Portland Art Museum (Things to do in Portland with Kids): Look Who’s Traveling

This is our five day series of Portland with Kids. We’re about to go on an airplane to fly to Portland, Oregon. This is Baby’s first time flying in an airplane. And we got to meet the pilots. Bye bye California! Baby was not scared of the flight at all. I am filming the clouds with my camera. We have arrived at our destination. We have arrived in Oregon, and now we are taking the Max Light Rail to Downtown Portland. Here comes the train. We’re passing by the Union Station. Now we’re in Downtown Portland. We’re at the Portland Art Museum. This is the oldest art museum in the Pacific Northwest. The collection has over 42,000 work of art. This is the Chinese zodiac by Ai Wei Wei. The collection of twelve animal heads is made of gold and bronze. [Baby] I like dragon. This is the Gods and Heroes exhibit. The exhibition focuses on epic things such as courage, sacrifice, and death. Now we’re going to check out the permanent collection. I’m taking a picture of my favorite painting. We had so much fun at the Portland Art Museum. We’re taking the Max Light Rail to our next destination. This is the fountain at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. We’re at the Smallest Park in the World. We’re at Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen. We’re having some appetizers, noodles, and coconut curry. We’re taking the Max Light Rail to our hotel. And then it started to pour. Perfect timing for the rain. I can see the Max from the hotel room. Now I’m going to read some bedtime story to Baby. Stay tuned for part two. Please hit the subscribe button for more videos. Also like and share this video with your friends.

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