My name is Nickel, OhNickel, And as most of you guys know on the big Doomfist patch, a lot of the issues that were going on with Reinhardt were supposed to have been fixed. And if you have no idea what those issues are, there’s actually video I made about this before where a lot of attention was brought to it by someone named Tedx over on the Blizzard Forums. But now, this has been sent to me by a bunch of different people but, the person who seemed to originally find this was someone named, Pelegiad, over on the Overwatch Subreddit who showed that, Reinhardt has lost the ability to charge through breakable objects, and if you’re wondering “What kind of breakable objects?” Well railings, for one as you can see in this video. I’m on Horizon Lunar Colony, and I turn the cooldown off on charge so I can show you a bunch of times, but I’m constantly trying to charge through any railing I could possibly find and none of them are breakable. I even charge it at this weird angle to see if maybe that would work, too. And it’s not that the railings are unbreakable because you can see that I swing with the hammer to break them just as soon as I can get through them. And so, this isn’t only on Horizon Lunar Colony. This is pretty much everywhere I tried, with the new build of Reinhardt trying to charge the railing. Something else to be pointed out too, was it’s not just the railings themselves, it’s the other breakable objects, like signposts. So I’m sure a lot of you guys know on Numbani there are signposts everywhere, and you can see in this clip I’m trying to go through them one by one, but when you hit them as Reinhardt you just come to a completely dead stop. So it looks like it went from being inconsistently broken to, pretty much, always broken. Unless that’s the change they’re trying to go for, which They didn’t write anything about that in the patch notes, and I don’t know why they would possibly want to do that. Especially when Doomfist is now in the game and he also has a charge mechanic that has a lot of advantages. Including the fact that you can change the direction of where you want the charge to go. And if you didn’t really know what the issues with Reinhardt were before, a lot of it was summarized in Tedx’s original post. Which in short basically amounted to all of Reinhardt’s abilities having a delay. Including his ult, his rocket hammer swings, his firestrike, and his charge. Which obviously makes it a lot harder to time attacks. And there was a lot of weird stuff going on with his charge also, where would sometimes just pull people in that it wasn’t supposed to, or, not hit anyone at all, and the hitbox of the fire strike seem to change arbitrarily as well. In the Doomfist update, the changes to Reinhardt included increasing his swing speed by 10% But in a developer comments for Reinhardt, they explained that Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer had an issue that allowed players with higher latency to swing faster. In this patch they said that they fixed the bug, which as a result of fixing it made the swing speed feel too slow. So that’s why they increased the swing speed to 10%. And the last thing they said about this, was that, during the process they also found and fixed a few bugs with Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer’s hit registration. There was actually even a whole separate thread, where there was a checklist of everything that they were aware of concerning Reinhardt and what had been fixed so far, and almost everything that checklist was done already. But for some reason all of those fixes led to this really bizarre thing where Reinhardt can no longer charge through railings or even signposts. I’m assuming this is going to be fixed but this is major enough, where I know some people might not want to play competitive until this is fixed. Depending on how much Reinhardt involvement there is and how important this seems to them. One other thing that came up that was posted by someone named, VanCityCanucks7, is probably even more bizarre. In the clip that he recorded here, he’s walking towards the final point on Eichenwalde, and as he gets ready to use Reinhardt’s ult, He lifts his hammer, and as it’s coming down He just hammers through the map, and dies. It is really bizarre to see this. One of the comments from someone named, Fatfingers, mentioned that maybe this has something to do with Mei’s wall since there was a Mei, to the left of the Reinhardt that fell through the map, but either way both of these things are really strange. But anyway, let me know if you guys have seen either of these things in-game and if so, if they’ve actually affected the outcome of your games. Something else there also seems to be a lot of attention on, is the state of Roadhog. I’m sure some of you guys know by now that Jeff Goodman actually said that Internally, they’re testing Roadhog with a minus 50% damage taken while using his Take a Breather, which is Roadhog’s heal, but on top of that, also allowing him to move at full speed while inhaling. So in a way it’s kind of like the change they made to Bastion. He said that these two changes combined make him more difficult to kill, while also allowing Roadhog players the ability to be a lot more aggressive when they’re trying to find somebody to hook. But it seems like a lot of the frustration comes from the fact that Roadhog was initially nerved so that he wouldn’t be able to do his combo to one-shot heroes or one combo Heroes. Which is strange to a lot of people because shortly after that, Doomfist was released, and he can actually one-shot a lot of heroes. There seems to be a lot of confusion about why Doomfist is able to that. Where Roadhog isn’t, or isn’t anymore. A condensed version of what a lot of the community was saying was put together by, Joker Penguin, After 60 pages of this same thread about Roadhog who summarized that a lot of the community wanted to revert the nerf for Roadhog, but some of the buffs proposals were broken into two sections. The non-defensive buffs and the defensive buffs. So under the non-defensive buffs some of the ideas were buffing the hook. Doing things like reducing the cooldown or increasing the damage. There was also an interesting idea about actually swapping the hook and Whole Hog so that the hook would be the ultimate, and whole hog you could just use as a control ability. That’s a pretty clever idea, I just think people that play a lot of Roadhog would have to completely relearn him again, in order to make that work. One of the interesting ideas for the non-defensive buffs, was when you use Take a Breath, since it is kind of like a smoke effect, it would also heal nearby allies. Kind of like Soldier 76 or conversely, damage nearby enemies. For the defensive buffs there were some ideas for passives and one of them was to lower the enemy’s ultimate charge, slash, give, Roadhog ultimate charge when damaged. So there’s actually a lot of ideas on there I just try to show you guys a few of the ones that stood out. But basically it all goes back to the Overwatch devs team which was the 50% damage reduction and moving while healing. So since a lot of people seem to be split about this, let me know what you guys think about this down below in the comments. Are you a fan of this proposed change to Roadhog, to give him these survivability options in exchange for the Nerf that came to his burst damage. Let me know down below in the comments by leaving a comment that either says, “Burst damage,” or, “Survive Hog.” If you guys didn’t get a chance to check out the video from yesterday, It has to do with D.va and Genji’s new interactions, when they cancel the ults of other heroes. So if you want to see that, I’ll leave a link to it down below as well. But either way, thanks a lot for watching guys if you’d like to submit footage for me to use here on the channel, you can do so, over at Underwatch.com. I’ll see you guys next time.


