Pacific Planes Round Up – Best Specializations Quick Guide

hey what’s going on, it’s Azura here. Today we are going to do a quick overview
of the 4 new planes we got and what I think could be one of the best loadouts for each
plane so you are equipped to deal with all kind of threats in the pacific theater. I don’t normally fly in battlefield, the last
time I flew was in battlefield 3. But since all of you wanted a quick plane
guide to see what the best specializations are, I have tested a bunch, consulted with
more experienced pilots and hopefully help you all out in selecting the best loadouts
you can go for without testing all of the different things on your own. I also want to say that there are many loadout
options and there is no one size fit all options and experienced pilots can always make things
work. The focus on this video is to give you a few
options that you can’t go wrong with for both planes on each faction so you are prepared
to deal with any threats coming your way. So we got 2 corsair the F4U-1A and the 1C
variants on the American side and the Zero A6M2 and the A6M5 variants. While they are not really bombers, the F4U-1A
and the A6M2 zero will be your ground support or bomber variants with massive attack power
on the ground. The F4U-1C corsair and the A6M5 zero will
be your dog fighter with better machine guns and rockets against aircraft with improved
handling. The 2 variants on each faction are quite similar
so I will talk about them at the same time. So let’s start with the quote end quote bomber
variants, which are the F4U-1A or the blue corsair and the A6M2 zero which is the green
one. Of course you can change your paint scheme
but that’s just for quick identification. These variants have insane firepower against
ground units. Whether it is infantry or tanks, depending
on your loadout, you can effectively clear out a handful if not more enemies in one strafe. What I would recommend using when it comes
to killing infantry would be to go with the 4x 20mm high explosive rounds, those have
a massive blast radius and you can shoot into a group of enemies and take them out easily. This is especially useful against infantry
on or around objectives or the ones in the Higgins boats. It is not unusual that a quick strafe at them
would get you 5-6 kills or more. Here take a look at a few examples of this. Then going to the middle for full blown canopy
on the corsair and the finned barrels for the zero. The zero’s option is probably going to be
more useful in general but for the people who like flying first person, the full blown
canopy can be a nice quality of life improvement. The reason to go this route is because you
want to get to either the 500lb bombs or the incendiary bombs, I personally do not like
the field repair upgrade just like that in tanks, I’d rather take the health increase
than to fix a broken part. This is very useful when you are fighting
against infantry firing fliegerfausts at you and you are just trying to break away. Then the next option would be up to you depending
on whether you want to use the 2x 500lb bombs or the incendiary bombs. The 500lb bombs are kind of your all purpose
general bomb, you can use it to kill infantry but most importantly armored vehicles. The 500lb bombs are capable of one shotting
tanks if you are accurate with them and dropping them on vehicles while they are on land typically
gives a better result than dropping onto an LVT or Ka Mi while still in the ocean. The blast radius and effectiveness of these
bombs are not going to be as impressive as that of the incendiary bombs which main focus
would be to kill infantry. It can sort of light vehicles on fire but
that’s really not the point. The main role of these incendiary bombs are
to deal massive damage against grouped enemies attacking or defending an objective or at
choke points round the cave entrances on iwo jima. It can also block that area because the flames
do last quite a bit and you can really help your team block a lane, especially on breakthrough. Then the 5th option would be between improve
resupply time for bombs or flares. I picked flares because of how effective they
are at helping both your team and yourself as a pilot to identify ground targets. What I usually do is to fly high over the
front line of the battle, drop 2 flares across the entire front and then loop around and
fire the HEs or to drop bombs. This is extremely useful in pacific storm
when the storm rolls in an visibility is poor. The occasional lightnings do help but you
can’t really rely on those now, can you. And to top it off, it also gives you massive
points for both spotting and assist kills helping your squad out. Take a look at this clip where I dropped the
flares, then killed an enemy corsair, then return to the coastline to help with the fighting
off the beach assault with over 3000 points from just one loop. Having improved resupply is fine if you like
to drop a lot of bombs but I don’t think it is worth having over the ability to assist
your team. As for the mines, I don’t find them terribly
useful, you can sort of cheese with this but it is just no fun for anyone in general. And the last specialization is sort of up
