Pacific Tanks Roundup – Best Specializations Quick Guide

hey what’s going on, it’s Azura here. Today we are going to do a quick overview
of the 4 new tanks we got and what I think could be one of the best loadouts for each
tank so you are equipped to deal with all kind of threats on the pacific theater. So this video is going to be one for the people
who did not want to sit through all the stats and simply want to watch some gameplay of
the best builds of each tank so they can go straight for those instead of testing each
of them out. If you want to know about all the nitty gritty
of each loadout, then I really suggest you watch the 3 part series where I went much
more in depth on each tank. Also, I want to say that the loadouts I will
suggest in this video is not the only viable one but rather just one of the many loadouts
you can choose from. But I do think that in order to equip your
arsenal to prepare for all kind of different threats without having to keep switching between
rounds, these loadouts may just be your best bet. So let’s start with the Americans. For them, we got the M4 Sherman and the Landing
Vehicle Tracked or the LVT for short. The M4 is going to be somewhat equivalent
to the Valentine if you are familiar with the main game, and the LVT will be a weaker
tank like the Staghound in that sense. So for the Sherman tank, there are the 3 archetypes,
the 75mm build, the 105mm build and the 76mm build. Each have their own strength, the 75 allows
you to go with the smoke rounds which can be useful for breakthrough attacking objectives,
the 105 allows you to deal some serious splash damage to infantry, especially inside bunkers
and if you pair that with flamethrower, you can also control tight spaces like the caves
very effectively. But the all round best loadout is going to
be your 76mm build, it is just as effective as the 75mm against infantry and significantly
better against armor vehicles. In fact, it is the best in the entire pacific
with the HEAT rounds. You can easily 2 hit kill Japanese tanks if
you hit the right spot. The 76mm build going for the right side all
the way down also gives you upgraded engine allowing you to have a significantly higher
mobility. This is going to come in handy when the lunge
mines become available later on in the tides of war unlocks. I am sure running away from infantry rushing
you will be a common occurrence. Also, it allows you to play a lot more aggressively
and will really help push objectives rather than just sitting around in spawn sniping
half way across the map. It gives you the tool to flank, get in and
get out. And as for the last specialization, going
with either would be completely viable and will depend on how often you want to go resupply. Having a faster rate of fire can definitely
let you win more tank fights and also stay alive longer against mass infantry assault. But you just need to go resupply a bit more
often. So overall I would use the Sherman as my main
anti-armor tank with a decent anti-infantry capability while able to move around the map
fairly quickly. Then for the LVT, there are 4 archetypes for
you to specialize in and will include the default 37mm cannon with AP shells, the howitzer
build, the 75mm cannon build and the 50CAL M2 twin Anti air heavy machine gun build. The 37mm AP shells is the fastest traveling
round in the game, making it a very easy to use anti tank shell. The HE shell spec also gives a very high rate
of fire allowing you to dish out quite a lot of damage to scattered infantry. The 75mm cannon is overall quite lackluster
and I don’t really see a huge reason to go that route. Then the howitzer is the fastest rate of fire
howitzer cannon in the game, actually 50% faster than the next fastest howitzer cannon
but does have a 1/3 smaller blast radius, so that would be the trade off. With that, you can still deal some serious
damage to infantry. But the most standout build would be the twin
50CAL M2 twin anti air heavy machine gun build, its main role would be anti air and anti infantry. It is extremely effective in those roles,
especially against infantry. That will be the tank you want to use for
flanks such as across the ocean to the back of another island. You can quickly kill most of the infantry
there without breaking a sweat. The downside would be its anti-tank capabilities,
with a 1 vs 1 head on fight, there is almost no way you can win. If you see a tank, your first instinct would
be to find an escape route. But if you are able to sneak up on another
enemy team without them knowing, then using the AP rounds on their rear can cause devastating
damage. Another downside specific to the LVT would
be its rather clunky mobility, especially off road capability. It also does not have engine upgrade, causing
to be a bit slower. But those reasons would not be a deal breaker
for using the LVT at all. So while I would use the Sherman as my tank
killer and infantry support, I would use the LVT to eliminate the enemy infantry so that
their tanks do not have infantry support. This will definitely tip the balance so the
infantry on your team can then take out their armor. Now moving onto the Japanese side, let’s start
with the Type 97 Chi Ha. It is the Japanese equivalent of the Sherman
tank and will occupy the same role as that of the sherman. And the specialization tree is also quite
similar, giving it roughly 3 main paths to go for. One with a passenger hull cannon upgrade with
AP rounds, a howitzer build and then a anti-tank gun build. The default 57mm tank gun build with the hull
cannon and AP round is very interesting but at the same time, not particularly effective
because it would require having 2 people to unleash its full potential. And its AP round is also quite lackluster,
and sometimes even dealing less damages to tanks than the HE round if you hit a low multiplier
part like the sherman turret. The howitzer round is actually not bad, having
the biggest blast radius of all tanks in the entire game except for the sturmtiger’s massive
shell. And just like the sherman 105mm cannon, it
can also be particularly effective assaulting an objective like fortified bunkers, especially
if you are able to land a shell inside. But I think the best overall build for the
Chi Ha would be to go for the right side tree. Just like that of the Sherman, you will gain
the engine upgrade perk, allowing you to have a much higher mobility. You can also upgrade to the Type 3 gun or
the Type 5 gun. You can trade off the slightly higher damage
Type 5 gun for much better part durability to decrease risk of being disabled or if you
play more passively, then the type 5 gun will be the way to go. It allows you to have both increased rate
of fire and increase ammo capacity upgrade which is a plus against the sherman. It also has a slightly larger blast radius
against infantry. What it loses is the specialized heat round
which makes it slightly inferior to the sherman in that regards. In a head to head fight, the Sherman might
win, but the Chi Ha generally has a smaller silhouette so your goal would be to not be
spotted and hit the Sherman first. Then for the Ka Mi, it also has 4 ways to
specialized in just like the LVT. In fact, both are quite similar. Having the default 37mm gun with AP rounds,
the howitzer build, the 75mm build and the Type 93 twin AA heavy machine gun build. The 37mm and the 75mm are quite equivalent
to that of the LVT, but the howitzer is almost the same as that of the Chi Ha but with a
tad bit slower rate of fire. That means, it also holds the number 2 biggest
blast radius in the game after the sturmtiger. That’s quite impressive actually for an amphibious
light tank class in this game. But just like the LVT, the best setup will
most likely be the twin AA Heavy machine gun build. It has everything the LVT has but also gain
the ability to have the engine upgrade. The Ka Mi does have a larger body allowing
it to be hit easier. But despite that, the Ka Mi does have an edge
in terms of allowing it to flank in a speedy manner and then run away easily if it spots
an enemy tank. So just a quick recap, this is just one of
the many builds you can choose from but if you just want a quick suggestion without thinking
too much, here is what I would recommend. I would go full right side for the sherman
and you can decide what you want for the last specialization. For the LVT, I would go for the HMG build
with increase rate of fire for shredding infantry even faster. Then for the Chi Ha, I would choose between
going for the Type 3 gun with much improved part damage resistance or the Type 5 cannon
build for maximum damage output against tanks. Then for the Ka Mi, the HMG will also be the
way to go against infantry. With these set up, you should be equipped
to fight almost anything on the battlefield. And that’s it for this video. Let me know what you think down in the comment
section. If you like this video give it a thumbs up
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a tanktastic day and I will see you again soon.