  1. Honestly, as a Reinhardt player (main for lack of a better word) the charge but that covered in this video is interesting. I would say that they should keep it because it would allow some more survivability for the Reinhardt for he would not charge off a cliff with another player and instead Live and kill the opposing player. For example, on Numbani on the high ground area, if a Reinhardt charges through the corridor he may go straight and fall off a cliff. Now this is impossible and can allow for a Rein to live. Railings have always been annoying because Railings don't affect others too much unless it's a boop of some kind and as Reinhardt, they almost always don't prevent a death

  2. Survive Hog! He's a tank, not a DPS. If they guve him burst then they need to cut his health and heals in half to bring him in line with the rest of the DPS since he would basically be a DPS at that point.

  3. They should just revert roadhog to back before all the nerfs. Also I think doomfist could be a good counter to roadhog because of roadhogs big hit box and the fact that doomfist can easily combo him

  4. I said this somewhere else: make the self heal ability go over the top of his HP and create temporary shields (like Doomfist's or Lúcio's Sound Barrier). Damaging those shields wouldn't give any ult charge. That would both increase his defensive capability and negate some ult, which is a major complaint too, that's he's ult battery (because he is).

  5. How the hell does modifying the properties of a character's primary weapon attack also modify a completely separate ability's…well, ability, to interact with breakable objects?

