Hi, my dear subsribers! I’m Nasheed2008. I have not so much time to make videos because of study (where I have a lot of homework). And some my ideas still not realized. This time I want to make remastered of my old guid with builds with DMR-riffles. As you know DMR was nerfed, that’s why those builds ain’t playable now It’s 2019 year now and I can’t leave this build be. They sit idle, but now I can take account of my old mistakes and remake all. + I’ll give a new builds In this video I won’t have a look on each skills, cuz it’s useless in my opinion. You always can read the description of skills. The 1st build. Stormtrooper. It’s looks like a Hugo build, they have a lot of similarities. But it’s my first build for One Down, which I build in 2016. I still remember how body expertise worked on bulldozers and heavy units died by 1 shot in body and DMR had 1-4 ammo pick up. Yeah… the live was hard. This build ain’t OP now, but playable now. As primary we take any assault riffle (AR). You can use any of them, but I recommend to take AR with 100 damage. If you want, you can use DMR-riffles, but they has low ammo pick up. As secondary we take my favorite Commando 101 or any SMG. Melee – katana for cut enemy’s heads off. Deployable – ammo. Armor – ICTV. Throwalbe – flash. In the 1st slot we take any AR. As I said you can play with any AR, even DMR. In the 2nd slot – commando or saw, if you need this. Melee – katana again. Deployable – 2 ammo and 1 med bag. Armor – fashion suit by Gucci. Throwalbe – flash. The 3rd build, hitman. It based on the hard perk deck – hitman. Inexperienced players better to don’t play and with it on DS. It has a weak bonuses, but peck is playable. It requires an addictive and skill. As primary I recommend any akimbo SMG. I prefer akimbo krinkov. Seconadary – commando 101 or SMG. Melee – katana again. Deploy – ammo again. Armor – ICTV again. Throwable – flash again (no one could ever have predicted) The 4th build, combat ananist. The name speaks for itself. The build is very powerfull and dangerous because of akimbo krinkov, crits and right skills. Primary – akimbo krinkov with following mods: 1 – the bigger the better suppressor
2 – Concealment boost
3 – Auto fire 4 – Moscow Special Rail
5 – LED Combo
6 – AK Rubber Grip
7 – Speed Pull Magazine Secondary – kobus90 with: 1 – Mall Ninja Barrel
2 – concealment boost (which gives +2 concealment)
3 – Auto fire
4 – Compact Laser Module
5 – Speed Pull Magazine Krinkovs with crits will kill everybody, especially bulldozers. Kobus90 has to be used when primary has no ammo. Melee – bruss knuckles, deploy – ammo again (I am sick of you crazy fucks) You know, I wouldn’t have believed this is your build if you hadn’t token the flashbang AGAIN! In this video I tried to change a format a little bit. I didn’t focus on every skill, just show all of them. I already tired to tell about any skill, I always confuse in them. Any way, like this video, I did my best. I respect anyone who watched this video. Thanks for wathcing! See you in the next video!

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