Performance at High Temperatures of Armor with Dyneema®

Body armor resistance to 9mm and
7.62 AK47 MSC bullets at high temperature. Law enforcement officers work in
potentially dangerous situations. Our mission is to provide the best protection
at the lowest weight. And for this we use advanced technology. What you are about to see
is the ballistic resistance of Dyneema … …following a 30 seconds fire. This vest is made with the Dyneema
soft ballistic armor solution. It protects the officer against a range of threats,
including handgun ammunition… …fast moving fragments and knives. It is the lightest weight solution with
maximum flexibility and comfort. This 30 seconds high temperature
resistance test simulates a Molotov cocktail… …or a street and vehicle fire. After 30 seconds the vest will receive four
impacts with a 9mm bullet. After four impacts with 9mm bullets we see
none of the bullets have perforated. All have been stopped by the Dyneema armour. The high temperature test does not
affect ballistic performance. The back-faced deformation of the tested
sample is within specification. And this is a protective insert made with
Dyneema being shot with 7.62mm bullets. For the best protection
wear body armor with Dyneema . Vests tested according to German standard
for body armor level SK1 – 3 impacts
in triangle 75mm shot-to-shot distance plus shot close to edge
Insert tested with impact pattern as in NIJ 0101.04
Both tests conducted with Weibel Plastilina as backing

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