Preparing Leeks for Exhibition

Topday I’m going to be showing you how to
exhibit leaks at a fair When the leaks are pulled from the garden
they’re going to have some dirt on on them Wiping them probably isn’t going to get
off all of that dirt so washing would be the first step the next thing would be to choose leeks
that are fairly similar in size, shape, and color. What we’re looking for are leeks
that are about one to two inches in diameter So I’m going to choose these three to prep
for my exhibit today Always check the fair book to see how
many are exhibited. typically the number’s three but that can vary from fair to fair so after you clean them up if there are
any leaves that need to be taken off from the outside of the exhibit make
sure you peell all the way down to the base of that leek to remove that and
don’t leave any traces of that leaf that is on there the roots are going to be fairly long after
you pull them from the garden and so we need trim them to about one-half inch
and length and so that they are all fairly neat and clean. The next thing would be
to trim the fan of leaves now We don’t need all of those leaves there.
What we want is sort of a V shaped appearance. what the judge is going to look for is
that you have a fairly long white area on that leek so this upper portion isn’t as important,
it is important that we want to look for damage in that, but if there’s a little
bit of damage to the foliage that’s pretty minor compared to have in this
long white area on the base of the leek and so now i have my three leeks that
have been prepped, roots are trimmed, fairly similar in size shape and color
and the top’s trimmed in a triangle

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