Preis der Nationalgalerie 2015 | Film zur Ausstellung / Film on the exhibition

With this year’s prizewinners, the institution Nationalgalerie, and thus the institution of the museum, reveals itself to be very vital indeed. The static artwork in the traditional sense no longer exists. I wanted the colors in the room, although the light is dark and gray dimmed, to enrich one another: the entire ceiling is filled with black light tubes. If the glass elements of the ceiling were removed, you would think you were standing in a club. It’s somehow palpable, something here is a bit darker than usual, but it isn’t really a big difference, that’s the same with insurrection as well, that for me in the pieces that the refusal to act is what allows the individual movements to come to the forefront. I call my works sound pieces. Where the entire planning is staged, a decision can be made. My pieces last from 25 minutes, there is a script determining what comes when from which speaker, the movements of the audience complicates the movements that take place in the piece once again. What is revealed by this year’s selection is the extent to which the various methods of art have spread. And this is why there is the prize for film art, founded several years ago, in collaboration with the Filmakademie, because the border separating art and art film are increasingly oscillating. Everything is in tremendous flux.

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