“Paper, Present” Exhibition in Gyeongbokgung | Seoul Museums

Good morning everyone! Today, I am meeting up with Ashley, Christine, and Alex. He’s waking up super early because we’re gonna go to the paper exhibition at the Daelim Museum in Gyeongbokgung, like near Gyeongbokgung, so, I’m just waiting on them but I’m really excited because I really like the Daelim exhibitions, they always the coolest, very interesting art. So, let’s go on over! Here it is, the Daelim Museum. And this is the way to go. Super windy today. J: Who’s that? J: Hello! J: We went to plastic, but today is paper. Ashley (A): Paper beats plastic. J: You need to come with- you need to go see plastic. A: Ok. J: I’ll go with you again. It’s really fun. / A: Really? J: Yeah J: All right, you know Alex is coming? A: Shut up. J: No, he’s coming. A: Chincharo? [Really?] / J: Yeah. A: I’m shocked. J: Yeah, me too. A: This is like a miracle. J: I was shocked. J: I know. A: Cause like, I was talking to him yesterday and he was like ‘let’s hang out’ and he was like ‘when are you free?’ and I was like ‘are you okay for brunch?’, and he was like ‘mmmm….I mean I could, but I can’t promise’ but he’s coming today? J: Yeah, he was like, I’ll show you this text. A: He’s coming over here? J: Yeah, I was like ‘Alex. Did you wake up?’ J: He’s like ‘never been out this early’. J: ‘This is an eye-opening experience today’.
A: Oh my god. J: Focus… yes! J: We’re just waiting on Christine and Alex. J: I’m still so shocked that he’s coming. J: You’re shocked. A: Well…well, it might not happen. J: No, he’s coming. He’s on his way. A: Really? J: Yeah, did you not see the text I just showed you? A: He might be lying, he might have fell back asleep. J: No, he’s- he’s for sure on his way. J: So this is gonna be very fun. A: Well, I’m shocked. J: What should we eat? A: Well, I was gonna say something healthy… A: But since Alex is coming too A: and Tina and Alex both hate healthy food. / J: Salads. A: Yeah, I guess we’re gonna eat something good (?). J: I think the three of us: Christine, Alex and I, J: we agree that it’s a waste of money to pay for salad. J: We said that recently. A: But, but it’s like all healthy and good for your body, A: but salad is more expensive than other food.
J: It is expensive here A: Ridiculous.’ J: Yes. J: Yeah, if you watched my Insta log, J: Alex and Christine, they wanted to eat salad J: and then I- / A: Oh, Alex was there too? J: Yeah, yeah, yeah. J: And I had tacos. A: What? J: Yeah, I was eating with mark, J: but yeah, I’m gonna try to do more insta logs. J: So if you’re interested, check out my Instagram. J: Follow me on Instagram. J: And also, she started vlogging! A: Well… J: I’ll link it in the description box. A: Okay. J: Alright, we’re gonna buy tickets now. J: And look, it’s- it’s Christina and…Alex? J: Is it really you? J: We’re taking off our puffy jackets. J: In the previous- at the plastic museum, people are like ‘aren’t you cold?’ it’s because there are lockers. C: Yeah. C: Exactly. J: Ok, our password will be 2- wait. J: Our password will be 1 1 1 1. J: Yeah? / C: That is so easy. A: You’ll never guess my password. J: What is it? J: 1 1 1 1? / A: No. J: This place is just so pretty. J: Look at all this natural lighting. A: Oh my gosh. J: I’m obsessed. J: Aesthetic? J: Alex, are you enjoying your time? J: You woke up early for this. Al: I did. J: Is it worth it? Al: I woke up early to look at paper. Al: It’s like sea anemones. [Not sure] C: Sea anemones? J: Anenenome. J: There’s a lot of people here. J: I recommend coming on a weekday J: because it’s packed during the weekends.
A: But we are on a weekday. J: I know. A: Come as soon as it opens at 10 a.m. C: Yeah. J: That’s what we didn’t do. A: Well, we still came at 11. J: There’s a lot of people here. J: It is a seriously such a cool room. J: All paper y’all. J: Museum shop. J: The plastic [muesum] is bigger. C: It’s a lot bigger. A: I think that the D Museum itself is a lot bigger. Al: There’s a plastic exhibition? J: Yeah, in Itaewon. It’s pretty fun. C: There’s a plastic one and we went to the paper one. Al: I saw the paper one. So you went to the plastic one? Oh I went to the paper one. (?) J: We’re all gonna get a sticker. J: Stickers is four plus one. J: After the museum, these girls are looking on MangoPlate. J: It’s an app in English and it’s basically the Yelp of Korea or… J: There aren’t other locations right? J: How was it? C: It was good. J: Yeah? C: How was it? Oppa? Al: It was cool. J: Was it worth waking up for? Al: Yeah. / J: Yeah? C: Yeeeah. J: But we don’t