They’re doing construction on my building and there’s a plane overhead, and they’re mowing the lawn outside, and I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. Hello, my name is Kat and today I will be sharing some overly ambitious Read-A-thon goals. So for those of you who don’t know, booktubeathon is an annual week-long read-a-thon that is happening next week. It’s hosted by Ariel Bessette so I’ll link her Informational video down below. If you want to know the details, peep that. But basically, you just try to read as much as you can in seven days, and there are Optional video challenges and reading challenges, and it just it should be a really fun week. I’m not yet sure if I want to attempt the video challenges, But I did put together a TBR that will knock out all the reading challenges if I can complete it. So let’s get into that. The first challenge is to read a book with a person on the cover. Most of these have people, let’s do you. So I have here The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan, which is book one in the Trials of Apollo Series. I’ve read the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, I’ve read the Heroes of Olympus series, I am ready and waiting for that third Magnus Chase book that’s coming out this fall, but I have not yet read this or The sequel, The Dark Prophecy, so these two are on my TBR. I love Rick’s books, but when he’s putting out like two a year it’s really easy to fall behind, so time to play some catch-up. Time to make my way through these two. The second challenge is to read a hyped book, and for this one I’m going with The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, also has a person on the cover so bonus points. There is so much hype surrounding this book, but from everything I’ve heard it is very Well-deserved hype. Like, this has been slaying the New York Times bestseller list since it came out. It sounds like a very powerful and important book, so it’s it’s time for me to read it. The third reading challenge is to read a book in a day . I laugh in the face of this challenge, ha ha ha ha *soft giggle* Pah-lease, I could do this challenge with my eyes closed if I had an audiobook. *quick laugh* No, But this challenge doesn’t intimidate me at all, like I prefer reading books in a single sitting, so I got this. I don’t have like a set in stone plan yet, But I’ll probably check this challenge off with one of the Apollo books, because those are really fast and fun and easy to fly through. The fourth challenge is to read a book about a character that is very different from you. For this one I’m going with Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. This book has an ensemble cast, and they’re all awesome and badass. So the opposite of me. Crooked Kingdom is actually the booksplosion book Of the month pick for July and the live show is taking place the Saturday during booktubeathon, so yeah. I definitely have to finish this one before then. The fifth challenge is to read a book completely Outdoors. Really, Ariel? You’re just gonna come for me like that? I came out to have a good time, and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now *laugh* Just trying to stay on brand. Really, though. I wouldn’t mind reading outside if I had, like, a nice comfortable place to go. Like, I don’t even have a backyard. I’m going to end up going to coffee shops and, like, camping out on their patios with a book. Which doesn’t actually sound that bad when I say it out loud. I mean aside from the leaving my apartment, And the human interaction part, because ew. When I first saw this challenge, my initial thought was, ‘okay I need a graphic novel, or, like, a collection of poems or something else real short’. But then I was like, ‘you know what, I’m not gonna let this challenge boss me around and dictate my TBR, No way,’ so I decided that I will listen to the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audiobook entirely outdoors. This is the physical book which I’m Aware you can probably tell, I was holding it for visual representation. Okay, get off my case. I listened to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone earlier this year, and I intended to Continue making my way through the Harry Potter audiobooks, but I got distracted by other audiobooks. So I need to get back on that harry Potter grind. Starting with book 2 in July, if I can finish one harry potter book each month, I will complete the series by the end of the year, which was The goal that I set for myself when I read book 1 back in March. The Chamber of Secrets Audiobook is 9 hours and 24 minutes long. I pretty much always listen to audio books at one point two five speed or 1.5 Speed if I wanted a little bit faster, not double speed, though, double speed is too fast for me. It’s like, whoa, calm down dude. Like chill. You’re reading a book. But also, I can’t do normal speed like normal speed It’s just it’s too slow. Talk faster now! I’m the kind of person who, at first, was like, ‘9 and a half hours if I’m listening to it a little bit sped up I’m sure that’ll average out to about an hour a day. I’m not going to calculate it out like some kind of nerd’ but then like an hour later. I was like, ‘okay, I gotta, I gotta calculate this I need to know the exact time, I need to plan with precise Data’. So I did the math, which blegh. I hate it when math is useful in the real world, Why can’t you be more like cursive?
Anyways, if I’m listening at 1.25 speed it comes out to seven and a half hours, and if I listen at 1.5 speed it’s like 6 hours and 15 minutes, so about an hour a day. Exactly as I guesstimated before I mathed. I can spend an hour a day outside, ok, I can I can do that I’ll go for a walk to The Starbucks, so I can have a coffee treat each day, that that sounds nice. Moving on to the next challenge, which is number Six, read a book you bought because of the cover. So this is something that I don’t do. Now, I am admittedly a very impulsive book buyer, It doesn’t take a lot to convince me to buy a book, but it does take more than just a pretty cover. I’ve been drawn in by pretty covers before, and I’ve been hurt, so I just I, I can’t let myself Go through that again. At the very least I gotta read the synopsis and see if it sounds interesting to me or get a recommendation from someone I trust, you know? However, in the spirit of this challenge. I’ve decided that one of the days of booktubeathon, I’m just going to take myself to the bookstore, I’m going to choose a book based solely on the cover, like I’m not going to read the synopsis, I’m not gonna check out the rating on Goodreads. I’m just gonna buy it, bring it home and read it. So we’ll see how that goes. And Finally, challenge 7 is to read seven books over the course of the week. So far I have these five books plus the random book I’m going to buy for the previous challenge, which makes six, so the final book of my TBR is Going to be up to you guys. I’m going to be putting up a Twitter poll at the same time this video goes live, so go vote if you want. These are the four options; there’s the Love Interest by Cale Dietrich, When Dimple met Rishi by Sandhya Menon, Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia and The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli I am really excited to read all of these books, and I can’t decide which one to read first, So I’m going to let you guys decide, And I’m a little bit nervous. Because I have no idea how the votes are going to go, like I don’t know if it’s going to be real close, Or one is going to dominate and win by a landslide. I have no idea, so we’ll see how this goes, I’m putting my trust in you guys, okay? So don’t let me down. Help me pick a good one. All right, there you have it. That is my overly ambitious booktubeathon TBR, and that’s going to do it for this video today. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you have a great night, and I will have another video up soon, so I’ll see you then. Goodbye!


  1. I'm so interested in this whole "Kat reading outside" experiment, I'm doing the lame version and reading poetry but ALL THE POWER TO YOU KAT.

  2. Borrow the pretty!!! Don't buy one, you may spend money on a gross book and not have it for an awesome one later!!!

  3. even my tbr is ambitious lmao but i'm so excited to catch up on 2017 reading this week!!

    here's my tbr: https://labookdreamer.wordpress.com/2017/07/23/booktubeathon-2017-tbr/

  4. That is sooo much! Like how do you read 7 books in one week? But at least I will be able to get ahead of the goodreads reading goal…

  5. i bought extrodinary means because of the cover and i wasn't too disappointed

  6. I love the way you talk in your videos! You're so real and personal, and it's honestly inspirational ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck with all those books!

  7. โ€œi always listed to audiobooks on 1.25 speed or maybe 1.5 2x speed is just too fastโ€

    is currently listening to audiobook on 3.0x speed

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