Overwatch World Cup 2017: riassunto della fase a gruppi | Parte 1 di 4

the stage is set the players are print they’ve come far already travelling across the globe from 32 nations with one objective in mind to prove themselves to put their regions on the competitive overwatch mat to test the dedication talent against the most skilled focused and fiercely competitive players in the world in the end but either taste bitter defeat or reap the spoils of victory with only the best moving on to the round of 8 at the 2017 overwatch World Cup the overwatch World Cup is a showcase of overwatch talent from all around the world in the game you’re working together with your characters to beat your opponents on the map here you’ve got all these great players from different teams working together to represent their nations you know it’s it’s one of the most important things especially for a lot of these players here every time we talk to them they always say I’m playing for my country I want to grow my region roped-off this so nice because it’s a platform for like newcomers and new talent to be seen there’s like thousands of people roaring you you hear them call your names one of the biggest cities in the world there’s gonna be a lot of eyes on you it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity advancing the Blizzcon would just mean everything I mean it’s the reason I’m here it would mean a lot to me like it would mean that I achieved something in this game for me I want to be in the World Cup team we have to make it to the Pisco [Music] Denmark that’s you guys to check in first once you guys are done go to your rooms and drop your bags off we have a shuttle ready for you they’re gonna take you to lunch and then do some photo shoots having unity is essential to competitive avoid you need to move as one and and and think as wants more team game than any other FPS team FPS I know because if you don’t have the team play you can have the best aim you can have anything it’s not gonna work definitely gotten a lot bigger than compared last year you can tell that the quality of players have gone up because there’s more and more people joining and it’s much harder to climb the ladder because you get more and more talented players joining and I think overwatch has really exploded although professional overwatch is becoming more and more popular each region has different levels of cultural acceptance and varying abilities in their competitive scenes we’re very geographically isolated in Australia so we don’t have the chance to play in big tournaments oversee the Australian ace both scene really isn’t as developed as other countries even just the ethic and attitude on that level we are a bit behind I think in the United States sort of goes unnoticed a lot of people still have no idea what eSports is you know they still say professional gaming you know they get that look on their face and they’re like not really sure if you just live in your basement and play video games all day my family do you really believe in it you sports now they’re all just like oh wow you’re actually like getting paid you’re like living by it and I also helped my mom a lot with the money I get so that’s pretty cool eSports is very popular in Russia so yeah I guess people are supportive of it eSports in a friend Dina I think there’s no support for the players we you have to just in bring up a good clean mode of nothing I don’t think there’s like a a giant community that I know of in Canada compared to Korea where when you’re an eSports player you’re like kind of a celebrity Korea in general has been seen as like this mecca of competitive gaming is where all of the dominant players are housed is where they live is their culture [Music] other lineups plasterers kind of voted in that were like streamers and personalities on these teams this year because of the new committee system all the teams are much stronger than they were before so I still think Korea’s gonna win but because the the system for creating the teams is much better than last year the gap will be a little bit small I think yeah it’ll be a little bit closer but I don’t anticipate South Korea having a whole lot of problems because the team that they brought this year is like head and shoulders stronger than the team that they had last year in terms of South Korea I think that most likely everyone’s number one pick for who’s gonna win the World Cup there is no doubt in my mind that as a region they are the best team in the world for overwatch I think they are the best team I think they are the misty to be honest I think the area that’s actually like the only country that I’m really scared of [Music] as far as what goes into making South Korea different from other countries that have participated in eSports that’s actually a pretty hotly contested topic South Korea is definitely a very intimidating team I think it’s because of the culture where gaming is sort of more accepted it really shines out there like have built organizations and everything that’s built around the players and the games it’s us on another level the fact that playing games and being competitive in games is already at a high level within their culture it makes it a lot easier to have a broad pool of talent to choose from is there any other team in the region that could or in other regions that could challenge them well we talked about France with rose okay we don’t care if we win this kind we just want a bit Korea this is the one team to beat and we’re coming to be convoyed right now the biggest thing about winning Blizzcon is is if you’re not South Korea it’s beating South Korea I think the more interesting question is do they actually lose a map this year I’m gonna go with two – – I’m gonna go undefeated I’m perfectly happy watching a god-king crush presence you have anything that you want to say to your opponents in the World Cup no Barney yawns of pitocin and Turkish amoeba

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