47 thoughts on “Pacific Tanks Roundup – Best Specializations Quick Guide

  1. Thank you very much for making this video! I’ve been really wondering what the best specializations are on the tanks.

  2. I literally never see anybody using the amphibious tanks with the AA HMG spec tree. It looks absolutely devastating, but I hope not everybody figures that out!

    Also, is it just me, or does the enhanced zoom in the Sherman make it feel worse to you? I accidentally picked it, and I swear, unless I'm camping up on a hill with it, it is so irritating, because the zoom is too high, making it impossible to shoot anything while moving!

  3. You know, if the tanks were realistic in this game, which thank goodness they are not, the Tiger would be 1 or 2 shotting every Allied Vehicle, and most Allied shells would bounce off of it. Also, the Japanese tanks of WW2 were terrible, lightly armored and obsolete, most of them could be penetrated with the .50 caliber machine gun

  4. IMO the best set up for the chi ha is L L M M M M if you have a friend to play with or you are able to effectively communicate with a random

  5. I keep getting hacking accusations using the 50 cal/HMG builds for the amphibious tanks, LOL. They're so overpowered!

  6. That’s a lie, 1v1 with APCR does damage when hitting armor ANYWHERE. I don’t glance, I took on two T97s in a LAT lvl4 Spec APCR/50 cal setup. I won the fight, no report for me or backup etc… they don’t suck, its hat tanking is my main class for a year almost now. I never lose 1v1 fights until now, Pacific, using Mortar on Sherman and T97 .. I’m about to reset them I think on both, it’s quite shit. Churchill mkvii mortar is the only mortar tank worth it. Even splash damage is shit

  7. Got the left side upgrade for the sherman, now I'm going to have to get it to level 6 before I can reset and try the 76 build ;.;

  8. Guess what! I shot down my first plane today with the short 75 on the chi ha. A friendly zero was getting shot at on Iwo Jima and had a Corsair on his six, and he flew right up the side of the mountain and I got him! Pro gamer moment right there

  9. Those heat rounds feel downright broken. Even if the Japanese tanks ambush you the heat rounds just delete them in seconds. They really need to be toned down a bit.

  10. Why do I think this should have been the og specialisation number? Like the amount of specializations for the medium and light tanks on the pacific are on the same level of previous games like Bf4.

  11. Your accent cracks me up at times. I worked with a fella that was south korean who was adopted by sicillians who then became U.S. citizens. Very similair accent

  12. Great stuff! That AA build seems to be the way to go.

    Question: how is it you have almost 600,000 CCs? Do you actually pay for them or is there a high paying assingment I dont know about?

  13. When I get in the lvt on boat there is no upgrades and just the default ,I don’t get it ,I’ve unlocked everything and can’t use it

  14. "the hull-mounted cannon is lackluster because it would require 2 people to unleash it's full potential"
    laugh in mark IV landship

  15. While you lose the engine upgrade, if you are willing to hang back (which does increase survivability), the spotting scope is awesome on the Chi Ha AT build (so, you'd start left, then head straight for the right). Getting the first shot off is the best way to win a fight, and the spotting scope does that.

    Also, if you have a friend, the 57mm combined with 37mm hull gun can be fun, as the two working together can put out some serious firepower. I call this the gunner build.

  16. I think they should fix the howitzers.. the drop is way too insane.. the reload is already slow enough but the shell’s drop makes it unusable.. I of course picked the howitzer and have to endure with it until 6 specialization.. I’ve been having to camp at the back and shell D flag with it on pacific storm 🙁

  17. I have a problem with my tanks, when I stop moving and I try to aim, my tank just moves on its own and it annoys me so much, I get killed easily because I can't shoot back. Is there a way I can stop this, I also play on console if that helps.

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