Overwatch: Hero but it’s dubbed by Spanish Text-to-Speech

I’m not a baby anymore, mama, stop treating me like one! Listen to me, mija. Get the flour and get back quickly. No stops. Fine. I worry about Alejandra. Every day. No longer a child and nowhere near grown up. She is at a crossroads. *tok x3* I tell her about the heroes who saved our world time and time again, because I want to give her jope. ha… ha… But I’m afraid that she could be forced to make a choice that will decide the direction of her life. *tok* [more tok] Ey, ey, ey, Ale. Where you going, girl? no nowhere… haha Nowhere is right. Come here, you gotta see this. erm… Here, here, look at this thing. Give him what he deserves. I… I don’t know. I’ve gotta go. [stupid laughter] Come on. Do it! It’s just a bucket of bolts. er… er… I have to go to the store before it closes or my mama’s gonna kill me. whops haha Gonna be hard without any money, niña. Come on, give it back, I need it. *vroom vroom* Come on. Let’s go, let’s go! Hey! Where are you going? [more vroom] My money! AH… [distant vroom] [panting noises] [grunt noises] Ah… [panting noises] *vroom vroom* AH… OH… *splat* *splat* No, no! No! Yo, go check that out. ah [dragging noise] Hey. Come on, compa. Get up. AH… What was that? [electricity noises] oh… Y-you see anything? Who’s there? Enough games, perro! Come out and fight! *hit* AH! *hit* AH! *hit* AH! *hit* AH! *hit* AH! No! Please, no! AH…. *hit* AH! *slam* AH! oh [slam] *beep beep* *ratatatata* *bang* *ratatatata* *pew x3* *ratatatata* *boom* *bang* I’ve got you in my sights [shitheads locked on] *pew x3* *slam* *hit* *hit* *splat x3* Nonononononono Nonononononono please! Please, please, please, please! Please! These aren’t your streets anymore *hit* AH! *growl* No, please, I- *vroom vroom* Get on the truck, let’s go! You don’t get off that easy! Eat this! [stupid laughs] [bouncing grenade noises] [Alenjandra panic noise] [more stupid laughs] *tick* AH! *Boom* *drag* [Dad76 in pain noises] [more growling] You… You saved me. Why? Ah a thank you would be nice Old habits die hard, I guess. Run home, kid. It ain’t safe out here. *splat* ah You’re one of those heroes, aren’t you? Not anymore. I think you are. You’re late, mija. I’ve been worried sick! Oh, I’m sorry, mama, but you won’t believe what happened tonight! Los Muertos, they came, and they took my money… And then there are the times when I see her smile and the hope in her eyes and I think… maybe I don’t need to worry about Alejandra after all. [Theme of Creep Dad Intesifies]

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