Our Contribution To Battlefield 1 I THE GREAT WAR

I’m Indy Neidell, and this is my research assistant, and I guess enemy, Marcus Linke. Guten Tag. And people have asked us a lot about what exactly our involvement with *Battlefield 1* is, and we thought we’d make a video to tell you all about that. Marcus and I did a lot of, we did all of the research, and the writing of the Codex, the little things that come up onscreen that tell you about the Hejaz railway, or Gotha bombers, or Amien or whatever, those things, we did those. I also named all of the medals and awards that you win, and it’s funny, because Stefan Stranberg, who was in charge of the game, (from) DICE, said, OK, you can’t use actual use real, *real* medals and awards, because they don’t have the rights to use real medals and awards. And they have to be agnostic, so that whichever side you were on, you can win those medals and awards. That was the most fun thing I did, because there was like 70-something levels and awards. So when you’re winning medals and awards, playing *Battlefield*: think of me, think of Marcus. Now as to the game itself, people wonder what we think, about the game. It sounds incredible, it looks incredible, I mean when you’re walking through the mud, I mean you can’t, it’s incredibly realistic in terms of that. Obviously people complain about the historical accuracy, which I think is a bit unfair, it’s a game, and it’s a game made by one of the largest game companies in the world. And it has to go through a million layers, of people, who are going to make it maximum sales, it’s not like 3 or 4 people making *Verdun*, that can really really focus on being as historically accurate as they can. Although I don’t think it should be treated as a live historical document, I think you can learn a great deal of history from it. Marcus, do you have any opinions? [Marcus]: Oh yeah, I think that, the game really takes the chance, it’s absolutely stunning environmentally, and this great atmosphere, you feel like you are on a *Battlefield* where everything is exploding around you, Sure people are a bit disappointed that’s not about Bolt Action rifles and total accuracy of the trench life, but, you know it’s a game, as long as people have fun and experiences, WW1 atmosphere, that’s the biggest part, I think it was so great. It totally raises awareness of the actual war itself among people that might never even considered considered looking up something, or watching our channel. In terms of downsides, one thing we were thinking about is, it’s a shame there aren’t more missions and things you can do from the perspective of the Central Powers, to really show, not just the global nature of the conflict, but to show the grey area, between good guys and good guys and bad guys and bad guys. You know, it’s… You know. WW2 had a more obvious enemy guy. Sure. You didn’t fight in WW2, did you? No, I was too old at that point. Ok. You know the knee. Oh yeah, of course. He was wounded actually, in several battles in WW1, as I was… Another thing, people have asked us if we’re going to be streaming the game, if they can play with us, and things like that. The other day, we did a live stream of *Verdun*, another great game, great in a different way of course, but we will be streaming *Battlefield* stuff, you can follow our Twitch, you can check us out on Twitch and see who will be doing that and who will be doing that. Flo will definitely be doing that, right Flo? [Flo]: Yes! [Marcus]: Whoo! Do I have anything else to add? [Flo]: I think it was perfect. OK, that’s pretty much our thoughts for the moment on *Battlefield 1*, and I’m sure I’ll be back with thoughts on *Battlefield 1*, *Verdun*, *Valiant Hearts* and many other games, that have to do with what we do for a living. Which is make this channel, for you. Auf Wiedersehen. See ya.

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  1. I feel like if there's one thing people should've learned from watching this channel, it's that a game that realistically depicts trench life would be the least fun game ever.

    (Loosely) Based on "Surrounded by enemies – What if Kennedy survived Dallas?" by Bryce Zabel

    What if Franz Ferdinand survived Sarajevo?

    The Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand of Hapsburg-Este has lived through the ambush in Franz Josef Strasse. Austria holds its collective breath, seeing its Archduke nearly executed in broad daylight and his wife Princess Sophia die. But as Austria marches on, Emperor Franz Josef and his nephew Ferdinand find themselves under a much more insidious type of fire. An endless world war, and an Empire coming apart at the seams take the XX century in a terrifying new direction, and both Franz Josef and Ferdinand struggle to stay ahead of their enemies, political and otherwise, and steer Austria toward a greater future.

  3. tbh I really like reading to the codex but I was totally surprised when Indy wrote the codex and named the medals

  4. yeh the game is packed with players either sniping or using automatic rifles and sub machine guns…they might aswell just done WW2

  5. Although bf1 is not realistic, it made me research more about ww1. Now I'm more interested in world war 1 and history. Thanks Indy and dice 🙂

  6. There is another game coming out about World War One on the eastern front. I think it's made by the same folks who made Verdun. It's called Tannenberg.

