Preparing Green Beans for Exhibition

today I want to talk to you about exhibiting
beans at the fair now they are different types of beans that can
be exhibited. I’m going to talk about exhibiting snap beans or green beans. So
when you go to the garden you’re going to need to pick more than you think
you’re going to choose or use. Typically twelve are
exhibited on a plate but always be sure that you check the rule book to make sure what that exact number is what the judge is going to look for when
they judge the beans in an exhibit is to see that they
are fresh. They’re going to look at the color to make sure that it is even on all the beans they’re going to see that the tip of the it is still in place and they’re going to see that the stem end has the stem attached. They will also make sure that the pods inside that bean are not
completely filled out as those beans stay on the plant those pods began to fill out and those
seeds will become very firm on the inside now sometimes the judge will check for
freshness by simply snapping the bean hence the name snap beans and so it
should give a nice clean snap when they do that so we’re going to look for beans that are
very long slender and have good color i sort of pulled out a number that i thought might work As i do that again i’m looking to make
sure that the tips are still in place and that the stem end is there now that stem end is going to be about
one quarter of an inch so i’m going to try and choose those
that are as long and straight as possible, that have as few blemishes or as few
spots on them that stem looks a little bit long so i am going to trim that Just using some shears or scissors will
help you accomplish that they may need to be cleaned a little bit
if so simply taking a soft cloth and washing them or wiping them will usually remove most of the dirt that
is on them now what some gardeners will do is to stair step the sizes and even though that looks attractive on the
plate the judge is going to be able to see that the one which is on the end which is the smallest is fairly small and then it’s going up to a
fairly large one so that trick doesn’t usually get by the judge too easily so as i am placing is on the plate i’m making sure that again that they are as close as color as
possible that they are uniform in size as
possible. That one looked a little bit too large for me So i’m going to pull that one out also make sure that none of them are
broken or that there isn’t any damage on them and I’m going to make sure that i count When you have a number that is required
on a plate always make sure you double check the
count even when you get a fair because it’s easy to leave on one too many are not have enough and the judge is always going to
count. So make sure that you double check so i have my twelve pods i’ve lined them up hopefully they’re going to be nearly as
close in length as possible uniform color stems all trend a one quarter inch and all of the tips still in place hopefully these will give you some tips for that
blue ribbon at the fair

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