Overwatch Presents: Jordan Duncan’s Hero Story (EN)

I grew up always wanting to be very creative. Whether it was drawing —
I used to want to be a comic book artist. Sculpting, painting miniatures,
building model kits. . . Video games were always a big part of our household. We all played World of Warcraft
for a number of years, StarCraft… Everything. I’ve played them all. Being in Toronto is monumental.
We have, you know, so many talented artists from different fields.
The gaming culture here is huge. We have a number of esports and gaming bars. We’re playing these games
and, you know, are invested in these stories and these characters. That shared experience…
This shared passion is just unparalleled. As soon as Overwatch was announced,
I was in the crowd at BlizzCon. You know, I fell in love with some
of the character designs and cosplay. The Overwatch style… The story, the characters, the art…
There’s everything to love about it. I want this to be a big part of my life. How do I make that happen? Started building a Reaper mask. Wanted it to be the best thing I had ever built. After I made my own Reaper costume,
Blizzard asked me if we’d be able to make their next character, Moira, for BlizzCon. It’s a tremendous honor…. But there’s a ton of pressure on us
to make sure we get it right. I went from working in my basement to now, working with a rag-tag
bunch of people from different fields, kind of all banding together to
do something that we love and we’re passionate about. As we get ready to get started, we’ll
get images and game assets from Blizzard. One of the first steps is
taking their models and adapting them for our needs with 3d printing, sizing
them to the model, and from there we get into the molding and casting. How the pieces are gonna split a part
or go back together? That’s all stuff we have to figure out. There are definitely a lot of nerves
leading up to BlizzCon. We always kind of prepare for
the worst, but hope for the best . It’s definitely, you know, a pretty
intensive costume to get on and for her to wear…. We really want to make sure that first moment
when she walks out onto the floor… It really stops the fans… Stops the crowd…
And has a big impact. Everyone’s so passionate about these characters. These are all people that, you know,
are there for the same reason. These are my people, you know. This is what it’s all about. It is bringing these characters to light for the community, for the fans. I can’t say enough about how
hard our team works and how passionate our team is
about getting to bring characters like Moira to life. And that’s definitely, you know,
kind of what we thrive on And you’ll always push the limit of what’s possible. My name is Jordan Duncan
And this is my hero story you

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