to them for out of the box thinking and being unwilling to allow the obstacle of the AWB from stopping them.

  4. Why do government officials not understand what an "assault rifle" is? A rifle that has select fire, usually including single, burst and automatic fire options. Not legal for civilians unless they have a super special government permit. Or you can get it through the black market, which is illegal anyway and criminals utilize this.

  5. Assault weapons ban: Exists
    Olympic: Welds magazine onto the gun.
    Modern problems require modern solutions

  6. If the government is so influenced by the left to ban guns the all pro gun people will fight back in many ways including me I’ll will not let the government take my family’s guns

  7. Unless they ban guns outright people will find workarounds. And even then good luck getting people to give up their arms.

  8. and now that the public knows about this gun, we will see it in yet another severe mass shooting in the near future and bam, new legislation against it.

  9. Chop off the barrel handle along with the rest of the barrel and you have the 10mm SMG from Fallout 1 and 2.

  10. Unconstitutional 'laws" have no legal power or authority and The People are under no obligation to obey them. There is no such thing as "unconstitutional law". You can say "prohibited" all you want, but that don't make it Truth.

  11. Who will buy that rebuilt crap now😩it dont make sense, if they got banned need export them. Then built new Mods. 😩

  12. Most shootings are done by pistols, I hate how the ar15, one of my favorites, is targeted for looking scary. I would love to show the lefty lawmakers an AA12.

  13. This is not a assault pistol it's just a semiautomatic pistol get it right peoplel this gun will not assault anyone unless the user is assaulting some one with it. Any weapon can be used as an assault ie assault knife it stabs people let's ban all knifes its stupid….. Let's all agree to stop using the terms (assault) ie my ak47 is just a semiautomatic rifle. There for why ban a semiautomatic Rifle.. There nothing assault about it…. It's just another word to use to regulate on we the people of own sead property. Is it a right or a freedom ….. Do we even have freedom? 🤔

  14. in the 98 model video you said it had to have two of the features but this has three even with the fixed mag plus in that video you said that the 93 model had to have a ten round mag instead of the 30 but here you say the law didn't say any thing about the rounds number

  15. Kinda curious if you just put the magazine on a hinge if it would qualify as an attached magazine. Might make it easier to load that way.

  16. It would be fun to shoot a full auto version of this😜
    I think it would have a nice big mussi flash 😁

  17. It's so sad that companies in Massachusetts had to start making these things again because their attorney general created her own definition of their assault weapons ban to block pretty much any AR with a detachable magazine…

  18. I forget, but wasn't there a gun similar to this where the difference was that you have to open the gun up a little bit and then the magazine could come out?

  19. Guy uses assault pistol in Ohio…
    News Articles: "Dude shot almost as fast as a full-auto at 40 rounds a minute…"
    Youtube Recommended: OA96 "Pistol" video?
    Youtube Ad-sense: California's new best friend – CA7 "Pistol"

    Me: WTF is this world coming to that people are scared of black things they don't know about…

  20. At the start I thought the magazine was just glued for some weird legal reasons for it to be handled or something, nope, turns out I was wrong.

  21. The LAR-15 up here in Canada also gives us Canadians a loophole. The magazine used in it is considered a pistol mag despite being compatible with any AR-15; it bypasses the restriction we have on rifle magazines having a 5 round capacity.

  22. I'm from Spain, I can't have a gun, but I love your vids. I feel your passion for these things as you tell us all the small details and history.

  23. Its not an "assault weapon " weapons cannot assault anyone. Ever.Darn leftist cant help themselves i understand.

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