Outward Review | (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

For better and for worse, Outward feels like
a long lost MMO RPG from the early 2000s. It has the magic of going on adventures with
your friends nearby and far, in this gigantic fantasy world. It’s a game that throws you into a foreign
world and lets you figure it out yourself. We’re skipping the story section for this
review because Outward doesn’t really have a traditional rpg story. Rather than telling you a story about how
you play as the hero that has to save the day, you’re more of an npc character. You’re but just another person in this fantasy
world and while you do get quests regarding the factions in this world, ultimately the
game is just you living in it. In that sense Outward feels like a classic
RPG, the love child of Skyrim, Morrowind and even a bit of vanilla World of Warcraft. It’s definitely not a game for everyone. From the very start of the adventure, you’re
thrust into the world without any real context. Outward doesn’t hold your hand at all and
so the first few hours of your playtime are going to be learning how everything works. It takes some time to get used to and that’s
because Outward is built around the idea of figuring things out. It’s woven into every part of its gameplay. For example, there isn’t a mini-map with
quest markers, something that pretty much every modern rpg has on screen. For outward, you’re given a general map
of the world and using major landmarks, you learn your locations and traverse everything. You’re pushed to manually walk to every
location rather than fast travel from quest to quest. It feels dated in some sense but it’s done
on purpose. You see the world is built with survival in
mind. You can die from harsh weather, eating raw
food or even just not sleeping. It really takes the survival mechanics seriously. Being just any other npc in this world, you’re
not special. You don’t have absurd strength or unique
powers, you’re just another random adventurer in the village and so it’s up to you to
handle all these hurdles in the world. It makes for a great challenge in the first
few hours of the game as you learn to deal with everything but I can also see it being
a turn off for anyone not used to more classic rpgs. What’s particularly cool about this design
choice is that it really throws back into a time where online mmo rpgs were a completely
new thing. The addition of an online co-op mode and even
local split screen only help that flourish more. It’s incredibly easy to just set up a world
and invite friends over to play. However, it’s quite easy to take advantage
of the online co-op and have a friend that’s better equipped than you sort of make things
easier for you. If you co-op from the get-go with a friend,
it really changes the experience and I’ll even say for the better. There’s something fun about just coordinating
a time with a friend to go adventuring with. It’s like the modern appeal of playing a
looter shooter with a squad without all the microtransactions and pain that come with
them because the world is already so big. Having a big world to explore means you should
have things to explore though and for the most part Outward does have some. There are dungeons and factions to explore
and enemies to fight but they sadly aren’t entirely interesting. Being a new game I did find exploring dungeons
interesting simply for the curiosity but most of the time I found myself just fighting enemies
and that’s where some of the design fell apart for me. I’m not a big fan of how Outward’s combat
functions. Hitboxes don’t seem consistent and along
with awkward attack animations, I often found myself dead in moments where I felt like I
should have won a fight. In a game that is constantly saving and doesn’t
really let you die, you just get transported back to a nearby spawn scenario, it can get
frustrating at times. Outside of using your traditional array of
weapons, you can also cast magic to fight but that’s another large learning curve. Magic in Outward functions almost like a combo
system, where certain attacks build up to certain moves rather than just having a hotkey
to shoot a fireball. It’s complex and while it’s tamable, it’s
doesn’t really help the already clumsy feeling combat. Outward has its moments of beauty and roughness
throughout its gameplay. Playing on a PC, I was able to pretty much
max out 1080p 60 on a gtx 1070. It doesn’t feel taxing at all for my machine
and looking at the visuals I can see why. The general overview of the game feels like
an HD remaster of an early PS3 or Xbox 360 game. At the same time though, looking at the finite
details of things like the foliage, they’re much better looking. I didn’t get a lot of time to try out the
console versions of Outward but I can confirm that both the One X and PS4 Pro offer higher
resolutions and frame rates that both base models. In the end, Outward isn’t the best looking
RPG to be released this generation but for a game that’s aiming to recapture the tones
of classic rpgs, I think it looks the part. Much like the visuals, the audio design and
music were a mixed bag for me. Let’s get the roughness out of the way first,
the voice acting. NPCs in Outward just feel out of place. Listening to conversations between npcs, they’re
never fully voiced. They’ll voice the first sentence of a whole
paragraph and then continue on to the next paragraph and repeat again. The quality of the performances aren’t that
compelling either but in a game where story sort of takes a back burner, I’m not entirely
surprised. What Outward does do well is create some great
music that compliments its fantasy world. The music uses a big selection of strings
that create these whimsical sounding compositions. Ultimately, Outward felt to me like a classic
online RPG from the early days of online gaming. That means it doesn’t hold your hand, it’s
challenging and can get rough around the edges, lending to the challenge and at times frustration. For a development studio consisting of 10
people, it’s an ambitious project and it really shows just how much dedication was
put into this game. Presentation varies from great to just ok,
ultimately really solidifying the feeling of this coming off as an indie Skyrim like
game. With that said it’s not fantastic, there
are things here that feel more frustrating than challenging despite the intent behind
the implementation. I think there’s no better way of describing
it than a 2019 rpg that purposely for better and for worse feels like a classic online

100 thoughts on “Outward Review | (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

  1. Thank you so much !!! I wanted a honest review on this game ! I caught my attention to play with my friend when doing LAN weekend !
    Muchas gracias

  2. I don't know why stupid people forgot about the game made only by ten peoples and still better then antham fallout76 why u gave this game 6.5 out of ten 10 this is unjust lol u don't deserve to review games

  3. Peoples like u discourage a good developers to make good games u should see this is their first game and only ten peoples make this game and we have worst game made by hundred of peoples

  4. Greate to see developers try to give context to an open world by not just give you a minimal full of Ubisoft Puke, but allows you to explore and discover things naturally.We need way more games like that.