  7. I can sympathise with them. I too was injured, and was therefore unable to fight in WW1 and WW2. I was injured during the 1st Boar war. Most of you have heard of the 2nd Boer war, which was fought against the Dutch Boers. But we were fighting against an army of actual wild Boars! They had allied with Warthogs and even feral pigs, so it was a very tough battle! Have you seen a Warthog's teeth?

  8. battlefield 1 actually sparked the massive interest ive had in WW1 for the past 6 months, its the reason i found the channel

  9. I really enjoy reading those codexes. I have a question about Markus's hat. I see the two metal circles and always wondered if they were symbols or snaps. They don't look like snaps. Are they symbolic in nature?

  10. i dont think all the people complaining about realism understand how not fun a totally realistic WW1 game would be. how fun could it be to be standing in a trench with muddy water halfway up to your knees, in the rain, making sure you dont expose yourself over the top of the trench so as to avoid being domed by a sniper, then finally you get the order to go over the top, where you sprint for 30 seconds and get cut down by a machine gun you scarcely even saw, along with 100 of your comrades in arms. or lets go back to standing in the trench, water almost to the knee, only instead of going over the top you just get blown apart by artillery shells you didnt hear coming and cant avoid.

  11. to be fair, if you play the game in hardcore mode, it can feel stunningly like the real thing. EVERYONE uses bolt action rifles and the trenches are your friend.

  12. The new expansion pack really captures trench warfare well. One thing this channel has taught me is that ww1 wasn't all about trench warfare and it was often a war of movement. Obviously the ratio of weapons isn't accurate but that is to be expected but they did a good job balancing things that emphasize bolt action rifles over self loading which you definitely don't see on WW2 games. I'm glad they took their time to make a special game mode to capture trench warfare (front lines) which captures the attack counter attack exchanges. Looking forward to coverage of the eastern front.

  13. It's not about "historical accuracy", it's about immersion on the universe, and that goes out the window when you have to stop a fucking armored train or when you can use A FUCKING RED DOT SIGHT.

    I can't believe your were a part of this piece of shit… disappointed.

  14. I just think they still could've made a singleplayer mission utilizing trench warfare that would've been great. Like, you're in your trench, early morning, wake up in the mud, grab your rifle walk over to where some of your fellow soldiers are preparing breakfast, then BOOM, there's an explosion that sends splinters and you flying. Then you wake up again to gunfire and explosions all around, and are forced to fight from the trench all around until your commander sees and opening and orders everyone over the top. They could've made it very action packed while still having trench warfare. Game developers like make games challenging, well we just took battlefield and shoved you in a deep ditch, fight your way out of that.

  15. Battlefield rose awareness and interest in the Great War, your channel delivers knowledge. They complement each other. So what Battlefield isnt REAL? I didn't buy it to simulate the Battlefield. I bought it to have fun and finally get to a historical feeling, no exo-suits and triple jumps. Thumbs up for you for the Great Job, although the medal system is totally broken, although I suppose its not your fault 😉

  16. I knew a bit about the war from school and after playing Verdun I did more research, but I didn't really start delving into the history until I got really intrigued by some of the codex entries in BF1, which piqued my curiosity. Then after looking up some stuff about the war I found this channel. Thanks guys!

  17. I had no idea you fine folks wrote those codexes! Now I want to go back to the campaign and unlock every last one of them!

  18. Oh so you made the codex? You mean the thing that took me hours to complete just to get the black bess skin?


  19. ur contributions have been fantastic I have learned so much threw ur channel . and threw bf one thank u so much

  20. I had no idea they wrote the Codex entries! I love the Codex entries and now I know who wrote them I love them even more!

  21. If DICE had made the game spot on accurate, the game would be too annoying. Guns would constantly jam and the injuries would be a problem much like in team fortress where you do not regenerate.

  22. I am not surprised that you guys wrote the codex entries, the language sounds a bit similar to stuff you have said in videos.

  23. Dude awesome! I play the game while i listen to the show lol :)… Amazing channel BTW this and Dan Carlin have given me the WW1 education i needed

  24. That game is what got me interested in World War One. Also, now you’ve forced me to read the codex entries in your voice.

  25. Hey Andy during WW1 when the Hindenburg line was formed why did the Germans bomb there own trenches, to not let the Brits and French capture stuff and valuables? And please let me know In a video. I also got another question did soldiers not on the Front lines like in reserves maybe have pets like cats or dogs. Yet again please answer these questions and if you do you will be the first YT to have read a double whammy question ( a question I asked )

  26. I came to your channel becaus eI loved the game and got myself into reading the codices. As a former employee of EA, I wish I would have loved working with you!

  27. Wow. I got Battlefield 1 because this channel sparked my interest in WW 1 history (plus its freaking Battlefield). I didnt know you guys had a part in it until now. That blows my freaking mind.

