Preparing Eggplant for Exhibition

Tdoay I want to talk about exhibiting an
eggplant at the fair when eggplant is shown at the fair, what the
judge is going to look for is to see that that eight plant number one has a real good even color to it, now most people are familiar with the purple
eggplant that i’m showing you here today but eggplant does come another colors
including white and yellow as some examples.
but in this case the color should be even and deep they’re also going to see that the eggplant
is fresh and the way that they can tell that is that this calyx, or this green
cap on the top is going to be fresh in appearance.
this one is beginning to age as evidenced by the dark coloration
that it has the other way that they can tell the
freshness is to take their thumb and press it into the fruit and you can do the same thing with the
ones that you are growing if u pressure the thumb into the fruit and it leaves an indentation that eggplant is to mature and old otherwise when it is fresh it’s going
to spring back and then finally another way that
they’re going to tell freshness is at the skin of the eggplant is going to
have a shiny appearance rather than a real dull matte finish so this eggplant is beginning to age because it’s
got that dull finish to it i press my thumb into it andit leaves an
indentation and the cap doesn’t have a fresh
appearance at all what i’m going to show for you today is
how to exhibits in the smaller eggplant like these Japanese or Thai eggplants typically they are shown in multiples of
threes whereas when you’re showing the larger eggplants are typically one per plate.
so with these three eggplants what I’m going to make sure
I have are three that are uniform in size shape and color and so I tried to select these as best I could
from the garden so that they were as uniform. You can see that the
color of the cap, or the calyx , is really bright and fresh green, it has that
little bit of a sheen to it and if I press my thumb in to it, it bounces back nicely.
now i’m not finished prepping these yet the cap, or the calyx on here, or the stem rather,
on the eggplant should be one inch in length so that’s about an inch but I
want to make sure they have a nice clean fresh cut when i put her on the plate so even if i
go to the fair take along your prepping tools with you
and that you can do those last minute preparation things so that you make your
exhibit looked as best as possible so that’s my first eggplant I’m gonna inspect my second one oftentimes they’re isn’t a lot of debris
that needs to be removed from an eggplant but if there
is some dirt or debris simply taken a soft cloth and wiping it would be the way to clean that up
otherwise there isn’t much the need to be done to an eggplant now this stem is a little bit longer than
the other one. I wanna make sure that they are as close as possible in length. So i’m going to trim this one straighten that off and so i have those two and I’m going to
finish up my third one it only needs a fresh cut it doesn’t need
to be removed very far down and look at him for any debris or
dirt that is on there the idea behind judging is that you have
produce that is exactly the same size, shape, color and preparation so we want them as close
as possible so there’s our finished plate of eggplant hopefully have given you some tips on
how to get that blue ribbon for that crop

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