Overwatch – Sombra’s New Ability & Bastion Comic

100 thoughts on “Overwatch – Sombra’s New Ability & Bastion Comic

  1. One thing I noticed while playing Elimination was that in a section of ecopoint: antarctica they have a bunch of malfunctioning cryo-chambers however one of them is open. They all have names of people on them and the flag of the country they're from and the open cryo chamber is labeled "Zhou" as in meis last name

    Some of the other names include
    And opara

    I'm not sure if he's actually means anything or if it's just an Easter egg to Meis past but I found it interesting

  2. What if blizzard gave sombra a super buff to where she could hack teammates and reduce there cool downs for a short time

  3. I'd like to see a Torbjorn animated short, probably featuring Bastion and maybe even Reinhardt.

    Maybe Bastion gets triggered at Torb, but then Rein comes to save the day. Maybe with this we could also see a 3D render of Bridgette, because she'd probably be with Rein.

  4. I really want a bastion skin now called "assistant" or something and it looks like it would be torbjorns companion, gear tatoo symbol included

  5. That trap would be super cool to add to Torb's kit. He needs something else I feel. Maybe if they made the armor a passive buff, or maybe it periodically gets dropped by his turret? I really like the AoE spaghetti.

  6. Bastion is his creation, his one creation that went wrong. He saw that one unit acting as he wanted them to act… peacefully. Thats why I think Torbjorn made the decision to save him.

  7. I think that a cool ability for Sombra could be hacking heroes' abilities. I know she already has this, but I mean like for Soldier: 76 she could hack his Biotic Field so it heals your team not his. There could also be things like Zen's Discord Orbs, turning them into Harmony. That one might be a bit unbalanced, but you get the idea.

  8. Seeing health packs through walls that everyone already knows the location of is "huge". Dude shut the fuck up lmao.

  9. something about the way nickel said
    bastion got triggered
    while showing us clips of him destroying a forest is funny

  10. dude if u can contact the blizzard team ask them to make that swamp/river/lake skin (I don't want people to get angry with me on were he came from)

  11. You should really upload this audio as a podcast as well. Make a little extra scratch on the side and appeal to those of us who work when your videos drop 🙂

  12. well maybe torbjorn fells guilty for making a death machine but when he finds bastion hes like….hey your not a ass hole….you also have a different paint job! as a matter of fact maybe bastion has a prototype made by torbjorn! so its like saving a baby or they were some type of defense drone that the evil robots stole and used!…I'm a dark souls fan i dig way too deep into simple shit lol

  13. Can I just say how stupid the Bastion programmers are? In the animated short he shoots up a forest just because he hears something he identifies as gunfire. How would that work in an actua, war? What if the gunfire is friendly?

  14. I think I know why bastion is so peasefull he has vines and other such plants inside his internal computer

  15. I think that this was the Bastion that is in the overwatch team, and in the animated short. This is just probably where Bastion is recruited to Overwatch to help save the world.

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