“Plastic Fantastic” Exhibition in Seoul with the Girls

Good morning everyone~ Today, I’m starting off my day in Noksapyeong. This station is massive, I’m going to show you guys. Such a massive station. Right now I’m just waiting on Claudine. It’s super cold outside, so I’m just waiting indoors, but Coco, Christine Claudine and I, we’re gonna go to the D Museum: the plastic fantastic Museum and then after that we’re just probably gonna go to a cafe, chat a bit and then, Erin and Ashley are gonna join us for dinner. This is probably going to be the last time where we’re all eating together because Claudine is leaving soon and this was like the only time we had. But yeah, it should be fun. I’m really sad that she’s leaving, but don’t worry. This is not the last vlog she’s gonna appear in. I’m just telling you guys that this was the only time where we all had time to meet up. So…yeah, or maybe we might go on a day trip this weekend, but we shall see. Alright, she should be here very soon. J: Claudine is here. J: It is so cold today. J: But this is a nice tunnel right? J: I thought you were gonna fall. J: To be honest, I thought you were gonna fall. J: Alright- C: I get like this much height. J: I feel like I say this in every vlog. J: It’s one of the coldest days today. C: I know, it’s like- J: It’s actually really really cold today.
C: I feel like my eyelashes froze, it was very cold. J: Maybe. J: It rained yesterday so the skies are blue again! J: My face is just like red right now because it’s so cold. J: Oh my goodness. J: This is Claudine’s favorite brunch spot in Seoul. C: Yeah. J: Cause it reminds you of New York you said? C: The food reminds me of like what you would get in New York and it’s just very- C: I wish that we could see it, but you get the most beautiful view of Namsan Tower. J: Really? C: Yeah, look like right behind there.
J: It’s so foggy right now though, the windows are. C: So this is- this is my favourite view of Korea.
J: Really? C: Just seeing the houses stacked on top of each other. J: It beats Hyehwa? C: No. J: She cried in Hyehwa. C: Hyehwa was just.. I don’t think anything can beat Hyehwa that has the best sunset view. J: Yeah, that was beautiful. C: But here [is] just clean, no frills, a lot of sunlight. C: I think Gyeongnidan-gil has the best sunlight. J: Oh, yeah? J: Coco just texted me saying that she can’t come to the museum because she has like a meeting and the dinner because she has dance practice. C: No, sad. J: Hopefully during our day trip on Saturday, everyone can come. C: Yeah, if they can’t…bye. (?) J: If they can’t, this, tonight is the last time we’re all together right? C: Yeah. J: Well, without Coco now.
C: Yeah. J: She’s leaving so soon ㅠㅠ C: No, I’m like freaking out. J: Yeah I’m- I’M freaking out. J: The view looks nice, but the windows are wet because it snowed yesterday, but this is such a cute brunch spot. J: Look at this. J: This looks amazing. J: I gotta Joanfood this. J: Thank you~ C: We got a big bottle of hot sauce. J: You love hot sauce. It reminds you of college. J: This is the…What was this called? J&C: Eggnolia, J: potatoes and the savory crepe. C: My favourite thing about Korea are these small little alleyways. J: Yeah, it’s like a cute neighbourhood. C: Right off the big road and all of a sudden, it becomes so quiet. J: Yeah J: This is very OG Korean neighborhood. J: I like it. C: I think that’s why Noksapyeong, this area, is so beautiful because you see all the houses stacked on top of each other and it still feels like old Korea. J: Let’s go to FRANK’s…cake shop! C: Cake shop! J: What- what is the cake shop you know of? J: This is so cute. Oh my gosh. C: What do you want to drink? J: I really wanted to vlog the walk here, but my hands are red. C: No, we have to vlog it. It’s so beautiful. J: Yeah, I’ll come when it’s like warmer. J: Oooh, I like it. So cute! C: Aw, it’s like a big coffee (?) J: I gotta move the carrot cake. C: This is the most sunlight I’ve ever- C: And today’s the coldest day and still it’s warm inside. J: Okay, we keep saying it’s the coldest day, let’s see how cold it is. J: So, it’s minus 11 degrees. C: Yeah, it’s actually-
J: Daebak. C: Oh my god Thursday is so cold.