  6. As a rein main i think its better this way, 'cause sometimes I'll pin someone and end up goin off the cliff because the railings broke…

  7. If the hook would be an Cult then it should atleast do alto of damage or long range or possibly hook more than one people

  8. Blizzard people have no creativity. They have been adding the same abilities to the heroes they make or to fix them. Hog vaping and walking and 50% damage reduction. It's stupid.. we need something new and creative rather then just same abilities on different heroes.

  9. My friend Raylux was playing Mei and I was playing Orisa on Numbani. We were getting ready to defend and I was looking at him as he was messing with his settings. He was looking to the right and when he stopped messing with his settings he put a wall right under my feet and I went through the ground and died. We tried this on a custom game and got it to happen again but only once.

  10. Neither. Im still seeing Roadhog having lots of survivability and heros with 200 hp still getting combo killed by roadhog considering his ammo capacity currently. Just need to shoot the person 1 extra time. Alternatively, I do believe Doomfoot is right wjere he should be…but that things like bariers and shields should halt his charge ability. Or at the very least he shouldnt get as much shielding when he does land a hit into a shield or barrier.

  11. Almost anyone can break those fences/singns with bare hand (melee) but man charging at quite high speed (~17 m/s) can't

  12. So me and my friend were playing overwatch and our ultimates just disappeared with every hero we played expect genji

  13. Man all the cities in Overwatch must've used a lot of their money on property insurance to get those railings unbreakable

  14. Listen up community. Roadhog is a tank who takes a while to kill and one shotted you before. Which obviously won't make any sense. Doomfist is an offense hero. Him one shotting with an ability makes sense. You outraging, non thinking people.

  15. Fire touches a railing: It breaks
    A hammer is swung into a railing: It breaks
    A FRICKING TRAIN IS COMING IN 14 m/s: it survives

  16. I'm a rien main on console and we recently got the update and I haven't seen any problems with rein "yet"

  17. They did it becuase when a steel balls reignheart charges somebody at a railing on the edge of the map and misses the enemy and goes flying off the map

  18. The falling through the map thing happened to me on Numbani as McCree, and there was no Mei in the game. I just fell through the map randomly. It doesn't seem to have an effect such as ulting or a specific character(s).

  19. Burst hog? Survive hog? How about NO hog.. Im very happy with all of the nerfs he has received because he has always been meta…. A must pick really. I am so tired of being hooked willy nilly and killed because of this damn pig. Its not as bad as it was before but its still frustrating as hell being hooked through genji dash or tracer blink. Also tracer blink being a little bit broken in uncommon scenarios doesn't help.

  20. Ffs. All they need to do is buff roadhogs damage a little. Like Wtf!
    Also, I find it funny that Jeff says he hates one shots but Doomfist and Zarya can combo ultimates, and kill you instantly. GG

  21. Switching Roadhog's Whole Hog to a regular ability and the hook to be the ultimate is the stupidest idea I've ever heard.

  22. You know, my friend and someone on the enemy team fell through the map in the same game. I think the clipping might be a new bug.

  23. Does that mean if you pin someone and hit a sign or rail they take full damage like hitting a wall? And also this can be good and bad.

  24. As a Reinhardt main i like how you can't charge through railings sometimes it saves me from charging off the map.

  25. Oh no. Reinhardt is not able to charge through destructible objects. It is the end of the world!!!!1!1!11!1😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😜🤓😜😜😞😱😱

  26. (PC player reports a bug, Blizz fixes it a week later)
    (Console player reports bug back in MAY, still haven't fixed it) :/

  27. …So mercy, a lightweight gliding along at a casual pace, can fly through barriers, breaking them. An armoured behemoth taller than most other men alive carrying a hammer that's probably as heavy as a small person while being propelled by a jet engine attached to his back, can't.

    Good lord.

  28. Perhaps the Whole Hog as an ability means it'd be more like Fan The Hammer, blowing all Hog's shots real quick for some pushback, though the hook would have to be insanely improved to make it ult-worthy.