  28. The Verdun content that eventually appeared is outstanding IMO, and has some of the best codex's if you guys did not just some of the base-game but also some of the DLC codexs as well.

    Yes, the game as a whole is often pretty far from reality (prototypes existing in large numbers, every other soldier equipped with an LMG, SMG, or semi-auto, and other stuff, is there just for fun/gameplay).

    And I'm actually not a huge fan of a number of the base-game maps and content (some maps are just not fun, like Suez, and some content just feels weird, like Ballroom Blitz, which is odd to me in several ways).

    But the Verdun stuff is just great. The music is outstanding, the codexs are informative, and the maps are spectacular… the Heights map and Fort de Vaux are amazingly chaotic when played as Operations, and on a 64-player server, the rate of casualties and sheer volume of fire is both technically impressive (graphics, framerate) but also impressive in trying to at least slightly demonstrate what one of the worst battles in human history might have been like if you were there.

  29. Bf1 is a great game thankyou for your contribution within the game I love reading all the codex within the game

  30. I love this game and I try to play it as realistically as I can by playing operations and using the rifle my faction would’ve used

  31. Another great game is BlueByte's Historyline 1914-1918 better known as The Great War: 1914–1918 in USA from 1992.

  32. Absolutely incredible that you guys were involved with this. When I was looking at the codex entries, I was hugely impressed by the detail the developers put into it (but it was you!). You guys turned a great game into a phenomenal experience and stepping stone for me to learn more about history. I'm seriously blown away by the detail within the entries… Can't think of any more adjectives to describe your work, but thank you for your contribution. Hope to see more from you guys in the inevitable BFww2.

  33. Awesome! Sometimes I purposely try to unlock the codex’s because I learn so much from them. 🙂

  34. I loved unlocking codex entries in the game for the sole purpose of learning more about the war since the first day it came out. Discovering that it is this channe thatl is behind it actually makes me want to unlock every single one of them. This was such a cool discovery and has made my day. I love this channel.

  35. I was just awarded the Golden Bullet of the Myrmidon. Indy, where do you come up with these names? Haha thanks for your contributions to this awesome, awesome game. You, as well as everyone at The Great War, are wonderful! I was never that interested in WW1 until I got this game. Then I started watching this channel alongside the codexes in the game. I never thought I would learn so much about WW1……and LOVE it! Thanks again to you all!

  36. I really appreciate and admire that Dice took the time to speak to you guys and have our input into the game. Thank you guys for contributing!

  37. Honestly if indy, flo and Co. Made The Great War (computer game).

    I would buy it 100% hint Ask the Verdun guys *nudge*.

    It would be so cool to go through each major battle of the war, like an historical intro voiced by indy and then play the battle from both sides, history brought to life.

  38. Games like battlefield 1 really get people interested in history that's the main reason why I'm so interested in ww1 and that time period too bad battlefield 1 will probably be completely dead when battlefield 5 comes out

  39. When it comes to the actual equipment and visuals, not necessarily the gameplay, It seems that DICE widely did try to stay authentic to what actually existed, even if they had to dip into experimental weapons so there wasn't a lack of content. same cant be said for the current installment…

  40. "World War One atmosphere" There isn't much ww1 atmosphere in Battlefield 1; fast tanks, ridiculously high distribution of automatic weaponry, a mish-mash of entente weapons with central powers uniforms and entente uniforms with central powers weapons, as well as warfare that is way too mobile, meandering, chaotic and fast-paced for ww1 trench warfare. Don't get me wrong though, I still love the gameplay and the fact that it's features frequently refer back to the war. However, they could easily have created a trench warfare game which combines the tension of trench life/raids, going over the top and the evolution of tactics as a result of tanks and creeping barrages. The game Verdun recreates frontal assaults quite well.

  41. The act man subbed up the historical accuracy, he said that dice knows what is historical accurate and not, you have liked it if you sat in a trench with a bolt action rifle and you got constantly bombarded with articles and mustard gas, even though the gameplay isn’t accurate everything in the game was real, yay the amount of automatic guns isn’t accurate or the fighting style, but the info is in the codex, so things in that game may not have been used often but they were added to add varity

  42. Hold up… I didn't know Indy wrote the codex entries and the names of the medals and awards. Definitely gonna watch the credits next time I play to see if I can catch your name.

  43. Holy Wehh !!! are you guys for real ? i've been watching this channel here & there (never in any particular order because of youtube) for a few years because of Battlefield 1 play on xbox one recently level94 lol . codex + channel are both awesomely awesome ! …..I cant believe i didn't know this till now lol 🙂 mind officially blown ….Very Cool 🙂 Great work.

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