J: Yeah. C: It’s neg- J: So I’m going to stay indoors as much as possible. Ch: Hi. Guys, it’s so cold today. J: That’s why we sat her in the sunlight. Cl: Warm up in the-
Ch: Defrosting. Cl: Yeah. Warm up and then come back out. J: Right. And then she’s gonna take us to this weird store apparently? A vintage store you said? Cl: There are vintage items in there but it’s like um-
J: But you said it’s very unique. Cl: It feels like you’re in what Alice in Wonderland would be if she like made home in toyst- store. Cl: I don’t really know. I don’t know how to describe it. J: Claudine where are we going next? Cl: To DPR’s recording studio. J: This is the store that Claudine wanted to go inside. J: Very interesting. Ch: Follow me, follow me. J: Hey, that’s a- that’s a song. Ch: Yeah. J: It’s T-ara. Yeah. J: Whoa. Are you serious right now? Ch: I can’t. J: Ashley would love this place. Ch: Yeah she- J: Come on in, it’s a video. J: This is so much. Cl: They play the sound track of the trav- (?) J: Oh my gosh. Ch: Pins. J: Yeah, Claudine bought one for Ashley earlier. J: That was much. Cl: Yeah, it’s-
Ch: That was much, yeah. J: What is it called? Misulsopum. J: There’s a line. On a Tuesday. Cl&J: Thank you!~
Ch: That’s two. J: 2000? Really? Yay! Wait, tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap…tap tap tap tap… J: Okay. Yay! J: Oh my gosh, this is- this is an entrance. Ch: Magical. J: I know! J: This place is so cool. J: Right?
Ch: So cool. J: I know. Highly recommend. It ends in March 4th? J: Now we’re in line to take selfies. J: This is the room we’ve all been waiting for. J: Hello~
Ch: Hi J: Look at this. J: This room of shadows. J: So beautiful. J: Oh my gosh. J: Dang, this is gorgeous. Ch: Gorgeous. Ch: 1, 2, 3. J: Behind the scenes. J: Every time every time- Ch: Okay, stay right there cause your face isn’t red. J: Dude, she’s scary. Ch: Oh! Claudi. J: Claudi! Cl: Claudio. J: Hey, in the future, exhibition okay? Cl: I’m about to do it, I promise.
J: You have to. J: Okay, you guys all heard it here first. Ch: Yep. J: Alright. J: That was fun. J: Yeah, we have a lot of pictures to look at because- Ch: Alot. J: Yeah, we took a lot in there, but it’s really colorful and there’s a lot to see. J: What did you think? Cl: I loved it. It was- it made my eye hurt a little bit. J: Eye hurt a little bit? J: We’re cold so we want to get some drinks. J: Drinks. Is it open? Yay! J: Wow, it’s so nice. J: Let’s get sangria. In a bottle. J: We obviously learned a lot at the Museum today. J: It’s so cold out. J: So, we’re gonna warm up with some sangria. J: The goal is to warm up. Ch: Yeah.
J: Right? J: And then what time should we live leave- live?
What time should we leave for dinner? Ch: 6? J: 6? Okay. Ch: 20. J: 6:20? Ch: 15. J: Yeah, Okay. Ch: 15. Cl: Yeah. J: Alright. We’re gonna meet up with Erin and Ashley! Ch: I haven’t seen her since she got back. J: Really?
Ch: You have. J: Yeah, I have. She’s amazing. J: Help. Send help! Ch: Help! J: 2, 3, 4. J: I love my g7x cause I could transfer the photos right away. Ch: That’s so cool! J: I know right! J: Yo! Yo! Ch: That’s cute. J: Wait, this is pretty good price. 20 and 3, right? Cl: Yeah think so. J: Because one glass of sangria would have been 12. Ch: Yeah, which is the reason why they’re saying to get it. J: Get the whole thing? J: Cheers! J: Okay, we are now on our way over to Gwanghwamun to go to one of Erin’s favorite restaurants. Ch: Gonna look it up. J: What is it called? J: Thank you!~ Ch: It’s called… J: Do you know what it’s called? Ch: Soneonseokeosi (소년서커스) J: Okay, yeah, we’re gonna go there in Gwanghwamun. J: We’re in a bus right now. J: Look how close we are to the window. Cl: Two windows to the falls. Turn it to Soobeanz. Ch&J: Okay. Ch: Look at all the people behind me. J: Oh my god, so crazy! J: Made it to Gwanghwamun. It’s so pretty at night. E: I’m getting… J: Look who’s this? E: Who I wonder… J: Erin. J: And…Oh Ashley, it’s been so long! Ch: Omo you look so pretty right now. A: They have a $700 wine. J: Can we get that? Just kidding. Cl: I was at this little toy store, A: I know. Cl: and then, I- It suits you really well (?) Cl: And then I found out that you already go to that place. A: Yeah. Cl: So I was like ‘oh’. J: She loves sailor moon. J: We just finished eating and now we’re paying, and then we’re gonna go get desserts. A: It was delicious. J: I did so much today, but I feel like I barely captured cause it’s so cold outside. A: Oh yeah. J: So I just tried filming indoors.
A: You didn’t film at the exhibit? J: I did, but it’s like, clips. A: It’s okay, as long as you got it. A: On to round 2! E: Australian brunch? J: Okay, let’s go. J: Ashley is already inside. J: Pancake is here! E: I’ll pour it. J: Please pour it, Erin-nim. E: I’m going to pour it now. A: Save some for the 2nd and 3rd one. J: It’s time to go home, I hope you guys enjoyed watching. Where’s Erin? Ch: Right here! J: I hope you guys enjoyed watching. Here’s the shout out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed this vlog right here. And I’ll see you all in the next one. Have a Joan day!~

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