  5. Great video and review. Was curious about this one and with your review, the questions I had are now answered. Thanks and keep up the good work. Stay golden pony boy, Seacrest out 😂

  6. The split-screen alone sold me. My girlfriend and I started the game together and are learning the game together….and dying alot together as well, lol.

    The game isn't perfect or the greatest RPG game ever made, it has alot of bugs and glitches and it's a bit sluggish at times. But it's still fun with someone and it has my respect, as I see what the small team of devs were trying to accomplish. Had it been given a bit more time and maybe a bigger budget and a slightly bigger team, I think the game would've been great. As of now, it's a good RPG game. Nice video.

  7. Survival games arent my thing but playing it with my nephew on split screen is what helps me enjoy the game more

  8. I love the fact that it's split screen co-op, but that shouldn't be a selling point for a game. The game has great potential, but I'm constantly losing items out of my backpack for no reason… This kills it for me. Twice now my waterskin just vanished from my pack after I dropped it to fight and picked it right back up. Also the game makes it way to easy to run by difficult enemies and loot chests in dungeons. Needs some patches before I will return.

  9. Thanks for a straight forward and honest review of the game! I'm a huge fan of the Gothic Series and older MMOs (well, at least I played them a lot back then haha) and was on the fence due to the ratings its been getting.

    Thank you for giving me the shove, and hopefully i'll be enjoying it!

    subbed btw good luck man!

  10. reakky interested in buying but if anyone could help me answer some questions, please do

    1. How long is the game approximately (main story w/o side quests)
    2. Is there a lot of weapons and armor sets? what kinds?
    3. what time period is it?

    thanks all

  11. So, let me get this straight. Everybody was like "finally an RPG where yOU aREnt thE cHOseN oNe". So, they solved the trope of the chosen one story by simply…not doing any story lol So, what reason do I have to explore these dungeons? To find what, exactly? I walk all the way to a remote town to fulfill a quest, but what's there to do besides the fetch quest itself? I dont know, this game just sounds boring and reALIstIC for its own sake without any concept driving it forward. Maybe I'll play it when it goes on sale.

  12. Cant play as an assassin or murder npcs. Journal is useless and timed quests you cant track or know where youre going is just tacked on cheap.


  13. pretty sure u played for 5 hours max….everything u said and showed is just for the 1st part its changes aloot and u have no idea

  14. The story was actually quite interesting and fun to play through, I chose a faction I was interested in and followed one of three factions main story and in the end was justly rewarded with very cool items. This game is a must buy for RPG lovers filled with dungeons, bosses your choice of character build be it ranger, mage warrior or rogue plus others. Once you get past the early game and find new towns and class trainers the game really opens up and continues to surprise you.

  15. definitely going to give it a try with my gf 😃 this game reminds of gothic 3 a lot and i love it 😃 they done a really good job 👏 maybe i will post on our chanel how we do it in co-op soon it will be fun playing it ☺️

  16. Game sucks it crashes to often and as a bonus you lose items that takes hours to get. Don’t buy this garbage game. I deleted it already!

  17. Not sure exactly why, but this reminds me of ELEX…
    If it's better than that game by a relatively significant margin, I'm interested. If not, or if on par, then no thank you

  18. This seems far more like a first impressions than an actual review. Seeing as how you haven't moved past the first map, always seeming to be hungry, cold, running around with burnt health and stamina as well as not having unlocked magic yet. As well as the game play you provided, it seems that you didn't take the combat and combo system into full effect, use traps, the environment, other enemies or properly gear your character. This is my first time viewing your content and I fully enjoy your review style but please take some more time to look at a game before your judge it a 6.5/10, when you've only explored 1/4 of the world and barely any of its systems.

  19. any one know how to make that small ass outward biger pc on TV player i use a wireless controler and cant afford a 80 inch to to make it readable

  20. Why are you talking about MMO's and "online rpgs"? The game is more lik an pre mmo bullshit rpg if anything.

  21. I think people need to stop thinking about it in other rpg video games and think about it more like tabletop games. Like D&D, you create your character and go adventuring.

  22. this game is like a love child of Darksouls and Kingdom comedeliverence, the problem is turns out the two games were cousins !!!

  23. i'm not saying it's a bad game, it's a good game, looks great, but it needs to be bigger for what it is, and the 40 dollar price tag doesn't help

  24. Never thought I'll hear RPG and splitscreen support … in the same review. 😃

  25. I agree with your points but personally I wouldn't give it the same rating. I'd at the very least give it a 7.5

  26. You got my thumb up! it's hard to get good honest review. I'll get this game when the price goes down. It's not worth 40$ but definitely 15 🙂

  27. I would bet it's nothing like Skyrim since you are almost a god like player from the get go, and don't get me started on the watered down RPG mechanics in Skyrim.

  28. the combat in this game is so bad i've stopped playing. hoping they update it. everything else is amazing and i really tried to get into it but the dodging 2 seconds after you actually press dodge and stuff combat related lets this game down sadly 🙁

  29. Remember that time between 2007 and 2011 were Skyrim wasn't a thing and every second game was an open world fantasy rpg? like Risen, Two Worlds and all that stuff? This game reminds me of that.

  30. So question: if I had to choose between this game or Dragon Age Origins, which would you recommend if I were looking for a new RPG to play?

  31. For anyone wanting a harder old soul rpg this is a blessing. Very solid review getting boththe positives and the issues spot on 🙂 kudos to you

  32. Is this game getting regular updates?? That's kinda a big deal considering it does have some easy-to-fix annoyances

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