Play With Every Toy From Your Childhood at This Museum

(upbeat chiptune) – Strong Museum in Rochester, New York, is also know as the
National Museum of Play. More than half million objects are here. My name is Chris Bench, I’m vice president for collections of the
museum and its chief curator. Our collections are divided by category and here are some of the people who are responsible for that: Nicolas Ricketts is
Curator of Board Games. – In our collection, we have
around 10,000 board games and it parallels, essentially, American History since the Revolution. When you think in terms of games, they all tend to represent the areas in which they were created. It’s a different way of
getting into the mindset of people who lived a hundred years ago. – There’s Michelle Parnett
Dwyer, Curator of Dolls. – In this collection, we
have more than 15,000 dolls and it spans from the 18th
century to present day. Dolls are special because
of the way that we connect with them, we project ourselves, our hobbies, our interests,
our values towards others. When we look at the history of dolls and how we’ve played with them, it shows that we connect
to people from the past in ways that we might not have expected. – Martin Reinhardt, head of pinball and arcade game collections. – We’ve over 250 arcade machines and over 100 pinball
machines in the collection. Pinball is real, you can
feel the way the game plays, you can feel the way the
game moves as you’re playing. It’s just in my nature to
keep these machines going. They were made the last five years in a commercial environment and the fact that we have games that are 30, 40, 50, 60 years old is amazing to me. – So I’m Curator responsible
for General Toys, things like action figures and yo-yos. This collection has more
than 70,000 objects. Toys always reflect what’s going on in the world around them, when it’s economic boom times,
construction toys are big. When US is at war, we see all sorts of military and war toys. The toy collection is a wonderful example of how times have changed and people have changed over the years. Play is really important,
it’s an integral part to who we are as human beings, only by understanding
how play has stayed the same and more importantly,
changed over the years, can we understand how
we’ve developed as people and how we’ve played over the centuries. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Play With Every Toy From Your Childhood at This Museum

  1. Its not that luxurious i live in rochester and have been to the strong (thats what everyone calls it here fuk that long ass name) and as a normal visitor you dont get to see 95% of what is shown in the video

  2. But this century, toys had threat due many children play gadgets. Even I am an adult, but I still collecting toys, mostly I collecting soft toys and stuffed animals, repairing them and keep them.

  3. When I heard the laughing from the dolls I was screaming in horror…


    Sorry i had to let it out

  5. That freaking laugh when they were talking about dolls, was LITERALLY taken from the horror game! (It's from "Emily wants to play" )

  6. The dream museum! Could be a library too, where you could take the games home and play a little and then return.

  7. Let me break it done to ya..
    There is no vintage/old Littlest Pet Shops in that museum.

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