Onsen, Castle, Museum and more to visit in Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan / 冬の松本を堪能しました【Vlog】

Actually, I’ve never been to Onsen Hotel in Japan and this is my first experience. Luckily, I found out this amazing place in my hometown and visited there with my partner. This hotel has been serving since 1931 It takes about 40min from Matsumoto Station by car or their free shuttle, through a mountain path. It is a marvel of comfort and beauty in the Yatsugatake National Park. This hotel has been listed in Relais & Chateaux which is an association of more than 560 landmark hotels all over the world I booked the room “Yuya” of “Zen” series which openend in April 2019 72sqm room and 20sqm terrace with massive private hotspring. The bed is king size Sealy. There are 2 washing stand and a huge mirror. Walkthrough the shower room, we see heaven. The day before we stayed, it snowed here and there is no words needed. Just blissful moment. The white birch is a symbol tree of Nagano and this restaurant serves Japanese traditional food. and this restaurant serves Japanese traditional food using fresh materials from locals. I don’t drink but cheers with Nagano’s famous grape juice. Obviously, all foods are not only the taste but how good their display is. The staffs explain every food and drink, and they may do in English because I saw many international workers. All the foods are just as amazing as you imagine. I liked the night view from the room, but I prefer the morning more with sunlight and cold air. For breakfast, we picked French. You can choose Japanese or French for dinner and breakfast, so maybe you better try both like us. My first experience at the Onsen Hotel was just too good. I’d love to go more Onsen place in all Japan more. So here we start touring in the city of Matsumoto. There are still many old buildings near the castle and you can spot beautiful well because Matsumoto is known as the city of water. Yohashira Shrine is on the Nawate Street and in new year season, there are many people lined for their first visit of the year This day was after the holidays, so it wasn’t that busy. I wished good luck for 2020 and draw an oracle, then got a very good luck! Matsumoto Castle is located 10 minutes walk from Nawate Street, Walking around the castle This school is the very first school in Japan. The artist Yayoi Kusama born in Matsumoto so there are the famous giant objects of her work “The Visionary Flowers” outside of the building, and more art pieces inside. Even the town bus was designed by her. If you like art, this place is for you. The local restaurant “Shiduka” is famous about Oden which is a Japanese hot pot dish simmered in a soy-flavored broth. Perfect for the winter season. Back to the station to off to Tokyo.

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