to you, I did pick improved control surfaces over the air radar because it helps me in
dogfighting and also with evading enemy planes. The air radar can be good if you kind of pick
the right side tree with the 4x lmg and improved engine for some dogfighting capability while
sacrificing some capability to kill ground units. Alright, let’s move to the dogfighting variants
like the F4U-1C corsair and the A6M5 zero. They are the white ones by the way. Once again, both are almost exactly the same
in specialization tree so I will go over them together. Because I already have my ground attack craft
set up, I decided to specialize this variant to be the best dogfighter, especially if the
enemy planes just keep coming at you while you are using the other variant, switch over
this and you can claim the sky for your team. With this one, I recommend starting on the
right side with the 6x HMG and manual supercharger. The 6x heavy machine guns rip planes apart
so quickly and are also decently effective at strafing infantry on the ground, especially
when you are leveling it up. The supercharger is amazing for getting a
bit more power when climbing and also help you close to gap to enemy planes. I use this a lot when my wingman is in trouble
and i just have to speed over there to help them out. It also helps with going back and forth to
the carrier or the airstrip for resupplying rockets and bombs. The 3rd one will be kind of up to you depending
on whether you like to use smoke screen or have better protection on your wings. Smoke screen can be useful in close dogfighting
if you deploy it at the right time and then change direction right when the enemy pass
through the smoke or if you are like me who are simply not good enough to pull this off
consistently, having better wing durability is always welcome. The 4th specialization is a bit different
on the 2 planes, both can use the 8x small rockets or 2x big rockets, both sort of deal
roughly the same damage to ground vehicles if you land all of them. But the 8x is better for dogfighting as they
are more forgiving if you miss. They are very effective at shooting planes,
it deals a ton of damage even if you just land one. Here, you can see that it deals decent damage
to armored vehicles even they are really not designed for them. This is great since even it is not as strong
as the bombs from the bomber variants, you still have some tools to engage enemies on
the ground other than your main guns. The difference between the 2 planes would
be that the corsair gets the glide bomb and the zero gets the angled HE cannon. The HE cannon on the zero is overall not as
impressive as the rockets, basically the crosshair just moves up and you are able to fly straight
while firing at a plane flying above you, perhaps it would be useful when there are
actual bombers added to the pacific. But you can also use it while dogfighting
and you are able to fire before lining up the shot completely for your main gun. But overall, I still prefer the rockets on
my zero. As for the corsair, you can also choose the
same but why would you if you have the epic glide bomb. Actually it is not that epic in terms of damage
and blast radius even it does create a giant explosion. You can use it like the jdam bomb in BF4,
you can dive bomb it which is probably the most consistent way to get kills with it. Or you can use it like how its name suggests,
glide it from really far away. That takes some time getting used to the drop
and the way you can glide it to a spot you want it to land, your plane cannot have any
roll or yaw movements. Any sort of that movement is going to send
your bomb way off especially if you drop it from hundreds of meters away. But the kills can be really satisfying once
you do land one. If you do plan on glide it from miles away,
I do recommend picking stationary targets or objectives so you have a better chance
that whatever you were aiming at are still there by the time the bomb lands. Anyway, the 5th specialization is also completely
up to you, it depends on whether you are a team player in resupplying your troops or
you want to drop more glide bombs, then get the improved resupply or spotting scope which
I find much less useful than the tank counterpart. By the time I was able to spot something flying
straight in, I already got fliegerfausted. Then the last specialization, I once again
picked improved control surfaces which also help with dog fighting, which is really what
these two planes are all about. So just a quick recap, if I have to just pick
one or two loadouts for each plane, I would go left left mid right right mid for the bomber
variants that are the F4U-1A corsair and the A6M2 zero. Or you can choose the 2x 500lb bombs for killing
tanks with a less effective anti infantry capability. And for the dogfighter variants, I would go
right right mid mid whatever and then mid. For the corsair, I did go with the glide bomb
just because it is pretty fun to use. And that’s it for this video. Let me know what you think down in the comment
section. If you like this video give it a thumbs up
if not a thumbs down. feel free to follow me on Twitter and join
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a fantastic day and I will see you again soon.

