Overwatch Animated Short | “Shooting Star” (EU)

Welcome to another episode of
“Shooting Star!” Today we set our sights on Busan, home of the esports champion
turned ace pilot… D.Va! I play to win! At just 19, she’s become a national hero. Only last week, she risked her life again, defending the city
from the Gwishin omnics. She and the MEKA squad took a few hits, but they pulled off another victory. Now D.Va is celebrating
with some hard-earned glitz and glamour. Hey, Hana, shouldn’t you be out
signing autographs or something? …at the hottest spots in the city,
eating the finest foods and hanging out with other superstars. But life wasn’t always like this for D.Va. I wonder what glitz and glamour
tastes like. Hey! Why aren’t we on leave
with the rest of the squad? I could use a little glitz and glamour
in my life, you know? It’s overrated, Dae-hyun. This! This is where the magic happens. It’s like how we used to stay up late
and work on your hoverbike. You mean the one you wrecked? Really? You’re still mad about that? We won the race! Yeah! And you almost killed yourself. Nano Cola! Enjoy! You beat the Gwishin. They won’t be back for months. You need a break… Weapons hot! I can’t see anything! I’m hit! I… I can’t. Hana? We barely won last time. The enemy is out there, adapting and getting stronger. The rest of the squad… the country… they’re all counting on me. If I make a mistake
and the Gwishin get through us, we lose… everything. I… I need to finish the tests. Stop putting it all on yourself! It’s okay to ask for help! I’ve got this. Really. Command says we’re in the clear. But, hey, what do they… That can’t be right. It’s too soon. D.Va engaging! Wait! You can’t do it alone! Activating Defense Matrix! -They’re splitting up!
-I see it! These things are fast. Get to cover
and wait for reinforcements! They won’t get here in time! The last one’s heading for the city! I’m on it! Come on! I can’t stop this thing! Dae-hyun… I… I need your help. Really? Okay, okay… The reactor’s getting unstable, so you can’t stay out there for too long or you’ll blow up the whole thing. -Yeah, yeah!
-Weapon systems are offline… -The reactor. We could overload it…
-and the coolant system is… just like the hoverbike. What? Are you crazy? This isn’t a stupid race! I know! If we don’t do this,
thousands of people will die! Okay. Buy me some time. Let’s do it. I got it! The reactor’s going critical! You have 60 seconds until it blows! That’s not fast enough.
We’ll be in the city! Hana? Trust me, Dae-hyun. I’ll see you at the finish line. Hana. Stay with me, Hana. I’m here. I’m right here. The city is still in shock
after the recent surprise attack. Incredibly, thanks to D.Va,
no one was injured. She stopped the Gwishin single-handedly, and authorities confirm she emerged
without a scratch. She’s currently enjoying some time off
to celebrate her victory. Oh, man… This time off is great, isn’t it? What’s not to like? There’s delicious food and drinks. Yeah… And good friends. The kind that are always there for you… when you need them most. Right… And seeing as I helped save the city, how about getting me on the VIP list for one of those fancy restaurants
you always go to? You know, I think you’ve been watching
too many holovids.

100 thoughts on “Overwatch Animated Short | “Shooting Star” (EU)

  1. Was really excited about this. I wanted to like it but I just feel like either the plot or the storytelling just wasn't as good as in previous shorts – I can't quite tell which of the two it is. The whole short just feels a bit… superficial :/ Anyone else feel this way?

  2. Anyone else instantly got reminded of the Matrix by those drones?

    Also, Overwatch needs to have something that explores the lore because having a PvP class based shooter isn't doing the story work any justice.
    The very sparse PvE events aren't enough.

  3. And suddenly D.va goes for being the tank I hate but often use because she's OP to probably one of my favorite characters in the game… damn you Blizzard and your incredible ability of giving character to characters.

  4. Great cinematic and all but once again, the main story isn't progressing for an inch… Every cinematic Blizzard creates tell the origin stories we have read like 2 years ago ! This is getting boring

  5. 6:36 "And authorities confirm, she merged without a scratch" cue shot of dva with multiple injuries

    uhm… which Korea was this again?

  6. What about making the boyfriend guy a caracter? Like an engeneer kind of thing with like deployable healing mechanisms? I think its a good idea at least…

  7. MAKE THESE SHORT FILMS INTO LONGER FILMS! There is so much potential here! Amazing visuals! Awesome voice acting! Followed by a really amazing story! Stop being fools! xd

  8. Why are people saying this cinematic was underwhelming? It was great and it had D.Va in it what else do ya want?

    Spoiled too much?

  9. I can't believe that they made Dva's hoarding of Mountain Dew and Doritos canon. I genuinely thought she was better than that…

  10. Don't really know why so many complain about this. Sure, it wasn't as touchy as Rein's, but that's not really the point. The point of these is showing a side of the character we don't know about, or the reason they came to be who they are– and this short did it for Hana. We finally see the depth of the character and sure, the doritos and such is canon, and is a part of her, but also is the fact that she has PTSD, and is so worried about protecting everyone she doesn't even care about herself. News don't help either, seeing as she's idolized and apparently must come out 'without a scratch' everytime whether or not that is true.

    So yeah, sure, it wasn't my favourite either, but God knows D.va's character needed this, and I loved it for that.

  11. Why when she flies does it give me an anxiety I feel like she’s going to go “AHiHHhGhhghHhHh” cause her boost jets shut off like in the game

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