Path to Pro 2018 | Overwatch Esports (EU)

In 2017, we witnessed the highest levels of Overwatch competitive play
in China, Korea, Asia-Pacific, and in Overwatch Contenders
in North America and Europe. All stories have a beginning, and this was the first chapter
for Overwatch esports. In 2018, the story continues. The Overwatch League will be in full swing
at the top of the ecosystem, and underneath it will be
an expanded Contenders program. Contenders will operate
in seven regions globally, by embracing current regional leagues
and launching new ones. Each year will have three seasons, wherein players will fight
for prize money, bragging rights, and the opportunity to be noticed
by Overwatch League teams. Even the strongest players’ journeys
begin in online competitive play and heroes, the path is open. Players who reach the necessary ranks will be eligible to compete
in the Overwatch Open Division where they will face off
against teams of similar skill. Those who dominate the Open Division will then be eligible to compete
in Contenders Trials, a promotion/relegation tournament
that will occur at the end
of each Overwatch Contenders season, to ensure the best up-and-coming talent
is always on display. It all starts in early 2018, whether you’re a solo-queue superstar,
a Contender or somewhere in between,
this is your Path to Pro. Your story begins here.

35 thoughts on “Path to Pro 2018 | Overwatch Esports (EU)

  1. Eh, not for me. I don't really have the nerve to play competitive. I get salty very easily… especialy after what happened to my one-trick Mercy. Anyway, it's good to see Blizzard caring so much about Overwatch and making it an E-Sport.

  2. lol not now.. comp is filled with builders now that they saw they can run rampart and get unbanned all the time.. can't have a proper game in there lol, rip sr system

  3. looking to make a team for my home city (Gothenburg Hellraisers), currently looking for a maintank/flexhealer feel free to pm me 🙂

  4. I don't honestly see how this will possibly work unless a matchmaking overhaul is also on the way. You'll have all sorts of players in this otherwise, such as boosted players who are way out of their depth for example.

  5. I love this game so much and I really hope ESports for Overwatch grows. Never has a game given so much free stuff away and such high quality.

  6. So even though they're adding an Australian contenders region, we still won't get a full Australian team, even though there are teams for states of America? Unless I'm reading into it wrong, that's just unfair.

  7. how about you make a good game first instead of pushing retarded escorts? thanks tigole
    also fire your balancing team you retarded fucking gopnik soyboy

  8. See if you fix competitive I would be closer to entering, viewing my stats and games I’ve played I’m at least a master but I’m stuck in plat, I know people won’t believe me cause everyone thinks they’re better than they are but I’m held back by solo queuing

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