45 thoughts on “Pacific Planes Round Up – Best Specializations Quick Guide

  1. For someone who doesn't fly much you're doin pretty damn good. Nice video. Hopefully the Euro vehicles will get improved spec trees too.

  2. Incendiary bombs and 20mm HE are the best specialisations for the A6M2 and the F4U-1A, for the other planes use the 6x lmg with manual supercharger and improved manoeuvrability. The rockets and gliding bombs are underwhelming and if you want to go to hell, there’s mines to drop on the enemy airstrip.
    If you use the Bikini Atoll skin you’re one hell of a pilot and want every AA, fliegerfaust, and enemy plane to see you.
    Great vid Azura as always 👍

  3. This channel is underrated. I hope it grows quickly. The videos are packed with information and are short n sweet! Well done buddy you deserve have your channel grown tremendously. Keep up the good work! I appreciate all the information

  4. Darn, I kind of went a different direction when spec-ing out my planes. I wasn't sure which one was the fighter and bomber variants, so I made the 1A and M2 into an Anti-Infantry plane while making the 1C and M5 anti-vehicle. tank and plane. But now knowing, i'll have to wait to reset my specs to go with something similar you have.

  5. I love how DICE consistently manages to get the plane variants the wrong way round. The Corsair 1C was the ground support version but in the game is the better dog fighter just like the Blenheim IF (heavy fighter) is a better bomber than the Blenheim I (bomber) variant

  6. For the bomber variant the engine upgrade is by far the best upgrade in the entire pacific. With this your plane is far far superior to planes that aren't using engine upgrade.
    Incendiary bombs and flares are more then enough to kill infantry and get massive scores.
    Your main concern will always be enemy fighters. With the 4x HE your plane is just inferior to fighter variant and people using engine upgrade. So an enemy pilot can completely shut you down.

    Engine upgrade is by far the best. Most experienced fighters are using it!

  7. The 20 mm he and the incendiary bombs are a little op i think , i had a game 101 – 3 with only the 20 mm thats crazy xd

  8. Very good video, as always Azura!
    I'm almost done leveling up the 4 planes and pretty much agree with your choices in the specializations.

  9. I am surprised you didn't speak about using the LMG upgrade on the bomber variant. That way it turns into a jack-of-all trades, that can deal with planes but be very effective against infantry (with incendiary bombs) or effective against both tanks and infantry (with normal bombs). Imo this is the best version since it gives you the most leverage when flying – you don't need to choose between planes to fight aircraft or infantry when loading up, you just have an all-purpose fighter that can deal with air and ground targets equally.

  10. The 6x 50 cal animation seems bugged. You cam only see 4 mgs firing on both planes. So i wonder if its just an animation glitch or are there only 4 actually firing? Anyone see a diffetence between using the base 4 and the 6mg upgrade?

  11. Watching your videos reminds me of watching Levelcap's BF3 guides back in the day. You're very informative keep up the good work! 👍

  12. Great video man! After seeing this I'd also like to see a similar guide for both Spitfire and bf109 fighter variants. Just a thouhght

  13. As someone who is only able to play about 6hrs a week (and mostly infantry), your vehicle spec tree vids are immensely helpful. Picking a spec side feels like a huge commitment when you don't play much, and your vids can help prevent regrettable choices – so long as I watch them first (I'm looking at you, chi-ha secondary cannon). Thanks for making these, keep it up!!

  14. I think my problem is that can't lock on enemies and when I got locked on I couldn't get out of it…
    But anyway this video is helpful!

  15. You just don’t no the 4xlmg its better at everything in dogfighting.
    Please use the green variant of the Japanse with the 4Xlmg

  16. Nice flying considering you don't usually fly!
    Regarding the specializations: for the tanks I agree 100% with you. On planes I went completely different rout for all of them 🙂

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