PHLEGM: Mausoleum of the Giants Art Exhibition [4K] // The DeeJayOne Sheffield Guide

Artist Phlegm is well known for his unique
style and amazing street art in Sheffield and around the world In 2019 Phlegm brought his creations to life. Mausoleum of the Giants is the new exhibition
from Phlegm, bringing his surreal creations to life – and larger than life! The immersive installation takes place in the abandoned Eye Witness Works on Milton
Street in Sheffield Phlegm’s monochrome beasts are usually found
adorning buildings across the world, including many in Sheffield
The artist strives to “intertwine his highly imaginative work with existing deteriorating
structures” Mausoleum of the Giants sees the massive sculptures
fill rooms, halls and corridors of this former cutlery works
Take the opportunity to “meet, mourn and make peace” with these “peaceful beasts whose lives
span thousands of years” But be quick, the exhibition is only open
for a limited time and Eye Witness Works is planned to become apartments

4 thoughts on “PHLEGM: Mausoleum of the Giants Art Exhibition [4K] // The DeeJayOne Sheffield Guide

  1. Have you been to the PHLEGM 'Mausoleum of the Giants' exhibition?

    What did you think?

    Let me know your thoughts on this new "Sheffield Guide" kind of video – more of these to come soon!

  2. I wish I would have seen this. Not only is the world incredible, but the space those giants inhabited really brought them to life.

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