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Hi, I’m Antoinette and I’m here to tell
you – in less than two minutes – all about the Paris Museum Pass, so here we go! I
purchased the 4-day pass in Paris at the airport; but, you can also buy it at or at the museums themselves. To activate it, write the date
of your first museum visit, your name, then scan the barcode below to skip the
sales line, walk directly to the security check, and gain entry. Flip it to the side
and you can see there’s actually a lot of information stored in here! The
cover and layout change every few years so make sure you purchase it from a
reputable seller. This pass lists every single museum that you have access to,
exhibits, a few pictures, and a cool map showing each museums location within the
Paris region. I mean we’re talking unlimited access to over 50 museums and
monuments including Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and more! Not all
museums are open seven days a week so plan your schedule accordingly. It’s really
a neat guide that provides helpful information for visitors. Not only does
the pass list the name of each museum; but, its website, operating hours, metro
stops, group reservation information, provides a brief history, and more.
Obviously the museums are in Paris so some of the information is in French; but,
they have guides available in other languages like English or Japanese. You
can buy a 2, 4, or 6-day pass which costs between 48 and 75 euros (or $60 to
$95 USD) so think about it! If you’re going to see four or more museums
it’s so worth the money and it folds back up to its original credit card size
to fit in your pocket or bag. That’s it! That’s the Paris museum pass in less than
two minutes. Thanks for watching, bye!

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  1. Hello! With this pass can you enter the same museum more than once? Say we would like to have a couple of trips to the Louvre? I have heard some conflicting information on this. Thanks!

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