Preparing Peppers for Exhibition

today we will talk about exhibiting
peppers at the fair specifically bell peppers. now there are many different
kinds of peppers that can be exhibited, a lot of them are hot peppers but they
we are going to focus on green bell peppers now what the judge is going to look for
when they are evaluating your exhibit at the fair is to see that the peppers are
all the same size shape color and that they have the same number of lobes now if you are not familiar, with that when you look at
the very bottom end of the pepper you’re going to see that the number of
lobes can vary they can actually be very pointy in
nature they can have three lobes as you see here or they may have for
lobes it becomes a very critical issue when the
judges evaluate in that plate in that all of the peppers have the exact number of lobes so be sure that you select those that
are very similar the other thing that they’re going to
look towards the see that the color is either mature or immature. now peppers when they were immature are
typically green as they mature, they mature to a color that can be red, could be
yellow could be purple could be a darker purplish black but they should be either exhibited all
immature are all mature this pepper for example is beginning to
show maturity setting in. you can see it’s
beginning to turn just a little bit here by having this on a plate with other peppers they are not uniform in color anymore
because this one is beginning to show that maturity the other preparation for the peppers is
that the tops need to be trimmed so that they have about one inch of the stem left on rather
than removed all the way so i selected some peppers to make up my exhibit the next step would be to make sure that they
all have the same number of lobes on them so i’ve got four and four well that one has got a three there’s a four so we’ve got the number of lobes we also
make sure that they are clean and simply taking a sponge or a soft cloth would be a way to clean them up. you want
to sure and check the very top of the pepper because within that cap
sometimes dirt can congregate so either take a sponge or a brush of some kind
to get the dirt out but simply cleaning them softly will make sure
that you don’t damage the skin that is on there so i’m mentioned to you that we need to
trim the tops and i want them all the same length so one-inch is preferred one-half inch would work as well. I don’t
have one inch available on all of these somebody trying to come down to to half
of an inch when you pull them from the plant what’s
going to happen is that stem is going to be sort of tattered an appearance he wanna make
sure you have a nice so i’m going to exhibit them on my plate again as you look at each specimen be
sure that you inspect it for any debris that is on
there because that’s what make the makes the difference
between your blue ribbon plate and the other winner is that yours is going to
be prepped exactly right So i’m going to trim that top this one has a fairly long stem it’s got a top that is tattered just a little bit I’m going to trim that nice neat and clean it
shows that you took the time and the care to get that exhibit as ready as possible place that towards the bottom here placing my best side out and now i have my five peppers that are
prepped and ready for the fair so hopefully I have given you some tips to get you the best to show on your plate of peppers

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