spend that much time there, J: I think less than an hour? C: I think we spent more time at the paper because it was the paper one- A&J: The plastic. C: The plastic one was a little bit bigger than the paper. J: Yeah. J: Oh my gosh, this is so pretty! J: You can see Bukhansan! J: Getting some pizza. J: I like the name of this place. J: I get a red chair! J: Time to share the stickers! J: I bought stickers for everyone. C: Yay! Thank you. Al: This is lit. (?) J: For Christine. J: This is for Alex. J: This is for Ashley because she’s a gentle soul. J: And I got the same one as Christine. J: How do I translate this? J: Is my heart paper? J&C: Is it foldable? J: Or something like that right? C: Especially in that attitude. / J: Right. J: And then- Al: Is my heart paper? Are you gonna fold it? J: And then his is like ___ which is like ‘if it’s not, then whatever’. A: Forget you. J: Yeah. J: Yeah. J: And then I also got 4 band-aid stickers so that all of us can have one. C: What do they say? A: Oh, this is for Alex. J: Where you gonna post it? J: On your phone? A: The pizza is really tiny. C: Can we post it on our phone?
Does everyone have a case? Al: Anywhere. J: Like this? / C&Al: Yeah. J: Alright. Al: Yay! Al: Oh it’s a bandage! A: Yeah, you didn’t- you just realised? Al: Oh yeah. J: I’ll do ____. C: Okay. A: That’s what most Americans would say (?) ______. A: It means whatever you want it to mean. J: Ohh, ayeeee, gentle soul. A: When you’re feeling sad, stick to me. A: Stick it on me. J: We’re all matching. J: Our pizza is out. J: We are all air-dropping our photos. J: I am transferring my canon g7x photos. J: I have over a hundred. J: Christine. C: Thank you! J: Pizza. J: Thank you. J: Ashley is the true beauty guru. J: Moisturizing. J: Okay, cheers! C: Oh, cheers! A: I love creme brulee. J: Wow. C: We came in here by random. J: Yeah, so good. J: This is really good. C: Really good. A: So good. J: Wow. / A: No wonder it’s 3,000 won. A: It’s like tiny. J: Oh yeah. A: I was like when he said ‘3,000 won’, ‘that’s so cheap!’ J: But they- they usually don’t have a dessert menu, this is the dessert of the day. C: Yeah. J: So, maybe if you guys visit Korea, they’ll have something different next time. A: I think their course- the course is really reasonable too, the price and stuff? / J: Yeah. J: The price is pretty good. J: But we just had lunch. C: And our own room, private room. J: Cheers to that! A: Cheers to thaat. J: Adios! C: Adios! ‘Till next time! J: I’ll see you…again. J: Love you. C: Love you! J: Whaat? J: You have to go. J: We’re trying to help you not be late.
A: You’re like ‘bye, bye, go, go’. J: Alex how do you feel? Al: Sad. J: He’s stuck with us Cali girls. C: Cali girls. C: Totally! J: He’s not leaving soon. J: That was fun. C: That was fun. J: Oh! Be careful, car. C: [I] have a bunch of pictures to you know go through, but- J: I know. J: That’s amazing. J: Can you do ‘have a Joan Day’? Al: Have a Joan Day? C: You have to do the heart. J: The vlog’s not over but- J: Alright, I’m back home now, and I’m finally opening this box up. I have been waiting a couple days actually because I wanted to unbox it in a block and I’m actually kind of confused as to why it says ‘please handle with care’. But we shall see why…it has this sticker. Alright. It’s actually a box inside of a box and there’s a sticker that says LPA LPA all over it. It’s inside this bag right here And it’s their newest purse! So here it is. It’s actually not very Seoul weather appropriate, but I can definitely see myself wearing this during the summer time. Thank you so much Revolve! I can’t wait to wear it. LPA is a brand that I found out about because of Amy. She told me that it’s a great brand and then I have a couple pieces from them in my closet, and I do really like the quality of the clothes. So, I’m very excited about this. Alright. So today’s vlog is going to end here. It was basically going to be a museum vlog, and then we ended up hanging around the Gyeongbokgung area and it was a lot of fun. So if you are interested in Alex, Christine and Ashley’s Instagram as well as Ashley’s YouTube channel, I’ll make sure to include them all in the description box as always. Thank you so much for watching. Thanks to these people for translating and transcribing this vlog right here. And I will see you guys in the next vlog. Bye!~ Have a Joan Day!~

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    I'll have to put Daelim museum on my list of places to visit next time I go to Seoul.

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