  29. People need to remember that when suggesting abilities they shouldn't be so random or complicated, they should be practical and worth it. All of the heroes pretty much have straight forward, definitive abilities.

    For example, swapping Roadhog's hook and ultimate sounds terrible and makes virtually no sense.

  30. Do a video on how to do 125 with doomfist's seismic slam

    And if you don't know how to do it, i found out a few days ago when he came out that what you have to do is put yourself in a high ledge that has a handrail and stick yourself to the handrail. Then you press the seismic slam and you will surf up the handrail and land on the floor. If done correctly, the surf time will get you to 125.
    The key to this is the surfing time

  31. Jesus, they're buffing his heal? Even as a Roadhog player, I always thought his heal was insanely op.

  32. I'd like if they just reversed the nerf. Yeah he was a pain to kill, but that was honestly the fun of it. As for Reindhardt. Really need that bug fixed. That explains a lot.

  33. I was 1v1ing my friend in mystery duel and we got mei and my friend put a ice wall behind me I went in to her healing mode then I just teleported under the map and died

  34. Another idea for a roadhog defence buff is when roadhog takes a breather his movement speed increases whilst taking it and also for another 3 seconds after using the ability

  35. I think roadhog should just be reverted, he isn't a defensive tank. The overwatch team should stop listening to angry squishy mains and give back the combo that makes roadhog exist and have a point in battle beyond being a large meat sack that acts as a human hit box shield.

  36. Do doomfist gets the treatment while reinhart dies fuck you Jeff stop breaking the game
    Cause I got punch when I dash with gengi and he was not looking at me

  37. Please just put roadhog the way he was where he could one shot and make his hotbox big! People said he shouldn't be able to one shot heros but doomfist can like WTF! I bought a golden gun for roadhog right before he got nerfed!!

  38. The reason why road hog was nerfed was because it was unfair for a tank with 600 health to one shot the ross of heros while not putting himself in danger unlike doomfist now where he has to put himself at risk to use his one shot ability

  39. is it really that bad though…i think not so much because it allows you to have thousands of more pin spots, meaning Reinhardt may have a harder time charging enemies far away, but they are more lethal up close.

    Also with Road hog the reason he can't one shot and Doomfist can is because of the displacements involved with their abilities. Look at it this was would you rather be displaced from your allies to a group of enemies or have an enemy displace them self into your group of allies? I would think it would be the second one because that means it is easier for you to fight that 1 person with several people. But with the person who is trying to displace it would seem like a no go scenario unless you give them a chance to take out one person right off the bat. Also road hog's hook and shoot combo takes way way less time than it takes for a full charged doom fist to hit somebody, meaning enemies have more time to react to doomfist compared to Road Hog and then there's the fact that road hog's wombo combo didn't need a person to hit a wall to kill you. Finally Road hog has 600 health compared to a doomfist's 200 (maximum 400 but unlikely to happen pre-charge) meaning on a 1v1 he has would have a much easier time killing the person he displace. with doomfist he is unlikely to only run into one person best he has is a 1 v 1(+?) so he should be able to one shot the person he wants to get and then proceed to get out of there. The 50% damage reduction while huffing and being able to move while doing so is enough and his hook nerf was warranted.

  40. i use´d my "Rib-tire" when the enemy Lúcio ulti´d and the Tire vanicht and i died, nobody killed me i just died

  41. Step 1: revert changes
    Step 2: Reduce spread by a lot and damage a bit
    Step 3: Hook only stuns for 0.5 seconds after contact, allowing retaliation from victim- reduce cooldown to 6 seconds on missed hook
    Step 4: Rejoice, as the hook'n'blast combo requires more skill and can be dodged by the hooked, but is still very close to an enemy roadhog and possibly team and such will probably die if they are at all competent.

  42. You didn't have to nerf my mane blizzard you can nerf sombra everyday but not Reinhardt

    Edit: I have found out this was a glitch

  43. That can be really useful when you too far away from a wall and when you miss a charge and don't wall fly off the edge of the map

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