Preparing a Market Basket for Exhibition

today we’re talking about putting an exhibit of a market basket together
for the fair once you have your vegetables amassed you
wanna make sure that you have similar sizes shapes colors and as close as uniformity is possible again we are looking for total quality think
about the vegetables that you would buy at the grocery store if you’re going to be
eating them so i have my vegetables prepped and
ready to go typically what is shown at a fair is a market
basket just a bushel basket and typically the exhibiter willl put some sort of an
underlay within that to just give a little bit of color and to form a base for that exhibit now the market basket is usually divided into
a percentage of so much for quality and so much for artistic effect but their artistic effect is a very small
amount the emphasis is really to make sure that
you have really high quality produce within that exhibit i’m going to start off by using a very
large vegetable at the back to serve as an anchor and as a focal point and that might be a head of cabbage it could be a small watermelon it could be a musk melon it could be
a winter squash of some type now the fair book is going to tell you
how many vegetables you need to exhibit usually it is the same number as shown
on a plate but always make sure you read the rule
book because it can vary from location to location so i have my anchor to the back I also always choose some larger
vegetables such as corn again you’re trying to get some bulk added into that display now the exhibit is always going to look
better if you group the vegetables together some
people have a tendency to wanna try and scatter the vegetables around where
they put one in the corner and one over here and one over there
scattered all about but you’re going to have much more
effect if you group the vegetables because the eye is always going to be drawn to that grouping the other thing that is going to work is
to try and choose vegetables that are of various colors so i’m going to use a winter
squash back in here to get me a little bit of bulk and little bit of
weight over to that side i’m going to then select my peppers and it might be
better to start with your larger vegetables and fill in with the smaller
ones so you’re going to work with that you
might need to move things around just a little bit as you go but the idea is to kinda make it look
like it’s very full and that the produce is spilling out of that
basket and you can arrange these or lay these
down in any particular way so you can see that I have got a lot of green going
on the green with the corn cabbage the peppers so i need to brighten that up a little
bit i still have my tomatoes to work with
so I am going to bring them in here think i’m going to slip these down put the tops downward again you are trying for a little bit of an
artistic effect trying to balance the color as much as
possible going to bring the carrots over to the
side here what we’re trying for is a little bit of
a contrast so that you balance your colors I have bright over here i need something bright over on the side I’m going to move that squash over there I am going to bring my eggplants I still have my beets, so I’m going to move them Actually I think I am going to move the pepper up there bring the beets down here move my potatoes group my beans towards the bottom trying to arrange them as nicely as possible and then I’m going to finish off with some cherry tomatoes again you want to make sure that you have the
correct number typically it is twelve so thats two four five six eight, ten, twelve you want to give it a once-over look typically what happens with the market
basket when you’ get deductions is the number one you have
the wrong number so let’s be sure you check the rule book number two you can have a void in the middle
and you can see I have got a little bit of void up here. I might need to move the cabbage up a little bit but if it
doesn’t look full enough in the back it looks like there is a void another third thing that is something that is
wrong is that you don’t have vegetables of goo quality so make sure that they are
all prepped properly and that there at the right stage and
not too mature or past their prime so hopefully these are some tips to give you
the ribbon winner at the fair for your market basket

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