75 thoughts on “Overwatch Myths – Vol. 9

  1. Did you know that the more of Mei's blizzards there are the more damage it does: i.e having 6 Mei's use their Ults in a concentrated area all at once will instantly freeze & kill the enemy team

  2. What if both Reinhardts were enemy and what if they were both friendly? Because I'm the video one was friendly and the other was enemy

  3. WTF, 500 HP symmetras. I was sure that was going to be busted. Now I'm imagining 6 symmetra tanks Shudders. Praise the one hero limit!

  4. Was the killing of road in the beginning a hint that he will be dead after the hook patch? that's some stanley kubick shit right there

  5. interested to see what kind of interaction would happen in the same reinhardt charge situation, but both reinhardts being on the same team

  6. Hi guys, i have a question. Can Golden Weapons combine with other Weapon Skins? like Vishkar Symmetra Gun, but Golden.

  7. Myth:Does the riptire on Junkrat count as a hit box
    Also if he uses his riptire after he sets it down does another one instantly get put back

  8. The shield generator and ice wall ones were pretty obvious (especially if you watch any Overwatch YouTubers). But the others, like Sombra's hack and the Reinhardt stun, were interesting.

  9. I forget where to suggest myths, (here?) but if an enemy Ana shoots a deflecting Genji, can the Genji heal a teammate if he aims the deflect well enough?

  10. myth if u throw ana's biotic gernade on zenyatta then he alts would he still go to full health even tho he would be invisible

  11. If you get trapped in Junkrat's trap and he throws or another one, will the one you're trapped in disappear? If so, could you technically have two people caught in a trap??

  12. did you know, if you have pinned an enemy and hit another charging rein, it'll stun both reins and kill the one pinned… Best done on squishies

  13. sees pulse bomb translocator clip
    You could say, that the pulse bomb got lost in translocation! (Like translation, get it? No? Dang)

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