Overwatch World Cup – Agents Recall: Zappis (Finland)

You make the first move. You’re the one to press that queue button first. You’re the one to control the flow of the game. Everything you do you just focus on improving yourself. Play to improve that the most important one. Overall he’s like in good spirit all the time.
He looks like a Viking. He got stuff rolling for him. Really good guy. Yeah, I’m thinking like: matches roll with him. It is great to have him in the team. He’s not like… too serious…
but he’s serious enough. He’s a good guy. You can say I’m like laid back.
Not too much of a serious person. I like to have fun, do my own stuffs.
I don’t know it’s kinda hard to say. I think I started to play computer games in the late 90’s. The first online game I played was Diablo 2. The expansion came out and I was hooked to online gaming ever since. I’ve been playing FPS also since 2000 but they were all at like casual level. There was nothing serious about them. Actually, Overwatch was the first game
that I thought about going pro. It was a heaven’s gift like this was the game that I’ve been waiting. Look at zappis there, getting a huge double kill to the start off the fight. And competitive scene started to grow so fast. I’m so happy about it. By working out, you get the energy to play. That’s it. That’s… about it for me. With healthy body comes a healthy mind.
I think it’s really true. Like, you need to have a healthy exercise routine to improve your game. And I think that’s part of being a professional gamer. I like to run.
Then I do my university work. And I game.
That’s basically my schedule nowadays. I always need to be chewing up when I game. Or at least in the important games
like I always have to do it. I like to wear wool socks
that my grandma made me. Always when I go to the LANs
I need to have the socks with me. Yeah in the early stage,
when we developed our tactic, I played Ana. I remember watching a NA match and I saw them running triple support with Zenyatta, Ana & Lucio
and like few tanks and one dps. I was watching the Ana play and I was like:
we can do this. With Roadhog. And then we started to play triple tank, triple support. When Ana was released I played Ana a lot. I was the one that introduced Ana into our gameplay. I love this triple support triple tank.
Literally no offence character This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this.
It’s working beautifully. Two years ago, I couldn’t really imagine
that I would play professionally. You can’t really plan it. Like, in two years I want to be professional. You just play and hope for it to happen. You just need to have the mentality for it.
Every time you play, you play to improve. Everything you do you just focus on improving yourself. That’s when it comes naturally to you. And Finland just massacre Benelux on the spot. Being a player at BlizzCon is really amazing.
It has been one of my dream come true. In Team Finland, we have me, mafu and hymzi from Ninjas in Pyjamas. And we have Tseini from Luminosity Gaming. And we have LiNkzr from Dignitas.
And we have Taimou from EnvyUS. The stakes are different. You play for honor
and not for a price pool. I would want to face Sweden. Everyone trashes each other
when we play ice hockey against each other. It would be a really classic matchup. That would make me really happy.

81 thoughts on “Overwatch World Cup – Agents Recall: Zappis (Finland)

  1. 'Overwatch was the first game where I considered going pro…all the other fps's were casual level' – TF2 disowned xD

  2. This has to be the most casual wannabe-CS/Q3(but slow as fuck) game I've ever seen, please keep it away from me.,
    And whoever linked me this, fuck you.


  4. My favourite thing about Finland is that whenever someone mentions it in a video then we gather up at the square :DD Torilla tavataan!

  5. much respect to zappis! he's a great guy and I couldn't either think that in few years he would be where he is now. 🙂

  6. also, as Zappis said he would be happy if finland vs sweden happens…and it did. he never said he wants to win.. what a cool guy.

  7. Voi luaja ihmettelin et mitä nää viikinkikommentit oli mut silhä on valtava parta! Ei oo tullu nähtyä LV:llä vähään aikaan nii ei tienny.

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