Passenger captures Red Line MBTA assault on camera

She said she showed officers the video we’re about to show viewers and they didn’t take it seriously. An argument on a red line train escalates into violence. I was shaking, I was terrified. Before that, an argument over a cell phone recording led to this. It was a punch to the face. Shannon Schultz, behind the cam ro phone. I wanted to make sure I caught it on tape. She was riding the red line to braintree before 9:00 on Friday night. Before she started recording she claims the man was bullying other passengers. He was clearly intoxicated and saying racist things he was caused issues with a grup of black kids. Asian girls. Indian men. Go back to [Beep] India. She said he The man tried to punch her but she was able to prevent him punching her in the face. Conduct like that won’t be tolerated on the mbt asks. He we showed these to Richard Sullivan, chief of the mbta police. Appropriate charges will be brought. Schultz said everyone got off at Quincy center and she showed t officers the same videos but Schultz claims the man who threw the punch was allowed to walk away and she was told there was no need to send videos to the police. I’m angered that it wasn’t taken more serious he. Sunt Sullivan said that’s part of the investigation. We’ll talk to all parties involved, to include the police officers. Schultz just relieve shed escaped unhitter. I can’t believe this happened. It was so scary. And back here live, police are taking this seriously now. Lieutenant Sullivan said the investigation will focus on charges against the man who threw the punch, figuring out what happened before the cell phone recording began and also

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