Panzerkampfwagen Panther: Battle demonstration at Tankfest 2019

And that was the prelude! And now we’re going to see one of only 3 Panthers still in working condition. Here it comes against Russians and Americans. That’s awesome! And here come the T-34s. That was number one. and there’s number 2 back there. The Fury from the film of the same name and two more Shermans. But since five is against one is unfair, here’s a bit more support for the Panther: A Panzer III and a StuG III. As a special highlight: one of my favorite tanks, the Hetzer tank destroyer, even if it’s just a G13 in this case. That was Fury. The Sturmgeschütz smokes… …and the Panther smokes too 🙁 So, they are shot down. In the back, a white flag. Is the Kübel still able to do anything? Or the Kettenkrad – let us be surprised. That’s the end of the fight.

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